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3 Techniques That Make Fundraising Out Of The Ordinary

3 Techniques That Make Fundraising Out Of The Ordinary

There are many different schools that are interested in holding a fundraising event. Each and every school has unique objectives and goals to meet. Competitions become tougher because not all schools can gain enough support from potential donors. You need to stand out in a world full of imitations. Unfortunately, things can be easier said than done. 

There are many obstacles that will deter a fundraising leader from succeeding. For instance, if there are 5 schools in your community holding a cookie dough fundraiser, what are the chances that your school will get the most number of supporters? Regardless of the preparation you made, other fundraising organisations are also willing to compete.

If you are a keen observer, you will know that outstanding organisations deviate from the usual. Raising the bar with fundraising is essential to gain supporters. Although there are numerous techniques you can employ, you only need 3 methods to become a cut above the rest. 

Focus on the best deals

In sales and marketing, every company should offer something that will poke prospects' interest. Customers are put off by complicated buying processes. They want something that will put a smile on their faces. Offering the best deals attract potential donors and volunteers. Giving discounts is not always the best practice because there are other organisations that are willing to compete. This is why you need to be at the top of your game. 

Be sure to start early so you will know the deals that are appealing to customers. Persuasion is also important in convincing business owners to participate in your fundraising campaign. This is where your charismatic members come in. Teach them the drill so they will know what they are going to do. 

Create the highest level of interest

The quest to stand out from the other schools is no easy task. If you are going to provide the best deals, make sure you also offer variety that appeals to all of your supporters. You can offer discounts, snacks or other valuable benefits. Some prospects love to get free snacks and treats while others appreciate gift cards. Offering variety enables you to maximise your school's appeal to supporters. 

Use your creativity

Fundraising cards that give supporters the ability to take advantage of discounts are the way to go. However, a plain-looking card can bore your prospects. Provide an eye-catching fundraising card. It should include colors, school logos, motivational messages and more. It is also a good idea to have students participate in designing the card. This is also an extra selling point for your supporters. 

Do Sad Images Really Have A More Powerful Impact On Donors Than Happy Images?

crying kid emotional scene BtkZrtSpSoImages connect with people's emotions.

Suppose you flip through the pages of a magazine and you see an image model donning a very classy fashion piece while she pulls funny faces. Would you look at the classy piece of clothing in a different way?

Images are very powerful. A research was recently conducted to know the influence of images on people's emotions. According to the results, donations are much higher for fundraising campaigns with sad images as compared to those with happy or neutral images.

Although the images alone will not be enough to conclude what the campaign is all about, people are more likely to base their support on the image. This is why images are considered to be a starting point for promoting a campaign for most organisations.

The implication of sad faces

If you were to put yourself in your donor's shoes and look at a sad photo carefully, you will realise that it elicits giving and sympathy. You may have a beautiful and compelling caption but the moment potential donors rest their eyes on the image and it does not connect with your story, you can blow your chance of attracting a donor.

Would you still use an image of a happy child if you are trying to raise money to help children dying of hunger in some parts of the world?

If your photos contradict with the sad stories you tell, your campaign will be empty and meaningless as it does not convey the right message to your donors.

How do happy images send the wrong message?

Now that you know that sad images can stir sympathy, it is also imperative that you gain a better understanding of the impact of happy images if they are not used appropriately. For example, you want to help a family who had survived a typhoon disaster.

The first thing you would do is to create a compelling copy that will capture your prospects' interest and emotion. You provided a detailed account of the ordeal that the family had to go through because of the typhoon disaster. The story could have brought your prospects to tears until they saw the photo that came with the copy.

The photo showed a family with the sweetest of smiles gracing their faces. Potential donors stopped reading the rest of the story and moved to the next email. So what went wrong?

The problem with producing happy images for sad stories is that they do not mix well. The truth is donors do not have the luxury of time to read your stories and they will usually rely on images to understand the message you want to convey. If they see a happy family, it will not take long for them to conclude that nothing is so special about the organisation because, again, the images do not tell a story.

Your images should work as hard as your copy. When reaching out to donors, you should show them that a problem exists. You can even show both the problem and solution in one image, but it should be powerful enough to connect with your words.

Fundraising Ideas With Bonus Prizes: Billy G's Gourmet Cookie & Biscuit Dough

child 221046 1920As the holiday season approaches, what better way to kickstart your fundraising event than to choose fundraising ideas that are not only easy to set up but highly profitable as well. Whether you are a seasoned fundraiser or new to this endeavor, these fundraising ideas will surely give you maximum results.

Billy G's Gourmet Cookie & Biscuit Dough

Who says fundraising can never give you a happy tummy? The cookie is only available through fundraising which makes it one of the most sought after fundraising ideas. There are 10 gourmet cookie and biscuits to choose from which come with FREE cookie cutters.

Billy G's Gourmet Cookie & Biscuit Dough  is highly profitable with the lower suggested selling prices combined with a high profit of $3.50 to $4.00 per tub. You can maximise your sales if you provide a free incentive prize program. This is suitable for your families and students. If you have an online shop, you can also consider setting  up this fundraising idea.

You do not have to worry about your budget because this fundraising idea is affordable and economical. You can bake 40 large 24g cookies from each 1 kg tub. With a low suggested selling price of $13.00-$15.00 per tub, you can maximise your profit as each cookie only costs $0.33-$0.38.

When it comes to choosing cookies as a fundraising idea, everyone will surely be worried about the taste. After all, cookies will not be saleable if they do not please the tastebud and stomach. The good news is that the cookies are packed with quality ingredients so the taste is exceptionally pleasing. Kids and adults alike will love it.

Here is how it works:

1. Once you have selected a start date, the fundraising materials you need to assist you in running a successful fundraiser will be provided;

2. For maximum results, setting up online fundraising is highly-recommended;

3. Hand out the order forms and run the fundraiser over a period of 3 weeks;

4. Bank the monies into your account;

5. You can easily record orders and prizes through Australian Fundraising's online accounting program;

6. Invoice, orders and deliveries will be made within a period of 14 days;

7. Hand out your cookie dough and prizes to your sellers.

For your convenience, orders of Billy G's Cookie Dough can now be placed online. This new feature enables customers to experience higher sales and profits. You will also find it easier to manage your cash and have peace of mind as the method is also safe and secure. The best thing about free online fundraising is that you will have a Facebook group dedicated to your organisation. This is a great avenue for you to promote the fundraiser.

Are You Completely Out Of Fresh and Innovative Fundraising Ideas?

head puzzle shows slipping ideas Mk1u4XvOThere are days when your creative juices just flow freely, but there are also days when creativity is a struggle. When you are stumped for creative ideas, it seems difficult to move forward as you do not know where to start. Being caught in a creative paralysis can be frustration especially when you want to create something fresh and appealing to your audience. Here are some techniques you can use for a spark of creativity to ignite your way.


While ideas come out of the blue, there are instances when creativity requires team effort. When you ask your volunteers, colleagues, friends, team and family members, you will be able to know there are still some great ideas you can consider if you allow them to wear their thinking cap on. The problem with doing it alone is that you will have the tendency to put pressure on yourself that you find it difficult to think straight. With a group of people sharing ideas, you will be able to know how you want your next event to happen.

Rest for a while

When there is so much going on in your head, coming up with creative ideas will always be difficult. If you have spent hours trying to put your creativity in proper perspective, you need to do something else for a minute. Walking away from your goal for a minute will help you come up with fresh ideas. When you take a breather, you will be able to take the pressure off your chest. You can consider engaging yourself in activities that will keep your brain active. When you are taking time to rest, you are also giving yourself some time to recharge your batteries.

Collect And Connect

Once you have collected ideas, the next step to take is to connect the dots. When you engage in stimulating conversation and allow your mind to extract some creative juices, it is time to get back to work. A combination of ideas and objects can defininitely do wonders as it gives you an ability to fuse various concepts into one. As you create your framework, you will also realised that you have come up with a new fundraising idea that looks and feels fresh.

Do not feel bad if you are out of fresh ideas. All you have to do is to take a break and engage yourself in a meaningful conversation with your colleagues, family members, volunteers and friends. Before you know it, you have already come up with a creative fundraising idea that will help you accomplish your monthly fundraising goals.

Is Your Organisation Ready For Modern Fundraising?

computer mouse M1UhAJ0 Getting overwhelmed with a plethora of strategies will surely influence you in making the sudden switch to modern approaches. These days, you have plenty of choices to consider including using social media to reach out to prospects, but does modern fundraising easily convert prospects to donors? There are some questions you need to ask yourself for you to find out if your organisation is ready to take fundraising to the next level.

Is your organisation ready for the move?

You may already be toying with the idea of moving to modern fundraising, but do you share the same decision with your board members and supporters? The drastic changes you are making may hurt your business especially when you have not introduced the benefits of modern fundraising. You need to schedule a meeting so you can discuss the possibilities of giving modern fundraising a try. However, you need to keep in mind that making the switch must not be done hastily as you need to test the waters to find out if the modern approach really works for you. Some donors and supporters are comfortable with traditional fundraising and may even consider it more effective than the modern approach. Knowing which technique works for you will surely make a difference.

Are you ready to face the challenges that modern fundraising entails?

Modernised techniques may seem very appealing, but these techniques may lose their glamor if they are not executed properly. You still need to be familiar with the technique before you dive into the modern fundraising pool because your board members will not appreciate the transformation if they lack knowledge and skills. They have to be aware of the challenges they may face for embracing modern fundraising so they will know what they are going to do next. Most board members would rather stay within their comfort zone if they feel that modern approaches take them to an unfamiliar territory.

Can you spend more time on devising a strategy to make modern fundraising effective?

There is no such thing as one-size-fits-all approach even when using modern fundraising techniques. The presentation may be great but if the execution falls short of your board member's expectations, the concept will still be rendered useless. When deciding on employing modern techniques, make sure you are committed to teaching your board members the techniques that will ease them into the transformation. Team work is important in fundraising as it is the key element to the success of your organisation. If they lack cooperation due to feeling alienated with your new techniques, something has to be done to create a friendlier fundraising

Use Internet On Fundraising

internet vector abstract f1WyybDu LOrganisations that heavily rely on the power of internet to create bigger and better fundraising goals have been disappointed because things did not go as planned. While there are no standardised rules when it comes to fundraising on the Internet, there are organisations that still set unrealistic expectations when it comes to using the Internet for raising money. Fundraising on the Internet should not be the only tool to use for getting more donations. It is just a part of your fundraising mix. It is not a dominant form of raising money and even making the ‘donate now’ button bigger, it does not make any difference in achieving your fundraising goals. In your development efforts, these ways can help you maximize Internet’s effectiveness in raising money:

Build a List

Building a fundraising base can be done with the use of the Internet. It can complement your development efforts by means of building an e-mail update list. While this is a great strategy, which is common among online businesses, fundraising organisations have not completely latched on to this strategy.  Have you ever wondered why there is a sign up form on every website? This is to encourage visitors to sign up for your e-mail newsletter. Once people come to your website, they can stay in the loop by signing up. You can also stay in touch with people who signed up by providing them interesting news about your organisation. This way, they will have an idea about your mission, vision and work.

Use the Internet in Raising Money Directly

Although using the internet is just a way of complement your current fundraising activity, building a list can also help you raise money directly through your website. This is where ‘donate now’ button comes in. There are web-only campaigns that have celebrated huge success and this all boils down to using an effective strategy that is unique to your organisation. More often than not, an effective campaign does not require big donations. They often start with small donations and when donors believe in the purpose of fundraising, they are more likely to contribute consistently.

Optimise your Site

These strategies will be useless if you do not market your site. It is also important that your website is visible on search engines so Internet users will know your cause. How can prospective donors support your organisation if they do not know anything about it? Submit your website to main search engines and make an effort to optimise it so you can benefit from using the Internet for your fundraising campaign. It will be impossible to receive donations through the web without website visitors.

The Internet is an effective fundraising tool when used properly. Build your list, complement your activities using the internet and do not forget to market your website. As you follow these fundraising best practices, you will be able to reap the benefits of using the Internet for raising money and reaching out to donors and supporters.

Raffle Fundraiser For The Holiday Season

As the season of giving approaches, making some preparations for a fundraising event becomes necessity. If you do not have any fundraising ideas yet, raffle fundraiser will surely be a fantastic idea. There are five popular holiday raffles for you to choose from and all of them offer unadulterated fun and excitement for the whole family to love. There is a vast range of choices such as Resort Holiday Raffle, Fiji Holiday Raffle and Gold Coast Raffle that will give you more reasons to materialize your fundraising plans. It is a good way to kickstart a fundraising event and if you book a 2 night raffle, you will be entitled to receive $50 off your invoice and $75 off for those who book a 4 night raffle. Exciting discounts await those who opt for 5 or 7 night raffle and all participants also get to choose from either 30 Silicon Fashion Slap-on Watches valued at $300 or 700 Glow Sticks valued at $140.Choose raffle fundraiser and you can get up to 70% profit.

What Does It Take To Be A Fundraising Trainer?

back to school 953250 1920One of the challenges of being a fundraising trainer is to make sure that you meet or exceed expectations. It is also the trainer’s primary duty to see to it that people learn new fundraising skills.

Here are some simple tips that can help you to excel as a fundraising trainer:

1. Acknowledge your need for preparation. If being a fundraising trainer makes you step out of your comfort zone, you need to have ample preparation. Although others easily jump in when trying something new, it is better to be prepared so you will know what to do especially when it comes to designing exercises for participants. If you need to prepare in advance, do so and never be afraid to read an exercise or open a book until you are comfortable sharing your knowledge with the trainees or participants.

2. Do not be afraid of committing mistakes as you do not have to be an expert. For trainers who already have a background in fundraising, the idea of training people will be a walk in the park. However, for new trainers, it can be very challenging because there are nagging doubts at the back of your head. You do not have to be an expert for you to be a good trainer. If you know a fundraising trainer that can share tips that will make each training session much easier for you and the people you train, the better. You should not hesitate to acknowledge that you are a new trainer and as you lead the exercise, ask people to help you out. After all, the success of the training will depend on team effort.

3. Do not say it, do it. As a trainer, you need to facilitate the group by leading the exercises. Role plays, activities and games allow people to learn the basics of fundraising. Aside from lectures, you should also focus on activities that will help participants learn fundraising in fun and dynamic way.

4. Focus on people’s physical comfort. As a trainer, it is also important that people are comfortable for learning to take place. The place needs to be conducive for learning and during activities position chairs so people will have the opportunity to talk to each other. The room must also have a good light and comfortable temperature. Visual aids must be easy to understand. Write reports visibly using letters that are large enough for everyone to see clearly.

5. Keep pace and people moving. New trainers often have the desire to answer every question and to ensure that you stay on task, design activities that encourage learning. At times, people may raise unrelated topics and as a trainer, you need to address their concerns while still keeping them on track. Give participants a chance to move and set a time to entertain questions.

6. Be supportive. Make people feel involved in the exercises and if they are making suggestions and brainstorming ideas, include them in your notes. People feel disrespected if you selectively include some comments. As a result, they will hesitate to offer more ideas. Encourage group participation because it is one way to make learning more effective.

What Is Fundraising Without A Goal?

goal 20121 1280Anyone who wants to reap success from their fundraising efforts needs to set a goal. If you have received an advice that goal setting is no longer necessary in a fundraising program, your organisation might be headed in the wrong direction. This is one of the most common misconceptions of people who want to venture in fundraising. If your organisation does not have any goals to accomplish, you will be confused about the purpose of your efforts. For instance, you are running too many campaigns, but it seems they are not getting anywhere. Something is missing and it can be due to the absence of proper goal setting. Establishing a fundraising program can be a tedious process as it involves group effort. If you are not sure where your fundraising campaign is going, your organisation will most likely become unsuccessful. Even if you have a goal, your fundraising campaign may also stand a little chance of accomplishing them if:

• The goals you set are unrealistic.

Everyone aspires to embrace overnight success, but this is not feasible. Instead of aiming for instant success, work on a slow and steady pace, making sure that all group members have contributed to the campaign. No ideas are too little or too big if all of the members of your team make an effort to accomplish the goal. If you want volunteers to stay motivated, you need to start with yourself by focusing on your goal.

• The goals are not supported by group members.

Proper goal setting involves all group members. You cannot simply come up with a goal and expect your group to support it without consulting them. When setting goals for the campaign, you need to gather your volunteers or team members so you can discuss options. You should share the same goals with your volunteers so you can explore options and accomplish the goal together.

• The goals do not have any action plan.

You may have too many goals in mind, but the problem arises when you discovered that you do not have enough tools and resources to accomplish such goals. This is going to be an issue because it is like trying to reach an unknown destination without a road map. Everything becomes blurry and unclear. Before you set goals, make sure you have enough resources and tools to ensure your goals are going to be accomplished.

• The goals do not reflect the campaign’s primary objective.

If your goals do not coincide with your campaign’s objective, it can also be a complete disaster. Make sure you are familiar with your organisation’s main objective because from there, you will be able to set a realistic goal that will work for the rest of your team members and organisation.

Your fundraising campaign can become very successful if your goals are properly set and accomplished. It does not have to involve any complicated tasks so long as you know where your organisation is heading. Discuss options with your team members and settle differences during meeting. Get the right tools and resources and make sure that you get all of your team members’ ideas.

7 Signs Your Fundraising Program Needs Major Changes

change 948024 1920A fundraising program can be at its lowest point when it always obtains disappointing results. Even if the program is composed of dedicated leaders, something needs to be changed if the strategies are no longer working. The problem is, embracing major changes in an organization is often easier said than done. Aside from adjusting to the new approach, you will also need to make sure that everyone agrees to your proposals. If you are struggling with fundraising, you may have to reassess things so you will have an idea what needs to be done. You will know that it is time to make a change if your fundraising program is already showing these signs:

• Your Profits Decline

Diminishing returns is a clear sign that your efforts are no longer paying off. Whether or not you have increased or decreased the size of your group, the kind of result you wish to accomplish seems far from happening.

• Volunteers Are Getting Tired

Aside from getting low levels of seller participation, another reason you need to consider making changes in your fundraising program is when your volunteers feel too tired even if you have not yet accomplished your goals. This only means you are running too many fundraising campaigns with a limited number of volunteers.

• Your Sales Force Lacks Enthusiasm

If your sellers lack enthusiasm, convincing people to support the fundraiser or buy your product is going to be challenging. As they say, you cannot give what you do not have. If you want your sellers to be enthusiastic about selling the fundraising product, choose something you and your sellers will love. The fundraising product you should choose has to be valuable.

• Poor Participation Among Sellers

Aside from leaders, volunteers are also vital to the success of your fundraising program. If you have not built a strong group of volunteers, you will have slimmer chance for success. Poor participation among your volunteers results in generating low profits. In order to encourage group participation, create a larger group of volunteers and make sure that each responsibility is designated to all group members.

• Tough Competition

If another competitor is selling the same product, your group is selling, the race to success will surely be hard. If they are difficult to beat, try partnering with another group so you can share the profits. Once you have more sellers, you will also have bigger chances of increasing sales opportunities.

• Short Sighted Planning

Your fundraising program may end up being trapped in a vicious cycle if you do not pay attention to the contributing factors that cause volunteer burnout and low profits. It usually takes deep-dive analysis for you to find out how you can improve your fundraising program especially if you have been caught in a loop of negative results.

• Absence Of Creativity

Never lose the fun in fundraising if you want it to succeed. Being creative can take your fundraising program to greater heights and with that being said, you need to explore approaches you have not tried in the past. If change is for the better, don’t be afraid to embrace it. You should also keep in mind that fundraising is a team effort and each member can contribute to the success of the organisation.

5 Common Reasons Donors Leave

disapprove 149251 1280Your donors play an important role in the success of your fundraising program. However, the happiness you feel upon discovering that you have convinced plenty of donors is only temporary as they are nowhere to be found when you announced that you have another fundraising program. 

You are trying to think of the reasons your donors are leaving the organisation. Is it the strategy you use? The manner they were treated? Did you recognize their efforts? There can be one thousand and one reasons your donors leave and instead of sticking to an assumption, you need to ask for their feedback so you will know how to improve your approaches. 

Common Reasons Donors Choose To Leave

1. They think you no longer need them.

Most donors may be under the impression that you only get in touch with them because you want to raise money. You often leave this kind of impression if you have not take the time to establish a deeper relationship with your donor. Once the fundraising event is over, they will resign to the fact that they are no longer needed and staying in your organisation will only be useless. Give them reasons to stay and let them discover your organisation on a deeper level. 

2. They were not informed how the donations were used.

Donors have the right to know where the money they donated went. Donors deserve an honest answer to their questions. When you fail to answer their questions, you can't expect them to be loyal to your organisation. More often than not, donors want to know the reason you need their help and how their contribution would make a difference. They need proof as some donors can be skeptical if they don't see any positive results. 

3. They have forgotten about your organisation.

Your organisation is not the only one that needs a decent number of donors. In fact, it takes creativity and innovativeness for your donor to remember your organisation. This is why you need to make a lasting impression. Avoid generalized taglines because they only reduce your chances of standing out from thousands of fundraising organisations. Your organisation needs to be unique, transparent and straightforward. 

4. They never got thanked for donating.

Whether in cash or in kind, thanking your donors is necessary because without them, you won't be able to make your fundraising event possible. When you don't thank your donors for their kindness and generosity, you are sending a signal that you don't care about them and you are only after their donations. Instead of keeping donors, you are repelling them.

5. They don't receive proper communication.

When you are obssessed about making your logo attractive, you are missing another essential detail of your copy, which is the content. Some of the common mistakes when making a copy is paying little attention to the overall content of the letter. You fail to proofread your letter and you ignore spelling and grammar mistakes. All of these must be taken seriously because they can create a serious impact on your readers. Don't just concentrate on the logo as the content of your copy matters as well. 

Things You Need To Avoid Doing In Fundraising

thumb 440352 1280Although there is no special formula or secret for ensuring fundraising success, there are some practices that successful fundraisers follow from the time they started the program until they become a pro in raising money for a good cause. Without a doubt, raising money is often easier said than done. You need to stick with your mission and vision and keep an eye on your campaign's progress. You just can't let every precious moment pass you by because every minute counts. 

Time is going to be of essence for every fundraising hopeful. For those who are new to fundraising, it's quite easy to formulate a technique and you can have high hopes in the beginning but frustrations start to sink in when you are not getting any results at all. If this is the case, you might be guilty of these common fundraising mistakes: 

Feeling slightly embarrassed about asking for donations.

Being direct with your intention increases the posibility of receiving positive response from your prospective donors and supporters. Don't feel uncomfortable asking for donations especially if you have good intention. Keep in mind that you are not approaching people to create a short story or a literary piece. You are asking people to help you materialize a project and beating around the bush won't help you. You need to include your ask early and it should be included throughout your copy. 

Your objective gets too confusing.

Although it might be tempting to include several objectives in your letter at once, your donors will not get the kind of message you wish to send. It is good to educate them about your campaign, but you have to do it gradually or they will get bored reading your letter. In fact, too much information repels donors instead of attracting them. Make sure you only focus on the main objective of the appeal. 

Asking for an incorrect amount.

Before you ask money from your prospective donors, make sure that the amount you're asking is appropriate for them. See to it that you are not asking too little or too much. This is why you have to get to know your prospects before you consider asking money from them. When you profile your donors, you will be able to know the right amount to ask. In your copy, you can also suggest at least one donation amount, which should be supported by an explanation of the difference it will make. 

Focusing more on style instead of substance.

In an effort to drive donations, fundraisers often excite themselves with creative ideas. Unfortunately, instead of focusing on the core or primary purpose of fundraising, more time is spent on the layout and designs of your copy. There should be a balance between style and substance so you can achieve your goal as a fundraiser. See to it that your copy is easy to read and does not have any mixed messages. 

Not paying attention to detail.

Your prospects must be fully engaged in your fundraising proposal and these will only be achieved if you pay attention to your copy's essential details. They should not be distracted by poor grammar, punctuation and spelling mistakes. Don't compromise on quality if you want to get your donor's full attention and commitment. 

What Do Successful Fundraisers Have In Common?

success 479568 1280Ever wondered why some fundraising campaigns are successful and others are still struggling? Is there really a special formula that creates a perfect fundraising blend? Competing for supporter’s attention is most likely a challenging job for every fundraiser. You need to be good at the creative department and should always think outside of the box. Of course, you can’t always come up with a brilliant idea on the spur of the moment. There are times when your ideas just don’t seem to work.

All successful fundraising campaigns have 4 things in common:

1. Powerful Images

2. Dynamic Subject Lines

3. Compelling Story

4. Clear Call To Action

How to get the right mix?

• Focus on your audience.

It will be difficult for you to create a compelling story if you don’t know the type of donors or audience you are going to target. Make sure the story is not vague if you want to develop a compelling content that summarizes your campaign’s true objective.

•Create a theme and develop a campaign.

Avoid fancy campaign themes. Develop a campaign theme that allows you to convey your main idea. The theme can either be carried out through your subject lines, donation forms or email content. It can also be your tag line. Make your tagline short but interesting.

•Invite a spokesperson.

A good story will remain untold without a good spokesperson to tell your story. You can either appoint your program director or someone who has made a powerful contribution to your organization. The type of spokesperson you are going to appoint will also be dependent on your theme. You can also brainstorm with your team for you to find out which is more suitable to tell your organization’s story. The kind of story you create should allow people to react and make a connection. More often than not, people are more inspired to give based on how they feel.

•Concentrate on one clear call to action.

In every fundraising campaign, calling for the audience to make a donation is considered a clear call to action. You just need to highlight the importance of making a donation with the use of narrative, video or images.

•Add some incentives.

Aside from regular messaging, you can also add some incentives to make your campaign more interesting. Some of the effective incentives you can use are gift premiums, matching gift challenge, gift memberships and others.

•Include giving levels.

A donation form should feature donation levels with corresponding amounts. You can also use online software and add brief descriptions of the donation form. The description should appear when someone chooses a level.

•Make your subject line engaging.

The first thing that your target donors, volunteers and audience notice is your subject line. This is considered the gateway to getting your email opened. Your subject must coincide with your campaign’s theme. The subject lines must also be optimized for mobile devices. Make sure you limit your subject lines to 34 characters or less because most smart phones only have the capability to display five or six words. Your subject line should have a strong appeal to your audience so it will be remembered.

Three Essential Skills Kids Develop From Fundraising

boys 286245 1280When organizing a school fundraising event, people often put more focus on its benefits to the school being supported but there is one component of fundraising that has not been looked into and these are the students. While it is every fundraiser’s challenge to get all students involved in this campaign or program, there is one essential thing that fundraiser should highlight: skill development. The first thing that surely comes to mind when talking about fundraising is finding ways to raise money over a period of time. If students are going to put their heart into fundraising, they will sure develop great skills in the long run:

• Learning Skills

Fundraising, if not taken seriously can be undervalued, but if the students are passionate about reaching their fundraising goals, they are most likely to create an opportunity to learn in a fun way.

During meetings, fundraisers discuss about techniques to raise money effectively, and this is a great avenue for kids to share their own ideas without knowing that they are already reinforcing math skills into the fundraising event. With this, kids will learn to interpret sales figures. Aside from developing their math skills, fundraising can also help kids communicate effectively through spelling, writing and other tasks which are language-oriented. In fact, if fundraisers are going to pair student with teachers for writing support or thank-you notes, they will be able to hone their writing skills in no time.

• People Skills

Fundraising requires kids to interact with potential donors and fellow members. They may not be aware that they are already developing one skill they can use in the future especially when it comes to searching for a job or marketing their business. This skill is known as people skills. With their ability to interact socially, they will be able to set goals effortlessly and make decisions.

Kids also develop positivity through fundraising because joining friendly competitions help them learn that it is not always about winning but having an enjoyable experience. Once they develop a positive attitude, they will never be afraid to face the challenges that come their way.

• Customer Service Skills

Fundraising may appear to be a simple campaign for raising money, but if it is not done right, your chances at succeeding are going to be nebulous. Kids have so much to learn from fundraising and developing their customer service skills is no exception. With this skill, they will learn that making an eye contact, smiling and using direct speech can create a huge impact on their chances of making the fundraising program a great success. This skill can be used in their future endeavors such as joining academic competitions or student government. Although most parents don’t approve of kids going door to door, they can still practice their customer service skills with extended family and friends.

School fundraisers are making a conscious effort to set daily goals and it is not always about raising money. These goals may also involve developing a positive attitude, working as a team, maintaining a friendly competition and acquiring resiliency. With simple steps that fundraisers take, children can bring out their true potential.

Scratch And Support Fundraiser: A Fundraising Idea For A Small Group

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For a small group, it is always a challenge to come up with a fundraising idea that can encourage a large number of participants to join and earn a decent profit. If you want a fundraising option that is most likely to gain a lot of supporters, the Scratch & Support Fundraiser is a good idea. This fundraiser caters to small groups and aside from the fact that it is profitable, the process is also fast and stress-free. There is no need to endure tiring and tedious process to get more participants because the process involved in this fundraising idea is straightforward.This fundraising idea will be of interest to the participants because it can keep them entertained. One card has a total of 40 concealed dots and for the amounts to be revealed, you need to scratch these dots. The corresponding amounts behind these concealed dots are 50c, $1, $2 and $3. The amount that will be contributed to the fundraiser will depend on the amount revealed through scratching the dots off. Each person will have to scratch two dots. For each card, the fundraiser can get up to $80 donation.

If you do not have enough time to organize a fundraising event, this can be a great option since it does not demand too much time. You can set it up easily and you will also have two payment options to choose from. You can either pay within 14 days and this applies to registered clubs, schools and other approved groups or you can also pay up front. With this option, you will be entitled to receive 20% extra cards which are free of charge once the initial cost is settled. The cards can also be personalized if you want to.
However, you need to take note that if you choose the generic cards, the turnaround time will be 24 to 48 hours. For personalized cards, you need to wait for approximately 7 days for the cards to be delivered. It is also highly recommended that you encourage each member of the group to place an order of fundraising card. You can also keep track of the sales with the use of the tally sheet.

The reason Scratch & Support fundraiser is an ideal way to organize a fundraising event for a small group is because it yields immediate results. For every number revealed, the participants have to donate and the donations are already converted into profits.

Schools and other small groups can highly benefit from the Scratch & Support Fundraiser. It is an easy way to raise money but very profitable nonetheless. If you intend to choose this type of fundraising event, you will not regret doing so. If you want additional information regarding this fundraiser, you can also request a free fundraising information kit and it is available once you fill out the online form. All of the information you wish to obtain regarding this fundraiser are included in the kit. With it, you will have an overview of how to run the fundraising event.

The Sweet Taste of Success - Raising Money with Chocolate

Chocolate Heart

When it comes to organizing a fundraising event, thinking of the product that will capture the interest of your sponsors or donors often takes a large chunk of your time. Although the intention is undoubtedly good, the execution may not go as planned especially when you are still unsure of the fundraising product to use. This is where chocolate fundraising bars come into play. Chocolates have been considered a fundraising staple as it is well-loved by children and adults alike.

For instance, the Crest Chocolates fundraising bars do not only please your taste buds but they also provide exceptional value for money considering the fact that it is large in size (85g). For a chocolate fundraiser, the pack is deemed profitable in every sense of the word as you can earn $31.25 per carry pack. In a donor's perspective, nothing is more fun than buying chocolates to help organizations raise money for a good cause.

If you are thinking of a product that is profitable, organizing a chocolate fundraising event is definitely a great idea because they are suitable for all ages. The Original 85g bars are sold in five flavors and if you decide to purchase 54 carry packs, you will get one free pack. Children will also love the visual appeal of Jet Bars, which cost $1 per 35g bar.

Think About These Chocolate Fundraising Benefits:

  1. Affordable
    Everyone will not hesitate to support a chocolate fundraiser considering the fact that buying these fundraising products will not make a dent in your pocket. Imagine sinking your teeth into these sweet treats without necessarily feeling guilty about spending your money as you know you are helping an organization.
  2. Popular
    Candies and chocolates have always been immensely popular because of their luscious and rich taste. Just mention chocolate fundraising bars to kids most especially, and you will get overwhelming and favorable response.
  3. Profitable
    Any fundraising product that pokes most people's interest will sure give you a decent profit and chocolate fundraising bars are no exception. In fact, there are chocolate fundraising programs that offer as much as 50 to 100% margins.
  4. Adaptable
    More likely than not, organizing a fundraising event requires appropriate timing. However, a chocolate fundraiser can entice potential buyers regardless of the time of the year because chocolates are suitable for just about any activities or events.

You should also keep in mind that using chocolates for your fundraising event also comes with a caveat because with their popularity, competitions cannot be avoided. This is why you need to make sure that your product does not sacrifice quality or profitability will become elusive.

As a chocolate fundraiser, you need to give priority to your fundraising products' value. It is the only way you can gain an edge over other organizations that use chocolate fundraising bars. When fair trade is kept in mind, your goal of gaining supporters will not be impossible. The packaging and the taste must not take a backseat because they are as equally important as other aspects of selling chocolates for a good cause.

5 Sure-Fire Ways To Build Support For A Fundraiser

Raising money for a good cause is indeed a noble act. If you have already collected all creative inputs, the next step you need is to take your fundraising ideas to the next level. A fundraiser needs ample support or the creative ideas to raise money will be rendered useless. Fundraising is tantamount to marketing a business: you need to establish loyalty. However, before loyalty steps in, you have to build support.

sm handSocial Media

Using social media is a great way to raise awareness and to let your friends and family know about the fundraising drive. A plethora of social media channels can be used for promoting the event and be sure to include the link to the event and provide real-time updates. After the event, don’t forget to thank people who have supported and donated because without them, the event wouldn’t be possible.

Press Release

Aside from social media, radio stations and local papers are also a great medium you can use for sharing your story. When writing a press release, make sure your reasons for raising money are clearly stated. It should also be engaging to capture your readers’ attention. For sponsors, make sure they get all the things promised. Include your contact details so prospective sponsors can get in touch with you in case they are interested to sponsor the event.


If you are thinking of an annual fundraising event, you can also encourage potential sponsors or donors to sign up for membership. This way, you will be able to keep track of sponsors and remind them about their membership before it expires.


You can spread the word by telling everyone in the community about the event. Creating posters for the event and putting them up in town halls and business establishments will help you build support for your fundraiser because anyone who has read about it will sure share the information with their friends and family.

Acquire Sponsors

If you already have sponsors, make sure you get in touch with them so you can follow up on their commitment. Ask for their contact information and provide your contact details as well. You should also give links to your website so they can obtain additional information about the event. Encourage them to tell others about the fundraising drive. It is also necessary that you communicate with them regarding the event’s progress. If you have some prospective sponsors, you should also send a proposal letter or make a phone call. For sure, these prospective sponsors do not have enough time at their disposal so see to it that the information you provide is short but concise.

After the event, you should stay in touch with your sponsors and cultivate a good relationship. You will be able to build support when you keep your sponsors updated of your goals for raising money. Send sponsors a letter expressing your gratitude for supporting the event. When their generosity is reciprocated, they will sure not mind supporting the next event you have in mind. You should also thank non-sponsors especially the ones who volunteer for the fundraising drive.

5 Interesting Fundraising Ideas For Schools

There is more to fundraising than just raising money as it also teaches everyone to work as a team and to learn the importance of unity. You can pitch some friends in to a small but worthwhile project and it can be anything that will spark one’s creativity, promote camaraderie or encourage cooperation. Teachers and parents should organize this fundraising activity and get kids to participate. Stumped for fundraising ideas for school? These ideas might just help you get started:

Donate old electronic gadgets

iStock 000009521074XSmallElectronic gadgets such as old video game consoles, laptops, phones and DVD players can still be put to better use. If you have these gadgets lying around, start collecting them so they can be sold on various auction sites. These gadgets that you perceive as junk can be your school’s treasure. Although the price for old gadgets may not suffice, you can also encourage neighbors to participate in this fundraising project. For sure, they have old gadgets at home that they also want to get rid of.

Start a cook off challenge

Parents of school students or even teachers can participate in this activity. Once meals are ready, the contestants should encourage participants to taste each one. You can research about the food that people are most likely to eat. Some of the popular choices you may consider include pizza, spaghetti or desserts. Onlookers and other participants sure can’t resist sampling these delectable treats.

Organize community classes

Since it is not only students that will be involved in this fundraising activity, teachers should also be encouraged to participate by sharing their field of expertise with the community. Some of these skills may include knitting, painting, creative writing or anything that is fun and interesting. High school students can also offer their service to pre-school students by participating in a group tutorial. Those who want to participate should sign up for a membership. However, you need to be clear with your goals by promoting your cause.

Host a sports event

Parents and teachers serve as students’ role models and a fundraising event can be a great avenue to teach your kids the spirit of sportsmanship. There are several sports activities for adults and kids alike such as basketball, bowling, badminton and many others. Print some tickets so you can distribute them to people who are interested in witnessing the game.

Get students to participate in a Spell-a-thon

Teamwork can also make any fundraising program a huge success and a spell-a-thon for students and parents is a good idea. The proceeds can be used for purchasing additional computers for the school library so it will be more conducive for learning. This is something that Australian Fundraising can assist you to bring to life – and make plenty of profit for your school along the way!

Raising money is a rewarding activity especially when it yields positive results. The involvement of parents, teachers and students can contribute to the success of the fundraising program. Anything that is fun and educational is a sure hit. Aside from achieving common goals, you are also instilling the importance of working hard and helping others. Coming up with fund and profitable fundraising ideas can be a drag. Here’s a list of 5 interesting fundraising ideas for schools, which are sure to help you fundraising success.