Obstacle-a-thon Fundraiser

An easy and profitable fundraiser run in conjunction with a fun, activity based obstacle event for child care centres, kindergartens and pre-schools.

Just like schools run spell-a-thons and walk-a-thons, now you can run your own Obstacle-a-thon fundraiser for your early childhood centre. We've designed the Obstacle-a-thon to be so easy for you to organise and run. Your parents seek sponsorships up front for your event.

Your cash profit is a really high 70%* as we only charge 30% (+GST) of the sponsorship $ received for the supply of the high quality incentive prizes. The incentive prizes are valued at 30% and you receive all the fundraising materials at no extra cost.

You will receive tremendous support from your parents for the fundraiser. The children and their parents will love the actual obstacle-a-thon event. Parents/children will receive a prize by raising just $10 and the children also receive their very own fundraising certificate.


Parents will welcome being informed on skills and concept development during the Obstacle-a-thon for their child.

Please phone our office on 1300 133 022 should you have any questions, would like to request a free fundraising information kit or to book.





Please view the information below on this early childhood fundraiser:

1. Obstacle-a-thon Fundraiser Overview
2. High quality incentive prizes
3. High Profitability and great value
4. Easy to organise and run
5. Online Fundraising

1. Obstacle-a-thon Fundraiser Overview
The Obstacle-a-thon fundraiser is a comprehensive fundraiser that child care centres, kindergartens and pre-schools use in conjunction with a fun event at their centres. All the fundraising materials and incentive prizes are supplied to ensure it is successful, profitable, easy to set up and a breeze to run. The profit of 70%* is the highest of all major early childhood fundraisers. It can be the main fundraiser.

  • No money up front
  • 70% clear cash profit*
  • It is very easy to set up and run
  • Financially RISK FREE
  • Parents just have to raise $10 to receive a prize of their choice

The success of the program is due to a number of factors but the main influence is the quality and variety of the incentive prizes available to your families. Branded prizes are a major part of the prizes on offer. Through the availability of prizes, parents are highly motivated to support your fundraiser which in turn increases the funds you raise and the more you can do for the centre.

View the sponsorship form and prizes

You and your parents do most of the work so naturally you should be rewarded. We supply the high value fundraising materials and incentive prizes to maximise the funds you raise with our program.

  • Your clear profit is 70%*, the highest profit available of all major early childhood fundraising programs.
  • You receive the parent sponsorship forms, promotional posters, parent letters and the incentive prizes. Much more ...
  • Your cost is only 30% (+GST) for all of these materials and support.
  • The value of the prizes, materials and support is greater than 30% if you sourced them yourselves.


It's easy as:

  • Plan the Obstacle-a-thon events
  • Decide on the date that best suits your centre.
  • Advise the number of sponsorship forms and the date by which they are required. The forms and other fundraising materials will arrive well in advance of this date.
  • After you have distributed the sponsorship brochures to your parents, they seek their sponsorship $ upfront from their donors.
  • Bank the money into the centre's bank account.
  • Record the prizes required and monies gained by families into the easy to use tally management program. You will be able to use this in your sleep!
  • Print off the automatically tabulated prize order from the tally program and send to our office.
  • Your prizes will be packed and despatched within seven (7) days.
  • An invoice accompanies the prizes which has to be paid within seven (7) days of receiving your prizes.
  • This is a RISK FREE fundraiser.....

Would you like to increase your profit by over 35%?

Online fundraising is now a standard option with our Obstacle-a-thon program. It substantially increases your funds raised by 35% compared to only using the sponsorship forms. Parents who use online fundraising raise five (5) times more.

  • ONLINE FUNDRAISING complements the sponsorship forms.
  • Your families can request sponsorship donations from their family and friends locally, interstate and even overseas by the click of their mouse.
  • Parents who use online fundraising create their own fundraising page on the online fundraising provider’s website and request support via email and social media (Facebook, Twitter).
  • Sponsors donate directly through the parent’s fundraising page.
  • The online fundraising provider collects the donations and pays them directly into the centre’s bank less a small admin fee.
  • Online fundraising is safe and secure.

Please contact our office on 1300 133 022 should you have any questions. Would you like to receive our Fundraising Information Kit?

* Your profit is based before any GST considerations.