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How would you like to run a major fundraiser for your school where the kids have so much fun with an explosion of colour, receive meaningful and rewarding incentive prizes for their efforts, is risk free and easy to run as we do all of the hard work for you? Our School Run4Fun Colour Explosion fundraiser is setting a new standard of fun and excitement for students and creating so much more support for your school fun run fundraiser. You’ll be so surprised with the amount of money you will raise and the level of positive feedback from students, parents/carers and teachers.

In 2017 school fundraising was turned on its head with the launch of our School Run4Fun Colour Explosion™, now Australia’s No.1 school colour program. In 2018 it went ballistic: close to nine hundred (900) schools used our school colour event program and we put big smiles on 300,000 students (500,000 students in the first two years). On average schools are increasing the funds they raise with our Colour Explosion™ event program by 40% compared to running a standard fun run.


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“Students had a blast. Adding the colour to our traditional fun run was a huge boost to the enjoyment had by both staff and students. We exceeded our previous fundraising goal by around 30%.”
- Stuart, Asst Principal, Mulgrave Primary School
“Just wanted to tell you that our Colour Event on Friday was sooooo much fun. The children are saying that it was their best day at school EVER. It made us so happy!!! Thank you for all you have done.”
- Michelle
“It was a wonderful experience and we had a 100% attendance at the school on the day and being the last day of term it also made a huge impact on the children.”
- Kelly, Vice President, P&C
“It was easy to coordinate. The lids loved having the colour event and thoroughly enjoyed the morning. The sunglasses, wristbands and icy poles were a big hit.”
- Dianne, Principal
“Very good experience! Wonderful get-started pack, supportive & responsive staff at Australian Fundraising head office, easy registration, fantastic easy & safe on-line system, great results, fun prizes, happy kids and happy parents. Thank you."
- Heather, Fundraising Coordinator, P&C
“The online fundraising component certainly was an asset for families who didn’t have to door knock. Just over 100 kids raised over $16,000 with the online service – we were blown away!”
- Vanessa, Thornleigh West Public School


We make fundraising fun and colourful!

The students are having so much fun with the non-toxic colour powder and it’s generating such high income for schools like they’ve never seen before.

The colour school fundraiser is a sponsorship program and is easily run in conjunction with your cross country, athletics carnival or organise a walk-a-thon or lap-a-thon. Turn your fun run/cross country/walk or lap-a-thon event from BLAND TO GRAND with an Explosion of Colour.

Our new Student Profile Page and online crowdfunding site will dramatically increase the funds you raise with families able to gain donations right throughout Australia and even the world. The average raised on line is $120.

If you are planning or running a school fun run, you will not be disappointed when you upgrade to our school colour explosion event. One school increased their total funds raised from $3,000 in 2016 to a massive $24,000 in 2018.

Not sure how to run this event or fundraiser? Rest assured we will help you every step of the way – you will be an expert in no time!

Payment is not required until after your receipt of the student incentive prizes. You’re guaranteed of a profit and it is financially risk free.



Only supplier with a complete program

We are the only school fundraising supplier throughout Australia providing five vibrant colour powders exclusively pre-packed in 350g spray bottles for your convenience, and with our SUPER GRAND option we supply a pair of UV400 sunglasses, a Thank You wristband and a Berri Quelch Fruit Juice Stick for all of your students.

Commitment to supporting our schools

Why buy or make your own powder at an extremely high cost? As an example of our commitment to supporting our schools, a school of 500 students with receive $2,400 worth of value in the colour powder, sunglasses, wristbands and juice sticks. No other fundraising company can offer this service!

Safe, non-toxic colour powder

To ensure the highest quality, we don’t source colour powder from third party suppliers. We have sourced our own non-toxic colour powder direct from India, the home of Holi Powder. Our manufacturer supplies the highest quality product made of 98% corn starch and 2% permitted food colours. Nothing else! Our powder is non-toxic, non-flammable, biodegradable, skin safe and environmentally friendly. It’s also gluten free. We provide a Toxicological Risk Assessment on our colour powder to ensure your student’s safety. We supply the Risk Assessment as part of the fundraiser, together with consent forms. We are here to assist you in developing your own school risk assessment, if required. And we provide the widest and best range of incentive prizes for your students.



Use our school colour fun event fundraiser to raise funds
the fun, active and healthy way!



We offer two Options


Receive our exclusive colour powder and all the fundraising materials at a cost of only 35% + GST.

Your complete fundraiser includes:

  • 65% CASH PROFIT*
  • NO 10% ADMIN FEE
  • Student incentive prizes
  • Student sponsorship brochures
  • Student participation certificates
  • Highest student fundraising prize
  • Large prize posters
  • Large colour event posters
  • Parent letter templates
  • Easy to use prize tally/accounting program
  • Online fundraising account
  • Student profile pages

Receive our exclusive colour powder and all the fundraising materials at a cost of only 40% + GST.

Your complete fundraiser includes:

  • 60% CASH PROFIT*
  • NO 10% ADMIN FEE
  • Student incentive prizes
  • Student sponsorship brochures
  • Student participation certificates
  • Highest student fundraising prize
  • Large prize posters
  • Large colour event posters
  • Parent letter templates
  • Easy to use prize tally/accounting program
  • Online fundraising account
  • Student profile pages

It’s as simple as:

  1. Plan your event and select a date
  2. Receive the fundraising materials to make your fundraiser a great success
  3. Hand out the sponsorship forms
  4. Run over a four (4) week period
  5. Use our online accounting program to record monies raised and prizes selected by your students
  6. Bank the monies into your account
  7. Student prizes despatched within 7 days
  8. Run your School Run 4 Fun event with a Colour Explosion

We’re just a phone call away to assist you in setting up your fundraising program. Please contact our office on 1300 133 022 for more information and a complete fundraising package.


best prize highest quality

Supercharge your fundraising with online fundraising

Over $5 million was raised online in 2018, and this amount will explode in 2019 with our massively upgraded online Student Profile Page.

Linked to GoFundraise, it will allow your students and families to expand their reach by sharing their unique Profile Page to request support from family and friends around Australia and the world.

We take children's identification online SERIOUSLY. Cyber Security Experts recommend that parents DO NOT upload images of their children online and that's exactly what Australian Fundraising has adopted. Parents now select from a range of avatars for their children. Don't put your children's safety at harm. Our recommendation is DO NOT use a fundraising provider/s who allows photo uploads.

Students can order their prize(s) at their Profile Page.

A small school of 70 students raised over $12,000.

It’s easy to set up and is secure.

Australian owned and run family business you can trust

We've been assisting schools and other organisations raise much needed funds since 1999. Schools and organisations have raised over $92 million using our programs and expertise. They raised over $12 million alone in 2018.

Australian Fundraising is a family owned and run business.

We’re honest and trustworthy.

Our customers always come first and we do everything possible to ensure the coordinators have an enjoyable experience. That’s why our customers come back year after year.

Please contact our office on 1300 133 022 for more information and a complete fundraising package.


Why work with us?


Your dedicated Fundraising Manager will work with you every step of the way to ensure you have a successful and profitable fundraiser. We have a great team who are always available to assist.

19 year’s experience

Since 1999, Australian Fundraising has assisted thousands of schools and groups throughout Australia to consistently produce successful results year after year. We have supported groups in raising over $92 million - $12 million was raised alone in 2017.

Family owned and operated

Being a family owned and operated business, we are dedicated to our customers and not beholden to sponsors. You’re always no. 1 with us!

Our programs

Our Fun Run programs have been designed to maximise the funds you raise with the least effort. They are upgraded each year to ensure continued and increased success. Improvements in 2019 have been the largest ever.



Please don’t hesitate to contact our office on 1300 133 022 should you have any questions.


  1. Quick Overview
  2. The Student Incentive Prizes are the best available
  3. Highest Profitability and Best Value
  4. School Results
  5. Easy to Run
  6. Fundraising Materials and Support supplied
  7. ONLINE FUNDRAISING - make 35% more
The School Run 4 Fun Colour Explosion™ fundraiser is a comprehensive fundraiser that schools use in conjunction with an event at their school such as their Cross Country or a walk-a-thon or lap-a-thon. All the fundraising materials and incentive prizes are supplied to ensure it is successful, profitable, easy to set up and a breeze to run. The profit is a high 60-65%* which is the highest of all major school fundraisers. It can be the main fundraiser at schools.

    • No money up front

    • 60% - 65% clear cash profit*

    • It is very easy to set up and run

    • Financially RISK FREE

    • Students just have to raise $10 to receive a prize of their choice
The success of the program is due to a number of factors but the main influence is the quality and variety of the incentive prizes available to your students. Branded prizes are a major part of the prizes on offer. Through the availability of prizes, students are highly motivated to support your fundraiser which in turn increases the funds you raise and the more you can do for the school.

    • Schools use our program year after year. We significantly update our prizes each year in order to maintain the enthusiasm of the students

    • Over seventy (70) prizes are on offer

    • The variety appeals to both girls and boys and the various year levels

    • A significant number of students raise over $500 due to the incentive prizes

    • Students receive a prize just by raising $10

Click onto the student sponsorship form below to view the prizes:

You and your students do most of the work so naturally you should be rewarded. We supply the high value fundraising materials and incentive prizes to maximise the funds you raise with our program.

    • Your clear profit is 70%*, the highest profit available of all major school fundraising programs.

    • We supply the student sponsorship forms, promotional posters, highest fundraiser prize, your student prizes are packed by classes on your behalf and of course all of the student incentive prizes. Much more ...

    • Your cost is only 30% (+GST) for all of these materials.

    • The value of the materials and support is greater than 30% if you sourced them yourselves.
Some results include:

    • Warrigal Road State School - $27,000 (Ave $22.50/student)

    • Chatswood Hills State School - $12,903 (Ave $15.92/student)

    • Charlestown South Public School - $4,842 (Ave $26.90/student with only 180 students)

    • Banksia Beach State School - $24,000 (well up on $16,339 last year)

    • Earlwood Public School - $18,186 (Ave $27.98 per student)

    • Wangaratta Primary School - $3,512 (Ave $19.51 per student)

    • St Cecilia’s Primary School (WA) - $11,830 (Ave $33.80 per student)

    • Schools use the School Run 4 Fun fundraiser as a Fun Run in conjunction with their Cross Country.

    • Alternatively they set up a Walk-a-thon or Lap-a-thon and turn it into a bit of fun for the kids.

    • There is no money required up front to commence the fundraiser.

    • Advise the number of sponsorship forms and the date by which they are required and the forms and other fundraising materials will arrive well in advance of this date.


    • Students receive their sponsorship $ upfront from their donors which makes the management of monies so easy

    • Bank the money into the school's bank account.

    • Record the prizes required and monies gained by students into the easy to use tally management program. You will be able to use this in your sleep!

    • Print off the automatically tabulated prize order from the tally program and send to our office.

    • Your prizes will be packed by class on your behalf and despatched with seven (7) days.

    • Take the boxes to classes and hand out the prizes to your happy students.

    • An invoice accompanies the prizes which has to be paid within seven (7) days.

    • This is a RISK FREE fundraiser.....
This is a most comprehensive fundraiser. All the materials and support you need for the fundraiser is supplied to you. Your school doesn't have to source any other materials and there are no other costs. Your school will receive:
1. Berri Quelch Juice sticks for each student
2. Student sponsorship forms
3. Student incentive prizes
4. Student participation certificates
5. Highest fundraising prize
6. Free courier costs
7. Parent letter templates
8. Large promotional posters for placement around the school
10. Easy to use money and prize entry program
Would you like to increase your profit by over 35%?

How much would your school make if all of your students raised $120?

Online fundraising is now a standard option with our School Run 4 Fun program. It substantially increases your funds raised by 35% compared to only using the sponsorship forms. Students who use online fundraising raise five (5) times more.

ONLINE FUNDRAISING complements the sponsorship forms.

    • Students and their family can request sponsorship donations from family and friends locally, interstate and even overseas by the click of their mouse.

    • Students who use online fundraising create their own fundraising page on the online fundraising provider’s website and request support via email and social media (Facebook, Twitter).

    • Sponsors donate directly through the student’s fundraising page.

    • The online fundraising provider collects the donations and pays them directly into the school’s bank less a small admin fee.

    • Online fundraising is safe and secure.