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What Does It Take To Succeed In Sports Fundraising?

What Does It Take To Succeed In Sports Fundraising?

For any sports enthusiasts, incorporating any type of sport in a fundraising campaign is definitely appealing. There are many sports fundraising ideas you can consider, but there is one thing you should keep in mind: a solid strategy will help your organisation cross the finish line. 

Unfortunately, basic and simple rules are often overlooked by leaders and members. This leads to forgetting the common fundraising goal. 

Sports fundraiser is one way to help athletic teams to pay for uniforms, equipment and trips. However, not everyone can afford to accomplish these goals. This is why planning and execution are necessary to increase sales and effectiveness. 

Start with a plan 

Fundraising requires a marketing effort to succeed. You need to have a defined plan of action by setting goals, defining your audience and identifying the benchmarks of success. You will need a comprehensive plan so you will know the time and effort you need to dedicate to turn your fundraising dreams into reality. 

Select your sports fundraiser

There are many interesting options for you to choose from, but you need to select the fundraiser that brings in the most funds and kids can participate in. It is important to know the details, methods and location so you will be prepared. 

Choose specific fundraising options

In sports fundraising, less is more. Having fewer fundraising activities will prevent donor burnout and you will also have the time to focus on your goals. Donor burnout is one of the common reasons volunteers leave. Avoid asking the same donors for money every month. You are only increasing the chances of getting rejected. It is also necessary to maintain focus by splitting time and tasks. 

Invite families, friends and neighbors

The success of your fundraising campaign will not be possible without inviting families, friends, neighbors and even community members. They can even be your major contributor so do not set aside the idea of inviting them to participate. It can be a very rewarding experience for them and there is no doubt that they are going to come back to give the full support to your next fundraising campaign. 

Assess and Improve

There are strategies that you deem ineffective and this is a great time for you to evaluate your action plan. If there are areas you need to improve, it is important to list them down so you will know what you need to do to make an improvement. 

Are You Preparing For Your Next Fundraising Event?

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After organizing your first fundraising event, the next step you need to take is to plan your next event. You can be filled with ambivalence of excitement and fear as the pressure is on you. Your apprehensions may serve as an obstacle to the campaign’s success. Although it is already your second fundraising event, no two events are created equal. The approach you should use must be tailored to the kind of event you plan to organize.

The planning process can be challenging, but if you already know the fundraising system, it will be easier than you know.

So put your thinking cap on and take note of these planning tips:

1. Choose an interesting theme. If an event benefits a great cause, people will not hesitate to attend. Think about your audience and be more creative especially when it comes to the kind of event you and your members are going to organize. If you are targeting young professionals, you can consider wine tasting or date auction as some of the fundraising events to organize. If you want to target corporations, you can organize a sporting event or a game night. You don’t have to spend much to be creative. You just need to keep your audience engaged in the event.

2. Create a calendar of activities. Once you have chosen a theme, the next step to take is to think about the promotional channels that can help you promote your event. In order to keep your activities more organized while preparing for your next fundraising event, you have to create a calendar that shows a list of your activities in one place. The calendar should include essential details such as the owner, marketing channel, additional stakeholders and the date. You can use spreadsheet or an online calendar to do this. You can also collaborate with your team by sharing your calendar publicly. This way, you will be able to know if there’s anything you need to improve.

3. Provide incentives for early ticket buyers. Typically, tickets are sold at a discounted price four to six weeks before the event. Majority of registrations also take place towards the last week, when the event is almost approaching. When you incentivize your attendees to sign up for registration early, you will be able to reduce the same cycle for ticket-buying. With this technique, you can plan in advance and get a more accurate head count.

4. Keep your event page informative. One of the sure-fire ways to determine whether your attendees are going to be present in your event or not is by creating an event page. It should include the basic information that is usually present in an event page such as who, what, where, when and why. The attendees have the information they need to decide if they are going to attend your fundraising event. Make sure you focus more on quantifying the impact from your fundraising goals.

5. Track everything about the fundraising event. This is where your promotional calendar plays an important role. Be sure to create an online tracker that will enable you to track each of your activities. This way, you will be able to monitor and understand the activities that attract more visits and create better conversions.


Five Outstanding Fundraising Products That Do A Great Job

chocolate 567238 1280Fundraising is such a rewarding experience and aside from the creative people who put ideas together, another reason for fundraising’s success is the product used for raising money. Easy fundraisers have the potential to raise money. It depends how these products are presented. Even if you have an awesome fundraising product, it won’t attract potential donors if you fail to come up with a good marketing strategy.

Five Fundraising Products That Really Work

1. Scratch Cards

The best thing about this fundraiser is that your donation amount can be simply scratched off. This is by far the easiest way to ask for a small donation that can either support your team or activity. Each donor gets to receive a coupon sheet consists of discount offers. These coupons can also be used for getting great discounts on movie tickets. This fundraising product makes it easy for sellers to collect donations due to the value of the coupons.

A sports team fundraising usually considers scratch cards very effective in raising money. Although using scratch cards may not work for some, take your time to evaluate its appeal and gradually use it for your next fundraising activity.

2.Cookie Dough

This product is salable because kids love it and the mere fact that it comes with a ready-to-bake mix, makes the it very convenient for kids. Its profit margin is also high and easy to sell. When selling this product, fundraising organizations use a brochure that explains the fundraiser.

3. Discount Cards

The product offers a good value to customers and can produce positive results over a short period of time. If you are looking for a product that is easy to sell, discount cards are a good option.  More often than not, discount cards come in three types: shopping cards, pizza cards and fast food cards. The cards are packed with a vast selection of prearranged discounts, which you can use at your local and national merchants. This product is ideal for schools due to the exceptional profits that it produces.

4.Candy Bars

The product is a good way to teach kids how to sell. These candy bars usually come in sturdy carrying case consists of assorted bars. There are different ways you can make candy bars more salable such as offering free freight deals or giving a huge discount to bulk buyers. Some fundraisers may also offer a valuable coupon, which can be found on the back of each candy wrapper. Youth sports teams that are looking for a viable product can consider candy bars as a great option.

5.Catalog Sales

Fundraiser catalogs make an interesting deal as it includes holiday items such as wrapping paper, candy and ornaments. When using catalog sales as a fundraising product, you need to decide what product your group will sell. You should also take various factors into consideration such as the payment options, supplier’s terms and profit margins. When considering this product, make sure that you check the shipping costs and the payment terms. It is recommended that you start early so you will have more time to recruit volunteers and distribute order forms.

5 Mistakes That Sports Club Fundraising Should Avoid

football 566030 1280Sports club fundraisers are facing a huge responsibility and getting supporters for their program is just a tip of the iceberg. However, there are fundraisers that seem to consider fundraising a walk in the park. Is there really a secret formula to a winning sports club fundraising event? For starters, there will be a series of challenges that will make fundraising success elusive. It usually starts with getting the right supporters for your program. Before you get some supporters, you may want to look into these common mistakes that fundraisers make so you can create an effective fundraising campaign:

1. Failure to establish long-term relationships with stakeholders and board members.

Ever heard of emergency fundraising? While every fundraiser aims for a sense of urgency, keeping a strong organization should involve working together as a team. When calling members for meetings, don’t let your conversation revolve around money or the methods to use for raising money. It should be focused on your fundraising campaign’s core values and mission statement.

Discuss how the community can benefit from the event. If you are going to put pressure on your members to raise money over a short period of time, your campaign is bound to fail because you are not giving your members a pleasant fundraising experience.

2. Focusing more on quantity rather than quality.

When asking members to get some valuable contacts, make sure you provide them one task at a time. If they make too many calls and only get little contributions from prospects, you may have to change the way things work. Analyze which part of the job you need your members the most. When you make the most out of their skills and talent at the right time, you have nothing to lose and more to gain.

3. Relying heavily on cold calls.

Sending members out on cold calls will only increase the likelihood of failure and rejection. Instead of encouraging them to complete the task, you are discouraging them especially if they have already been rejected so many times.

Make the task more fun for them so they will have a pleasant experience to treasure the next time you organize another sports club fundraising event. Send them out on calls that will give them an opportunity to get to know your organization’s views and mission. Once your members have already developed their confidence, you can give them more formal solicitation calls for your sports club.

4. Giving prospects an impression that you are only “asking for money”.

Unfortunately, members who have not thoroughly understood what fundraising is all about will most likely confuse it for merely asking for money. This is why friendship is not built especially when they are unclear with the organization’s goal. Your role is to help your members understand the importance of fundraising not only to help your sports club but also to establish long term friendship.

Stop focusing on the act of soliciting. Instead, get members to focus on the bigger picture, which is the value of sharing and interacting with like-minded individuals. You should also teach them to find ways to express their gratitude to the donors who made the event possible. More often than not, this is the fundraising cycle usually missed by members.

5. Lack of preparation.

It is never easy to raise money for a sports club. You can face a series of challenges and giving up seems like the easiest way out. When your organization lacks structure and proper training, the event will be a complete failure. You need to keep in mind that your members still need proper training for them to understand the philosophy of fundraising.

If you don’t set clear goals and you fail to create a systematic organizational structure, you will sure find it hard to get some committed members. Whether your goal for raising money is to buy new sports equipment or to send off players to an event, you need to be very specific with your goals so your members are aware of their roles.