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5 Essential Elements for Fundraising Online


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When it comes to raising money, you need to take your strategy to another level so you can achieve your goal of obtaining more supporters. Fundraising online can be challenging especially if you have not ventured into this approach before. Supporters are going to be essential in meeting your goals and in every approach, there is always a formula that gives you an edge over other fundraising organizations. These are essential elements and without which, the entire campaign will be useless. Just like any approaches involved in fundraising, it does not necessarily take rocket science for you to understand how elements (or the lack thereof) affect your probability of achieving your main objective in raising money.

Key Elements of Online Fundraising:

1. Strategic Planning
There is a huge difference between carefully planning things out and planning just for the sake of organizing a campaign. When you plan a fundraising event carefully, you know who your target audience is and you already have an idea of the challenges you will face along the way. When it comes to planning, you need to be realistic and you need to prepare yourself for the outcome of the event. You should also get sure-fire solutions to issues that may arise during the event.

2. Informative Email Messages
Your prospects or target audience do not have the time to read your emails all day and for sure, they won’t bother reading long email messages especially if they have other obligations to attend to. When you are sending emails to your prospects, make it short but concise. Let them know about your main objective. Your emails must also be tailor-made so potential supporters can relate to it. While fundraising is all about raising money for a good cause, you should highlight other goals of your organization. Your prospects should not have the impression that you are not only asking money.

3. Use Social Media.
The social media is a very powerful tool because it has the ability to encourage additional subscribers to join the event. However, you must also keep in mind that the process has to be done strategically. Just because you used social media as a tool for gaining more supporters does not mean it is a hundred percent effective. Not all social media channels are going to be of great use to you and your target audience so you only have to pick at least two that you consider useful for your campaign. Make sure you bank on a good content and always update the page with relevant information.

4. Powerful Branding
You are promoting your organization for a good cause and branding is going to be crucial in your marketing endeavor. They represent your organization and your goals minus the words. The logo should represent your organization and bear your contact details. The goal is to have stronger online presence and it all starts with branding.

5. Build Rapport
Communicating with your supporters and giving them updates of your campaign will help you win their complete trust. Even after the event, you should show your sense of gratitude by thanking them for participating in the event. This way, you will get to know your audience on a personal level and it will not be difficult for you to connect with them in your future fundraising events.