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Learn the secrets to holding a fun and profitable fundraiser from Mr Fundraising himself, Billy G - and others who have made fundraising work for their school or organisation!

Cheerleading group fundraising success

A small Cheerleading group of only 20 members sold an amazing 36 Scratch & Support fundraising cards in just a few weeks making a net profit of $2,400.

Results like this are easy to achieve, let us show you how! Contact us today on 1800 657 489 and we can discuss your group and what will work best and make huge profits.

How to pick the right fundraising company to work with

It can be difficult knowing which company you should select when it comes to running a fundraiser. To help take out some of the guess work here are a few things to take into consideration.

1. How long have they been operating for?

A company that has stood the test of time immediately tells you they know what they are doing. If they didn't - they wouldn't still be running 10-20 years later. The longer they have been around for the more knowledge, tips and advice they have which can be incredibly useful especially to those who are new to running fundraisers. There is also a good chance they know which products will work best for your school, group or organisation increasing the success of the program you end up running.

2. Costs and profits

The products on offer from each company can also help narrow down the selection. Look at the amount of clear profit you will make AFTER you have purchased the fundraising product(s)/program. The ability to return left-over products is another element to take into consideration in the event you don't sell as much as you estimated. Some companies allow return of over-stock for some programs, others do not. If you pick a company or program that don't allow returns you may need to rely on their guidance and advice for ordering the correct amount for your group.

3. Friendly and approachable

Customer service is also important. It's nice to be able to phone up and ask a question without feeling like you're being a nuisance. You can usually gauge the level of service within moments of discussing your ideas and program preferences. It can be beneficial to select the company that can't do enough for you and will willingly discuss solutions and suggestions with minimal prompting. Don't be shy to ask as many questions as you can think of prior to committing to a program to ensure you make the right choice.

4. Goods supplied

Some fundraising programs come with all you need to run and support your fundraiser in a nice neat package whilst others come with very little support leaving you to create your own promotional materials to promote your fundraising event. Find out if your buyers will receive any information to support the program, if you have to pay extra for it, or whether you have to do it yourself. If there are costs involved you should weigh those up against the time and effort it will take to create your own, and how successful that will be in comparison. A fundraising program is only as successful as the promotion behind it.

5. Buyer incentives

Some companies offer bonus items to help increase the profits of your fundraiser. These bonus items can be used for seller incentives and to boost profits. This can aid the ultimate success and is worth consideration prior to making the final choice.

6. Go Local

Picking a company that is located locally (in the same state or region versus overseas) can also add peace of mind. They tend to be easier to get in touch with and there are no language and time barriers. It is also important to ensure safety standards and product quality assurances are in place and that all goods and services are guaranteed. Using a local company will also speed up the delivery of goods and materials.

How to get the most out of your fundraiser

It can be daunting to select the best fundraiser for your school, group or organisation. Fundraising is hard work and you want to get it right the first time to ensure you don't get your volunteers or families offside with multiple attempts.

We have put together a few hints to make your decision easier. If it's one thing we know, it's FUNdraising!

Do your research first
Don't second guess which fundraising program your group will support - ask them what they want. Even if you narrow down the selection to 2-3 options it gives everyone a chance to feel involved creating a closer connection to the program (which means more profit).

Take the weather into account
In warmer weather programs like sunscreen, raffles with holiday prizes and sport or activity based fundraisers such as the My School Walk or Run For Fun may be more productive. In cooler weather programs like Crest chocolates or Billy G's Cookie Dough might appeal more (to name a few).

Plan around seasonal events
Seasonal links also prove productive such as Cookie Dough at Christmas time promoted as gift ideas or entertaining treats, greeting card packs or linking up a raffle fundraiser with an annual event or fete to value add and boost profits further.

Costs versus benefits
Weigh up the cost of the program, the amount of time it will take for volunteers to execute and the end profit potential based on a low and high response. Pausing for a moment to ensure it is feasible, tangible and profitable will ensure you know exactly what you are getting into prior to committing.

Exclusivity and value
The harder the product is to get the more profitable it will be. When deciding which fundraiser will work best for your school ensure that the price is competitive and that it is in reach of your supporters. No matter how great the product is, if they simply can't afford it in the weekly budget they can't support the fundraiser no matter how much they want to.


Fundraising, when it's done right, does work and we see it every single day. This month a small Kindy in Murray Bridge with 150 families sold an impressive 392 Billy G's Cookie Dough tubs. At $4 profit per tub that's a great success.

Billy G's Cookie Dough is one of the best selling fundraisers in Australia!

Don't take our word for it... even the Billy G's Cookie Dough and Australian Fundraising Facebook walls speak for themselves:

"I'd love to see updates of any customers who are currently selling their fundraising dough, I love this stuff, it's just that I don't know anybody who is fundraising more than once a year... and once a year is not enough for this yummy dough!!" L.R.

"Can u buy your mixtures anywhere else other then fundraisers.. I dont know anyone doing them at the moment.." S.A.

"Love the cookies.... so easy to make and taste beautiful..." C.L.

"YUMMMMMMMMMMMMM!!!! What a treat, William loved rolling the dough, only took us 20 minutes, as a mum I loved that there was NO MESS!! Thanks Billy G!" M.W.

"Hi is there any schools near mackay fundraisin so i can buy another tub! its beauitful stuff." S.D.

"We are a school of only 115 students but we sold over 500 tubs of cookie dough; it was so easy to run, your tally software was a delight to use and it was a pleasure to work with your company".

What are you waiting for?! Learn more here.

How to run a successful fundraiser

It is one thing to run a Fundraising event, it is another to make sure you get the very most out of it for maximum profits. Here are five tips to help you achieve your goals.

1. Offer incentive prizes
At Australian Fundraising we have seen first-hand how effective offering incentive prizes can be. Regardless of whether the prizes are aimed at the parents or children, it gives someone something to aim for. Our children's toy incentive prize programs have been known to increase profit by as much as 40%. The more achievable you set the rewards and incentives, the better chance you have of your group trying to win them. As an example our Billy G's Cookie Dough fundraiser offers sellers a selection of a toy prize after they sell just one tub. Easy! Australian Fundraising even offer free incentive prizes that you can hand out with some programs.

2. Make sure you have a committee
By having a team of helpers it makes it easier to ensure everything is in order. It reduces stress and ensures the event runs smoothly. The more people involved, the more likely you are to get a higher level of commitment from your entire group. Excitement and interest is contagious.

3. Be organised
It might go without saying but you would be surprised how many groups fail to set a timeline or stick to it. A short fundraiser is a good one. A running time of 2-3 weeks should be more than sufficient which ensures everyone keeps their focus and gets it all over and done with quickly. When running an order form fundraiser speed will help ensure your funds come in quickly and the goods go out soon after. Ask for a copy of our Fundraising Planning Kit.

4. Show progress
Make sure you let your fundraisers know where you are tracking for profit. This creates excitement and sometimes even a dash of competition and can help further increase your profits. It also makes your group feel appreciated as you show off the great work they are doing. A progress thermometer is also a quick and easy idea which you can attach to your website for even more exposure.

5. Pick a fundraiser everyone WANTS and LOVES
If no one wants to participate in your fundraiser, you aren't going to do much more than waste your time. Pick three popular options and then let your group make a selection on which one they like best. This may cause some small arguments, especially if the group is divided, but a simple majority rules should get your fundraiser showing the best possible results. You can always compromise and run the second favourite later in the year and then play the profits off against each other for even better results!

10 ways to recruit fundraising helpers - many hands make for light work

shutterstock_177123701. If you want people to volunteer and help with fundraising you need to ask them. Many people don't volunteer because no one has asked, or worse still, they offered and no one thought to take up the offer at the time!

2. Dispel the fears that come with volunteering for fundraising. People are often scared if they put their hand up they will be held accountable for hours of time they just don't have to give. Be clear that you will honour the time constraints and take what they can offer.

3. Just like with fundraising programs it is important to maintain a high level of communication with your volunteers. Use a mix of mediums - flyers, website notices, social media, newsletters, emails and scheduled meetings. (This is a great way to advise of your collective achievements too!)

4. Don't run a fundraiser just because it's been done before or what the school/group/club always does. Ask your group or school members for fresh ideas, this will involve more people and give you a heap of new ideas which keep it fresh every year.

5. Host an event and invite your group to attend with a no-pressure approach. Casual conversation will soon bring the volunteers out of the woodwork and it will give you a chance to discuss their interests, how they can be involved and how much time they can give. A gradual approach to joining a fundraising committee works best.

6. Showcase what goes on and share your goals. If you keep your meetings and plans top secret no one will care to know more about it when you announce the fundraising program or initiative you want to run. Open the door and let everyone see what goes on - it will be contagious!

8. Great leadership will attract others like a magnet. If your leader is strong, appreciates the help they get and seamlessly manages the load on their plate this will attract more volunteers and allow for a smooth operation. A great leader shares their vision short term and long term and excites others to join in.

9. The power of positive marketing - don't just promote your fundraising events but highlight the great work your volunteers are doing along the way. Tell everyone what the achievements to date will/have resulted in and encourage more involvement along the way. It's never too late to lend a hand.

10. If you make the involvement on a personal level, not a money making and fundraising one, you will see far better results. When there is an emotional investment the need to help and be involved will come as second nature

Register for the My School Walk or Run for Fun program and claim your free sports pack

Introducing a well constructed and easily setup a-thon fundraising program based around athletic events at your school such as your cross country, fun run and walk-a-thon. You set the event date and we supply all the materials and incentive prizes to make it a great success.

Up to 30% value in prizes & support

Your students are encouraged to participate in the fundraiser and in turn maximise their sponsorship through the largest and finest selection of prizes.

For the first 200 schools that register by 31 March and run anytime in 2013, your school will receive a FREE Hart Sports Pack valued at $100.

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Discount vouchers to help increase fundraising profits



For each of our fundraising programs utilised by your group, we will supply a discount voucher sheet to all of your families/participants who support your fundraisers.

This is a terrific offer. For instance, when your participants/families buy/sell just one tub of cookie dough for $16 or raise $10 in the My School Walk Or Run for Fun program they will receive over $140 in discount vouchers. Everyone is a winner when they support your fundraiser!

This should increase the support for your fundraisers which in turn will increase your profits for no extra effort on your part.

The vouchers will be despatched to you with the prizes or product and are available all year round.

View a sample of the discount voucher here. (PDF)

Fundraising programs that include FREE discount vouchers include:

  • Billy G's Gourmet Cookie and Biscuit Dough
  • My School Walk or Run for Fun
  • All four (4) raffle programs
  • My Card Shop in a Box
  • Cancer Council Sunscreen Fundraiser
  • Scratch and Support

Contact us for more details or you can easily book the fundrasier of your choice online.