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5 Things That Can Make You A Better Fundraiser

bubble 19329 1280Experience is indeed the best teacher. Seasoned fundraisers have undergone hardships before they have effectively honed their fundraising skills. They become successful because they have never considered giving up as an option. Fundraising can cultivate a sense of fulfillment especially if you love what you're doing. It really feels good when you know you've done something that can inspire others. 

Unfortunately, things don't always go your way. There are times when you need to try harder if you really want your efforts to yield positive results. As a fundraiser, you need to carefully observe the traits that make a fundraiser successful. It is not just about the ability to convince people to donate or support your campaign because there are additional techniques you need to employ so you can emerge victorious in fundraising. 

1. Work on your teamwork skills. 

In order to be effective in your fundraising role, you need to get the rest of the team involved in your mission. You and your team will work towards a common goal and by listening to their ideas and taking note of their concerns, you will be able to find out which areas of your campaigns need improvement. Ask your team for their creative input and acknowledge feedback. To ensure that feedback and other concerns don't fall on deaf ears, you have to write them down. 

2. Write real letters. 

Your goal may be to raise enough money to support a good cause, but you have to focus on the real purpose of fundraising, which is to raise friends or supporters. There are a number of ways you can do this and one of which is by writing real letters. Make sure they are personalized so you can connect with your prospective donors. It should not sound scripted because your prospects can easily sense when you only want to ask money. 

3. Walk the talk.

Donors and supporters are usually waiting for the right timing or a strong proof that you are sincere in organizing a fundraising campaign. You have to lead by example by donating to your charity consistently. You have to remember that fundraising is not just an event that happens once a year. It should be a consistent effort that provides results. 

4. Fill your brain with creative ideas. 

You can come up with plenty of creative ideas if you fill your brain bank. While some of your ideas may not always work, obtaining some information on how you can make your fundraising campaign work can definitely help you get the results you want. Make sure you take your time when gathering some brilliant ideas and don't forget to share them with the rest of the team so you will know whether or not these ideas are going to be beneficial to your campaign. 

5. Don't be afraid to make mistakes.

There are times when things just don't go as planned, but this doesn't mean you should give up your fundraising role. When you're wrong, be humble enough to admit it. Keep in mind that mistakes can make you a better person and fundraiser. Just don't consider it as a deterrent to pursuing your fundraising campaign. 



Tips For Making Corporate Fundraising A Success

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When it comes to charity fundraising such as corporate fundraising, there are several techniques you have to employ so you can promote steady funding and make the campaign more defined. For someone who has just ventured into this campaign, it can be a challenge as it requires a lot of effort for the program to yield positive results. It all starts with setting realistic goals that are based on actual experiences. Fundraising campaign fails when you don’t know where you should exactly begin. There will be some challenges along the way, and if you don’t understand your mission and vision, the rest will also be vague.

Discover Your Unique Selling Point

Every good effort that you put into a charity fundraising will be recognized without necessarily asking for money. In fact, this is how people should see charity. It is not just about asking money but helping people who are in need. This might sound like a cliché but the truth is, it is the best practice that successful charities consistently follow. While it may sound proverbial, you really have to think outside of the box. You need to give good reasons to support your organization. Once you have identified a unique selling point, find out how your donors can benefit from your organization. You can seal the deal this way.

Be Prepared Before Meeting Your Potential Donor

When you schedule a meeting with potential sponsor, it is not like the usual meetings. You have to be prepared and armed with sufficient knowledge about the sponsors. You need to let them know how they can provide a huge contribution to the organization without highlighting donations. Make sure you outline the organization’s mission and vision. You can also research about the type of charitable concerns they had previously contributed to.

Ask Yourself How You Can Reciprocate Your Corporate Sponsor’s Generosity

Once you have persuaded a company to provide you a charitable donation, ask yourself how you can return the favor as a charity. You should keep in mind that no two companies are alike and you need to come up with an effective way to make your donors happy. Aside from showing up early on meetings and maintaining your involvement, you can also make your donors feel more inspired of making a donation if you always recognize their efforts.

Recognize Small Success

One way you can succeed in corporate fundraising is when you get more people involved in your fundraising event. You have to encourage regular participation by holding meetings that will allow you to get to know your potential donors. This is also an opportunity for your donors to know more about your organization. Companies also have the right to know what happens to the money they donated and giving the feedback and greater involvement will help you build a stronger relationship.

When you aim for corporate fundraising, make sure you have researched the company you wish to target. A professional presentation is also encouraged because this will provide a great opportunity for involvement. You should also get advice from the group, take note of it and just continue this practice until you succeed in corporate fundraising.

Are You Ready For Mobile Fundraising?


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In this modern day and age, almost everyone can’t live without their mobile phones. This electronic device has been deemed more important than toothbrushes and with the convenience it provides, almost all transactions can be done using your phone.

All you need to do is to go online and make reservations, take pictures or even listen to music. It’s that easy!

Due to the versatility of mobile phones, fundraisers have also turned to them to raise money. Unfortunately, fundraising may not get an overwhelming response from mobile phone users in terms of raising enough money to support a good cause. Is there really a secret formula that you need to consider so you can make mobile fundraising a huge success?

If you view mobile fundraising as just a way to reach out to potential donors through texting or calling, you may want to make a research as you might be missing out on seeing the most essential element of mobile fundraising: reaching out to potential donors in a more personalized way.

Mobile Fundraising: The Bigger Picture

When there are tragedies that require support from the large number of donors, mobile fundraising provides an easy access to donors. In an hour, you can reach out to hundreds of prospects without defeating your primary purpose. If you did good at your fundraising campaign, the donors will reciprocate your efforts. Unfortunately, when mobile phones do more than just increasing the sense of urgency to donate, it seems a challenge for most fundraisers to optimize their mobile phones and promote a fundraising campaign that deviates from the usual format.

You may not know it, but you are already in the mobile game. Without a doubt, donors use the modern advances of technology to donate. In fact, almost all organizations provide a ‘donate’ button as a way of promoting mobile giving. However, the results you are looking for may still not be within your reach.

Even if you are using your email and online forms to reach out to your potential donors, these are still considered a mobile trend. These days, there are plenty of approaches that will make the process of donating easy and hassle-free such as introducing the digital wallets. With this, donors are no longer required to enter their credit card or bank information. The wallet will handle all of the transactions without manually entering the information every time you hit donate button.

Mobile Fundraising And Its Success Rate

If you want to acquire and renew donors efficiently, you have to understand how mobile fundraising works. It is only then that you will be able to appreciate this strategy. The only time mobile fundraising fails is when you have not learned the facts and issues. Read case studies so you will know how the service works and what you can do to handle challenges.

You won’t know how this strategy works unless you learn about the tools. Aside from its features, you should also try learning about the projects that mobile fundraising offers. Find out how a digital wallet works and how you can use this feature to your advantage. You can visit websites that cater to mobile fundraising so you will know how you can optimize the mobile tools.

Fundraising Teaches You To Expand Your Comfort Zone

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Fundraising is a very pleasant term if you see it as more than just raising money. Whether fundraising takes place in schools, small communities or sport clubs, you don't just instill the value of sharing, you are also helping members step out of their comfort zone. Fundraising is not a daily activity that everyone can get used to. It happens once or twice a year. Everyone can be so consumed with their daily grinds that they don't get to have the time to discover their inner self. When an event such as fundraising is conducted especially in schools, it can provide students, teachers, principals and other people in the institution a whiff of fresh air. 

Fundraising's Unspoken Words

Sharing, helping, donating: these are the words that we often associate with fundraising. However, the term 'fundraising' speaks volumes and you just have to dig deeper into it for you to know what it really means. 

Fundraising is not just raising money but raising awareness

As you make an effort to raise money to support a cause, you are also raising awareness not only of your community but also of yourself. Prior to joining a fundraising event, you sure have been wondering how a fundraising can help you as an individual. The truth is as you help fundraising organizations raise money, you are also making room for self-discovery. You don't just think about your welfare but also other people's welfare. 

Fundraising teaches you to be more patient

There is no such thing as overnight success and even in fundraising, you need to work hard if you want positive results. It takes months before you can raise money you need, but being well aware of your organization's mission makes you go the extra mile. 

Fundraising provides you an opportunity to do things you don't normally do

Fundraising is such a rewarding experience especially if you take part in the event for the first time. The event can be a great opportunity for amazing discovery of your potential as a fundraiser. If you are searching for program that will make ample room for growth, fundraising is one of the best ideas to consider. 

The fun in fundraising

  1. Share your great experiences with members. 
    You also share the good vibes with the rest of the members of the organization especially those who are new to fundraising. It breaks the cliche of the usual fundraising organization and you are also creating a connection. 
  2. Extend help when needed.
    Not everyone knows how fundraising works and if you already understand what fundraising is all about, you can share your knowledge with new members. 
  3. Explore creative ideas.
    Don't just stay in your fundraising comfort zone even when you are already reaping some positive results. Make every fundraising event more fun by contributing fresh ideas as well. There are lots of fundraising ideas you can consider and you can also add fuse other members' ideas to make the event more unique and personalized. Don't be afraid to experiment if you want fundraising to be out of the ordinary. If you view fundraising from a different perspective, you will not only raise money but collect great experiences as well. 

Exploring The Truths And Myths About Fundraising

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Fundraising can be a rewarding experience for everyone who participates in the event. Not only does it promote the value of generosity but it also encourages team work. For those who are new to fundraising, the myths mar the success of the program. On the other hand, embracing fundraising truths help you establish a path to successful fundraising. There are several reasons why fundraising becomes another run-of-the-mill program and one of which is not having the right knowledge about raising funds. If you don't understand how fundraising works, you will be expending your energy on an event that will not yield any positive results. Your supporters, donors and members will feel exhausted trying to make the event work but at the end of the day, you know you have yet to find the missing piece of the puzzle. 

The Basic Truths About Fundraising

Don't just raise money, raise friends.

Fundraising can be somewhat compared to a popularity contest for a good cause. You just can't go around asking for money that will support your cause without reaching out to people. Potential donors will hesitate giving money if they don't know you. Ever wondered why some people find it easy to raise money? The more people you know, the more money you earn. If people don't like you, they will not support your fundraising program. Before you start a fundraising campaign, make sure you show genuine interest in other people. It is easy to raise money when you raise friends. 

Successful fundraising involves hardwork.

You can't just cast a spell and wait for your fundraising to work wonders the next day. If you want to be a fundraiser, you need to get involved with all the hard work. It may look like a simple concept but without execution, your ideas will be futile. There are lots of aspects you need to look into. After planning, you have to execute your concept and assess the outcome. You should be sensitive with your organization's needs. Be keen on details so you will know the things you need to improve in your organization. 

People's support is earned not asked. 

You let your prospects know about your organization's objective and they are quite impressed about it. However, you are still not getting the support you have been expecting? What could have gone wrong? As they say, actions speak louder than words and the same principle applies to fundraising. You have to show your sincerity in helping before you can earn potential supporter's trust. You have to show your consistency in your efforts to make the fundraising organization work. 

Myths About Fundraising Debunked

The process involved in fundraising is unknown. 

Fundraising does have clear and comprehensive steps that allow supporters, fundraising officers, donors and members to stay involved in the program. 

Fundraising requires a proven track record if want to be successful in raising money. 

You are bound to fail in your fundraising campaign if you have this mindset. Even if you are new to fundraising, you can still become successful in your campaign if you are dedicated and committed. 

Only large organizations and corporations can help you raise money. 

Fundraising becomes difficult if you only focus on large corporations. Although quality is more important than quantity, you should also concentrate on small organizations. You can build your reputation from small organizations and work your way up to focusing on larger organizations once you have earned a good reputation. 


6 Questions That Will Help You Get Your Target Donors And Supporters

hands 543593 1280Fundraising is both fulfilling and challenging. It is fulfilling because you get to help your community in raising money for their needs and challenging because you have to define your target donor for the fundraising event to be a success. Even if you have a good objective for your fundraising campaign, it will not be executed properly if you miss out on including one essential element in your program: the donors. Sending fundraising letters is not enough for you to get all your target supporters. You will need to do more than just letting prospects know you are trying to raise money. You have to keep in mind that the only way you will be able to get more donors and supporters is when your prospects are aware of your cause. 

6 Questions That Will Lead You In The Right Direction:

1. What specific actions do you expect from your target audience?

Do you want your prospects to donate money to meet your objectives? Do you want them to get involved in the event and take part in the activities that your program may have in store for them? Regardless of how you can get your target donors to respond to your fundraising campaign, make sure that these goals are realistic. Whether you want them to educate others or volunteer for an event, knowing their desired actions will help you adjust and make the right decision.

2. What groups are most likely to respond to your fundraising campaign?

Determine which demographic groups are going to give you a positive response. The factors that must be taken into consideration include gender, age, income level, education, occupation and location.

3. How does your target audience perceive your campaign?

The factors that should not be overlooked are the personality types, lifestyles, behaviors, attitudes and values of your target audience.

4. Do you see any frustrations or challenges in your target audience?

If you come unprepared for objections, you may consider getting some supporters a big challenge. However, if you know how to handle objections and find out more about your target audience’s concerns and frustrations, you can easily adjust and determine how you can be of help to them.

5. What are the benefits of the fundraising campaign to your target audience?

Determine the factors that will motivate your target audience to support your campaign. Find out how the campaign can benefit them and work your way to fulfilling their needs.

6. Can you easily tell that you choose the right target audience?

You will not only be investing your time in selecting your target audience but your efforts as well. Make sure your target audience understands what your campaign is all about. If they are able to get the message you are trying to convey, you have definitely picked the right audience.

One of the toughest parts of fundraising is trying to define your market. There will be a series of trial and error before you can get a positive response from your target audience. In spite of the challenges you will face, getting donors to support your campaign will make everything worth your efforts.

5 Secrets To Fundraising Success

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Fundraisers who see fundraising beyond asking or raising money will understand its true essence. More likely than not, those who succeed in promoting their fundraising programs have more to offer than just getting people to support the program. Are there really some secret formulas that will help you win the raise for success? There are some elements that fundraisers often overlook and instead of focusing on the campaign’s main objective, they are often sidetracked by the goal of attracting more supporters. Beyond the quest for convincing donors to support a fundraising campaign, there are some factors that determine the success of a fundraising campaign or program.

1. A solid plan.

The decision to start a fundraising program does not take place out of the blue. It is carefully planned. You just don’t get people to help you promote your campaign but you establish trust and lead by example. You have to learn how you can capture your prospects’ attention and build a solid support group. It often starts with searching for individuals with the same interest and goals.

2. Focusing on important things.

Fundraising is really overwhelming and you may end up going into details to let your target audience know what your fundraising is all about. Unfortunately, what appears to be detailed information will only serve as nuisance to your campaign. Do keep in mind that supporters or stake holders don’t have the luxury of time. They need to obtain raw information minus the lengthy introduction.

3. Setting long-term goals.

The biggest mistake that some fundraisers commit is setting goals for a specific period of time. No resolutions are made in case something does not go as planned. As a result, when these goals are not met, frustrations take place and you end up calling it quits. Instead of aiming for fast and immediate results, take it one step at a time. Focus on long term goals and don’t get too fascinated with overnight success because it does not exist.

4. Believing in your organization.

If you don’t believe in your organization, nobody will. Even if you urge your members to support your fundraising program, you will need to lead by example. You will need to believe in your cause because that is the first step to fulfilling your goals. Don’t expect remarkable results if you have doubts in your program’s success. When you know what you are campaigning for and you are passionate about it, your stakeholders and board members will see it.

5. Taking the risk.

People who spearhead a fundraising campaign are bold and unafraid to take the risk. You have to understand how you can make a huge difference with your simple approaches. There may be times when you will be faced with a lot of challenges but they are all part of the process. Make sure you understand your organisation’s key objectives. You can also get someone to help you with familiarizing key metrics.

Being a fundraiser is indeed very fulfilling. It gives you the opportunity to help and to make a big difference. Success will be within your reach if you keep all these elements in mind.