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Why Expose Kids To Fundraising?

Why Expose Kids To Fundraising?

We all need the financial backing to succeed, and children must also be exposed to fundraising at an early age because of the values they teach. Involving your child in fundraising helps them grow into responsible adults. Here are some skills they can develop from fundraising:

People Skills

How many people have the knack for interacting with other people? Perhaps only a few can smile, speak clearly and look someone in the eyes? By participating in fundraising efforts, children will learn how to reach out with other people. All they need is to get ample practice and by regular exposure, interacting with people will be natural for them. Forming their people skills will help them overcome shyness. 


The planning process will not be complete without setting goals for the organisation. For parents and teachers, teaching kids to set goals will help them determine the direction they are going to take as adults. Unfortunately, not all goals are achieved. There are obstacles along the way that will prevent kids from fulfilling these goals. If kids learn about things such as volunteering and money management, it will be a perfect opportunity for them to know the steps to planning and achieving long-term goals. 

Relationship Building

Fundraising also teaches children how to build relationship with donors. Since fundraising gives volunteers a chance to speak with potential donors, children will be taught that donors are not just perceived as a source of money as they are also key to the success of fundraising. 

Fundraising is not only intended for adults, but children as well. This is why whenever schools are holding a fundraising event, it is imperative to get children involved. Their participation can shape them into amazing adults. They will also develop skills, essential to succeeding in life. 

3 Things You Can Teach Students During A School Fundraiser

3 Things You Can Teach Students During A School Fundraiser

Pursuing a school fundraiser is indeed interesting, but it requires involvement from teachers, students and parents. Everyone can benefit from participating in a school fundraiser, but the students are the ones that can benefit the most. This is because fundraising teaches some essential lessons that create a long-term positive effect on students. 

Setting Goals 

The most important lesson students can learn from fundraising is setting goals. It may not be meaningful especially to younger children, but explaining to them the reason goal setting is meaningful will enable students to realise its impact. Working toward a goal is not an easy thing to do. In accomplishing goals, it is necessary to show the process so children will know that it takes hard work and commitment to accomplish the goal. As adults, fundraising developers and leaders should lead by example. 

Practicing Self-Sacrifice

For children to experience success, they need to commit themselves to the process required to achieve long-term goals. With self-sacrifice, children will learn that it is a good feeling to help others in their own ways. This can soon develop into a life-long habit as they journey toward adulthood. Focusing on the needs of others and working hand in hand to fulfil these needs mean a lot. 

Articulating Passion

Passion is essential to ensure fundraising success. Children gain experience by providing some presentations that will help them articulate their passion. When it comes to fundraising, not everyone has the passion to help a community. There are key recipes to ensure success such as getting the right people to execute a long-term plan. One thing that can translate plans into meaningful action is by demonstrating how special skills can be useful in opening doors to many opportunities. 

A person needs to have the ability to understand other people. You cannot be successful in the field of fundraising if you are not comfortable with yourself. You will need to start early by nurturing children so they can create and even share a vision. You will also have to listen to people and show genuine care to them. All these attributes will not happen in an instant. It takes years to become a seasoned fundraiser. It is essential to pass on these vital lesson to the next generation so they too will know how to become great fundraisers. 

Reasons Schools Need A Solid Fundraising Plan

Reasons Schools Need A Solid Fundraising Plan

Organising a fundraising event for your school takes dedication, commitment and consistency. Schools that were able to savor the success of raising money have prepared months ahead to ensure that the event goes as planned. They know that a solid fundraising plan can result in long-term fundraising success. 

However, there are still schools that are comfortable doing their thing without any strategic plan in mind. Why is there a need to create fundraising plans?

1. Fundraising plans give you insights

School fundraising can be demanding and distracting. It can consume 80% of your time especially if you are only a few weeks away from the event. Without a fundraising plan, you will not know how many volunteers you need to accomplish your goals. It will also be difficult for you to identify the areas you need to improve. Everything will be a struggle as you cannot see the whole picture. 

2. Fundraising plans help keep things organised

It is difficult to manage a team of volunteers because each and every one has their own personality and preferences. A plan ensures everyone is on the same page. You are assured that all of your staff has the same priority, which is to create a successful campaign for your school. If you are working towards the same goals, it will not be challenging for you to keep the entire team helping and supporting each other. 

3. Fundraising plans hold all members accountable

Regardless of the event's outcome, each member should be held accountable for the success and failure of the campaign. Plans allow you to provide deadlines and responsibilities. When these are not successfully met, staff, board members and everyone in the group will admit their mistakes and just not pin the blame on anyone else. When your school stays on track, it easy for your organisation to thrive especially in an environment where competition is tough. 

Plans give you an idea how you can improve your strategies and help your members grow. Knowing what their strengths and weaknesses will help you become more prepared for the challenges ahead. There are unexpected things in raising money that may soon be the cause for members to leave. However, with a fundraising and back up plan, you will be able to pick them up and spread their wings again so they can soar higher. 

Tips For Setting Fun Run Fundraising Goals

Tips For Setting Fun Run Fundraising Goals

School fun run is an interesting event that parents and children alike can participate. Aside from putting a systematic fundraising strategy in place, the success of this event will depend on the goals you set. Well-defined goals are essential to keep members, volunteers, donors and supporters on the right track. If goals are not properly set, everyone loses focus and interest. The operating costs for setting up a school fun run fundraiser deter leaders from pursuing plans of organising this kind of event. However, setting SMART goals can go a long way. SMART stands for specific, measurable, ambitious/attainable, relevant and time-based. 

Everyone wants to accomplish the goals they set, but if the road to achieving these goals are full of obstacles, it will be difficult for the organisation to take the first step. Setting an effective goal involves dealing with one particular area of performance. This is where setting specific goals comes in. 

Goals should also be measurable rather than subjective. If you intend to push for higher performance, make sure that the goal is attainable. Organisations embrace frustration when the goal is too high and unrealistic. It is imperative to set goals related to your organisation's overall objectives, core values and mission. You will also need to set a deadline as to when these goals should be accomplished. 

Things to Track 

You will know the progress of your fundraising event if you track the following:

Fundraising Revenue:Your revenue is a combination of registration and fundraising. It can a challenge to incorporate online fundraising into your fun run event, but with an effective goal in place, tracking results will be much easier than you know. 

Sponsorships: Fun Run fundraising provides a perfect opportunity for sponsorship revenue. Use this to your advantage by setting an amount of money you will collect from corporations and businesses.

Registration Fees: Schools that organise a fun run fundraising event will charge for participation. 

Everyone should be involved in organising the event and setting goals. Each and every contribution will be beneficial to the event so encouraging full participation is necessary. Students, parents, teachers and school staff must be made aware of the impact of their participation in the event. Donors who are willing to donate search for proof that they have made a good decision. While it can be fascinating to set goals which involve collecting funds from various channels, setting unrealistic goals is going to be a recipe for disaster. In fun run fundraising, it does not always have to be about speed as slow and steady still wins the race. 

6 Tips For Making Your Next School Fundraiser Run Smoothly

6 Tips For Making Your Next School Fundraiser Run Smoothly

When organising your next school fundraiser, it is important to keep in mind that everyone should be involved. There is no such thing as small or big tasks because everyone who participates contributes to the success of the campaign. There are different roles and responsibilities when running your fundraiser. These tips will help you ensure your next school fundraiser will run more smoothly.

1. Recruit more volunteers

A school fundraiser will be more successful if you let your community know you are in need of compassionate individuals who are willing to participate in your event. Use all of your resources to reach out to people. Use your website, newsletters and even word of mouth to increase your recruitment efforts.

2. Get your website involved in your communication goals

The most challenging part of recruiting volunteers is ensuring that your communication channels are open. Do not just on emails when searching for volunteers because there are other means you can look for potential supporters. Use your website to communicate with contributors and sponsors.

3. Create a solid fundraising strategy

Your previous fundraising campaign will serve as your guide to knowing which strategies did and did not work. Finding areas you need to improve and knowing your strengths can definitely make a difference. If you know your strengths and weaknesses, you will know what strategy to retain and to get rid of.

4. Put new people

Move your fundraiser forward by putting new people. You can do this ahead of time and make sure that they have a good track record. You should also provide proper training to ensure great performance.

5. Define roles of people in your organisation

It is also essential for your team member to know the roles they should play. These roles may vary from person to person. Think about their skill and availability when defining their roles.

6. Set realistic goals

Not setting realistic goals is one reason your fundraising event is doomed to fail. While it can be overwhelming to try new approaches that will enable you to improve your fundraising campaign, it is still important to take baby steps. It is important to break the goals down by creating a sub-group. You will need to set expectations and tell the consequences for participating and not following through. Volunteers should know the importance of the roles they play and the rewards ahead. Setting unrealistic goals might intimidate your volunteers and run the risk of falling short of your expectations.

How To Get Parents More Involved In School Fundraising

IMG 9769 1017The success of school fundraising does not only depend on teachers and students but on parents as well. While there are parents who already find themselves comfortable in volunteering for various school activities, there are some who are still reluctant or may need a little guidance. The only reason a parent may hesitate to get themselves involved in a fundraising campaign is when they do not know what it is all about. The first thing that comes to mind when talking about fundraising is money, but there is more to it than just raising money. Parents should know how they can contribute to the success of the campaign. They will never know the difference they will make unless you show it to them.

1. Ask parents to participate

It is expected from students to participate in school fundraising event even when you don't ask them to. With parents, you need to set clear expectations and emphasise the value of achieving your goals. Remember that you will be working as a team and the contribution of each member will be counted. Since it is a collective effort, parents should know their role in the organisation. They are not just mere spectators but supporters of your organisation.

2. Provide more options

It is also necessary for parents to have as many opportunities as possible. Parents do not have time to focus on volunteering alone as they also have other jobs to do. It might be beneficial to them if you provide more flexible options they can explore.

3. Make it easy for parents to volunteer

For first-time volunteers, there will always be some intimidation factors that tend to hold them back. However, you can make it easy for them to volunteer if you brief them of what they should expect from the campaign. Signing up should not be a hassle for parents. Be sure to offer free online sign up sheets. This way, they will have an option to sign up using their smartphone or computer. Reminders are also automated to reduce cases of no-shows.

4. Engage working parents

For working parents, find creative ways to engage them or capture their interest. One idea is to use social media or video calling platforms to get in touch with them. With this approach, you are giving parents options to contribute even from the comfort of their home. It encourages them to update the class website or manage online volunteers without necessarily being physically present.

School Run 4 Fun Fundraiser

Whether you want to end 2015 with a bang or have a fruitful New Year, your school can definitely benefit from School Run 4 Fun Fundraiser. Your students are surely going to love the surprises that Run 4 Fun school fundraiser provides. It has extensive prize incentive program that will bring excitement to students. Those who are searching for a comprehensive fundraiser can rely on the School Run 4 Fun fundraiser because it provides schools an opportunity to use the fundraiser in conjunction with an event at their school including walk-a-thon, lap-a-thon and Cross Country. The best thing about this fundraiser is that all fundraising materials are supplied. This is to ensure that the fundraising drive will be successful and profitable. As a result setting up everything will be a breeze. You will also love the fact that you can obtain the highest profit of 70%. When it comes to the student incentive prizes, the participants will sure look forward to this event and students will be highly motivated. You are not only increasing the funds but also doing more for your school. There are over 70 prizes and students can raise over $500 due to the incentive prizes in store for them. Students who raise at least $10 get to receive a prize. You can also encourage student involvement in this fundraiser because you and your students do most of the work that this program entails. The fundraising materials and incentive prizes that are supplied are of high value so you can maximise the funds with this program. Early booking also entitles you of bonuses and major promotions. Your families will also have a chance to win a seven night holiday to Bali. There are also $5000 draw for schools using ONLINE fundraising and $5000 draw for schools running the fundraiser. If you are shying away from other fun run program because of the cost, School Run 4 Fun will give you a better and affordable option. Aside from giving you more benefits, you will also have the highest profit. Check out the video for an overview of Run 4 Fun Fundraiser.

How To Make Fundraising Less Boring And More Inspiring

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Some fundraisers can come up with the most brilliant fundraising ideas but often fall short on the creative department. There might be some ideas that are quite inspiring for your donors but when it comes to execution, it is an entirely different story. It is every fundraiser's goal to create an inspiring campaign that makes potential donors deviate from the usual impression. Some donors hesitate in giving their share because they perceive your fundraising campaign as just another scheming tactic in the guise of a fundraising program. If you can break this cliche and create something that is more inspiring than boring, you can sure get an impressive number of donors to sign up for your campaign. 

How to inspire donors to participate in your fundraising campaign?

1. Motivate supporters and learn to inspire others.

Potential donors are inspired to take part in your fundraising program when they can relate to it. If you are starting a fundraising program, make sure that it touches the lives of your potential donors. However, you should not fabricate sob stories just to make your fundraising story inspiring. Make sure everything is based on real-life stories. Find out how you can reach out to your potential donors such as asking feedback from the previous supporters or adding some touching imagery that speaks volumes.

2. Lead and others will follow.

If you are advocating something for a good cause, the biggest challenge you will face is getting potential donors and supporters to believe in your program's mission and vision. It is not going to be easy if you don't walk the talk. When you lead, most of your supporters will not hesitate to follow. It gives them a positive notion that are sincere with your efforts.

3. Be passionate.

For new fundraisers, it is easy to forget about the entire purpose of fundraising event when you have not succeeded the first time. However, when you don't give up even when you have received a series of rejections, your passion can inspire others to do the same. It does take time but when you don't consider giving up as an option, you will sure reap the fruits of your hard work in the end.

4. Don't forget success stories.

For new fundraisers, getting some donors to support the cause is not an easy task. People are skeptic about the success of your campaign and potential donors are in doubt if the money they donated is in good hands. They need proof that your fundraising campaign has yielded positive results and this is where success stories come in. Show them that such campaigns have come a long way. It will sure ignite a spark of hope.

5. Be active in the online community.

Fundraisers who already consider fundraising a walk in the park have some brilliant ideas to share. Don't be afraid to ask them if you need to. You will never know how far these ideas can go when you fuse them into one.

Don't forget to thank your donors for participating and give them updates of the event so they know that the money they have donated was used for a good cause.


How To Ensure Fundraising Success Through Social Media Engagement?

ipad 527611 1280Aside from sending letters to prospective donors, another way you can increase the number of supporters is by means of maximizing social media engagement. These days, many people are relying heavily on various social media platforms to obtain the information they need and these platforms have millions of subscribers or members, it will be easier for you to reach out to prospects. However, you need to use the right approach so you can get remarkable results. You may be using social media for your fundraising campaign but if it is not updated, the effort will be useless.

Improve Your Marketing Efforts Through Social Media:

1. Create a plan.

Social media is pretty much the same as traditional channels. You need to start with a plan so your fundraising tasks are carried out based on your expectations. The rule of thumb for utilizing social media is consistency. Make sure you post status updates regularly and your members are aware of your cause. If there are upcoming activities, your prospects must be informed about them.

2. Choose a platform you can effectively use for your campaign.

There lots of platforms for you to choose from but not all of them can be useful for your target supporter. When selecting platforms, see to it that you choose the type of platform that gives you the ability to reach out to your prospective donors.

3. Create achievable and realistic goals.

If you are new to using social media for your fundraising campaign, don’t expect big results because it will only breed frustrations. For instance, if you have set up a Facebook fan page, don’t immediate expect to get thousands of followers in a week. Don’t forget to measure your progress and there are several ways you can do so such as the ‘total reach’, ‘likes’ and many others.

4. Schedule posts and other updates.

Fundraising entails a lot of responsibilities and social media engagement is just a fraction of your tasks. You can manage your social media accounts by creating a schedule but you need to see to it that you stick to these schedules.

Elements Of An Engaging Fan Page

• Inspiring stories.

When it comes to social media, telling stories that create emotional reactions is a good way to capture your prospects’ attention. When supporters feel they can relate to your organization, helping will become a rewarding feeling for them. Enhance your stories with relevant photos so it will have stronger impact on your followers.

• Engaging content.

Give your supporters something to look forward to everyday. Share fundraising insights regularly and provide updates on the latest events. When your audience is involved, it is easy to grab their attention and capture their interest.

• Winning cover photo.

A picture tells a story minus the words. If prospects stumble upon your page and they see a great cover photo, they will sure check out what your page can offer.

• Responsive page.

You may be constantly sharing informative and engaging content, but there is no point doing so if you are not going to respond to members’ comments. Make your page interactive by liking or responding to comments.
The fundraising letter says a lot on your program’s objective. This is why you need to be keen on details and make an effort to ensure that the letter is interesting to your prospective donors. If you are new to sending a fundraising letter, take your time because a winning letter can go a long way in making your campaign a huge success.