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What Makes A Fundraising Event Successful?

What Makes A Fundraising Event Successful?

Organising a fundraising event is one way to promote a fundraiser. Although they can be a great avenue for generating funds and attracting supporters and donors, it takes a careful planning to succeed. An event plan helps you to identify the areas you need to improve. It also gives you some insights on how well your organisation is performing. There are 5 major components you need to incorporate into your event plan:

1. Objective

Before you do anything else, start with deciding what the objective of your event is. Do you have goals to accomplish? Do you only intend to raise money or gain publicity? It is possible for some organisations to have more than one goal. Knowing the details for your event will help you to set up additional goals for your organisation. 

2. Goal

Once you have determined your objective, the next to consider is creating a goal. Your goal should be carefully planned. A goal can be long term or only focused on one event. Make sure your members are involved with the planning. Schedule a meeting with the rest of your team members so you can discuss your fundraising goal. The goals to set must also be realistic to prevent frustrating your team. 

3. Leadership

What is a goal without trusted leaders to execute plans? Leaders will be responsible for encouraging other team members to participate and contribute to the event. Aside from running the event, leaders will also ensure that fundraising goals are reached. 

4. Target Audience

Your organisation should also determine its target audience. If it is a general fundraiser that everyone can participate in, make sure professionals, parents and business people are invited. If your event is focused on a specific group of people. It is important to decide who you will invite to your fundraising event. 

5. Marketing

People will never know that you have an upcoming event unless you market it to your target audience. A marketing plan will be instrumental to promoting a fundraising event. Make sure it has all the elements needed for everyone to informed. Marketing your fundraising event can be done in many ways: direct mail, word of mouth, mailed invitations and the most popular, social media. 

6. Gratitude

The success of a fundraising event is not just because of leaders but also because of the volunteers, contributors, staff and other participants in the community. Do not forget to thank them by sending thank-you notes to everyone involved in the event. Everyone who feels appreciated will not hesitate to extend their help on your next event.

Simple Ways To Promote A Fundraising Event On Facebook

Simple Ways To Promote A Fundraising Event On Facebook

In today's digital age, Facebook is one of the most used platforms to engage existing and potential customers. However, utilising Facebook to nurture your fanbase is not easy if you do not know which features you are going to use. In order to keep your followers updated, it is essential to post updates, reply to comments and monitor Facebook activity on a regular basis. If you have an upcoming fundraising event, promoting it on Facebook is also a great idea. Here's how you can promote your event:

1. Track how your Facebook Page is doing

Paying attention to details will help you determine how your page is doing in terms of customer engagement. Check comments and updates as this will enable you track your page activity. There are two ways for you to respond faster. Add your Facebook Page to your favorites and enable email notification so you can get updates in real time.  

2. Enable Private Messaging

Things will not always be smooth sailing as you will encounter all sorts of problems along the way. Your donation page may not work properly or fundraisers may have urgent questions that you need to answer right away. Your availability is important in this stage. When you turn on private messages, it will be easy for you to respond to inquiries and resolve problems. Once the campaign is over, all you have to do is to remove the feature. 

3. Allow people to post to your Facebook page

It is not only your followers who can see your page. If they post an update to your page, their friends will also be exposed to your campaign. This is why letting people post to your page should be the best practice to follow to give you an opportunity to gain wider public reach. 

4. Boost posts

Your engagement rate should also be something you should pay close attention to when promoting your fundraising event. Boost posts with the highest engagement rate. 

5. Update your Facebook Cover Image

If you have an upcoming event, don't forget to update your cover image as well. Doing so will highlight your fundraising event. It is also essential that you include relevant links or hashtags in the cover description.

Facebook is a wonderful tool to connect with supporters, donors and volunteers. When it is properly utilised, you will be able to reach your goals not only in terms of engagement but also when it comes to increasing your donors and supporters.

How To Be A Great First Time Fundraising Coordinator

How To Be A Great First Time Fundraising Coordinator

Volunteering for a fundraising organisation is a great experience as you get to support a cause and meet friends who share the same goals and interests as you do. If you have not volunteered before, the thought of shouldering some major responsibilities can be intimidating. 

The first step to preparing yourself in becoming one of the fundraising coordinators is by requesting a short meeting with the previous coordinator. Handing over the reign may not be an easy task as you need to be familiar with the ins and outs of fundraising. The information may be too much for you but keeping a few important things in mind will ensure you are on the right track. 

Delegate the task to other volunteers

It can be overwhelming to carry out the task by yourself. You still need a team of dedicated volunteers to help you get things done. Aside from raising funds, there are other goals you need to accomplish. These are small goals that when left unaccomplished can accumulate into bigger problems. Talk to other volunteers so you can get some help. 

Do a thorough research

Choosing a fundraising project is challenging as you need to make sure that it is aligned with your organisation's mission. Sometimes, members choose a popular fundraiser. Just because everyone chooses it does not mean that it will also work for your organisation. Doing some research will give you some insights on the fundraising project that is suitable to your objective, mission and vision. 

Use your creativity 

Being creative opens doors to better ideas. If you intend to sell cookies, think about giving it a twist. If there are many fundraising organisations in your town running the same fundraiser, there is no need to change yours. Bank on your creativity as this can capture your supporters' attention. Add fun in fundraising so the event will be a memorable experience for everyone. 

Reward volunteers

Aside from giving verbal recognition, small rewards and prizes are also essential to keeping your volunteers motivated. The milestone you accomplish on a daily basis plays a big role in achieving greater goals. However, the road to crossing the finish line is not easy. This is why you need to reward your volunteers to encourage regular participation. 

Make yourself available

Volunteers may have questions regarding your fundraising project. While you may not be physically present, being available most of the time makes a difference. Make sure your contact information is available to your members or volunteers. 

How To Run A Scratch Card Fundraiser?

How To Run A Scratch Card Fundraiser?

For a small group, running a scratch card fundraiser is a good idea because it is easy to set up. Although they are simple, organisations get to earn high profits and support a cause. Even a large group can run this fundraiser and the more people participating the more funds you will raise. 

There are a few steps to follow in running a scratch card fundraiser:

1. Place an order of your scratch cards

It only takes a few minutes to order your scratch cards. These cards are generally inexpensive, but you can raise as much as $100, which is enough for your cause. Some cards can also be customised so that they reflect your groups' personality. However, it is important to take note that organisations should not overcommit by ordering too many cards. 

2. Explain the mechanics before handing out the cards

It is also essential for organisations to explain how to use the scratch cards before handing them out to groups. More often than not, each person should take one card, but there are people who may take two or three cards. Once everyone understands the rules, it will be easy for fundraisers to maximise profits. 

3. Search for donors

There are many ways you can search for potential donors. You can either go around with your scratch cards as a way of soliciting donations or you can also turn to online fundraising to look for donors. It is important that you have a fundraising team that will go around to give the cards. The team will also be the ones to search for willing participants who will scratch out dots and make a donation. Communicating rules to participants is also encouraged to ensure that they understand the rules. It is easy for donors to think they are tricked into a donation if rules are not properly explained to them.

4. Pool your money

Once all cards have been scratched, each card will cost $100. This will enable you to generate 95% profit especially if the price of each card is at $5.  

Scratch card fundraisers may be a low cost way to raise money, but it can generate a decent profit. Whether you are small or large group, scratch card fundraisers is suitable for you. As an organisation, it is also important to talk to the fundraiser to know more about scratch card tips you can use. 

What Makes A Fundraising Campaign Unique?

What Makes A Fundraising Campaign Unique?

Have you ever wondered why some fundraising campaigns are successful while others are still struggling to connect with the audience. There are key ingredients that should be present in your campaign to ensure long term growth and deeper connection. 

1. Your target audience

You will never earn sufficient support from your audience if you do not understand them. It is important that you know your audience so you can achieve your goals. When it comes to understanding your audience, having evidence of their genuine passion and interest in supporting your campaign goes a long way. When creating a copy, think about the reaction of your audience before sending the fundraising letter. Ask yourself as though you were in your audience's shoes: how would you feel if you were to receive the fundraising letter? When you ask the right questions, you will be able to create an impactful campaign. 

2. Your story

It is difficult for potential donors to connect if they do not know the stories you tell. A personal story that people can relate to will not only capture your prospects' attention but also touch their hearts. Emotional connection matters especially to first-time supporters. Is there any campaign that created an emotional impact on people? Knowing the story that can help people understand your objectives, values, mission and vision will help you gain enough support.

3. Your engagement

Engagement encompasses many aspects such as branding, email, print and many others. Nowadays, there are four active generations you should engage: traditionalists, boomers, Gen-X and Millennials. Each generation has a different way of using technology. Although the social media connects all generations, there are different ways you can tap into these audiences. Check your branding including the logo, font sizes, font types and other specifications. Direct mail is still relevant to your audiences, but integrated approach must be considered. 

4. Your communication

Aside from engagement, your communication strategy is also considered as a driving force that will take your fundraising campaign to the peak of success. However, crafting a communication strategy is easier said than done. This is because the email you send should be branded and have call to action. It is also essential that your call to action is visible. It will also be important to give something back as incentives for their hard work. In terms of email campaigns, structuring them as an automatic resend will also help you follow up on your prospects. 

Even if you only have a limited resources and time, it does not necessarily mean that you cannot have a successful fundraising campaign. Even saying thank you provides you a better chance of earning and retaining donors.  

5 Essential Techniques To Run A Successful Fundraising Campaign

5 Essential Techniques To Run A Successful Fundraising Campaign

The decision to organise a fundraising campaign is a serious endeavor as you need to go into every detail. There should be a solid plan to ensure that you maintain communication and engagement. Every campaign is different, but effective techniques can minimise failure and maximise success. 

1. Let people know about the campaign

A fundraising campaign will not be successful if only you and your staff know about it. Promoting your campaign will help you gain supporters, volunteers and donors. Create a Facebook page so you can keep track of the people following you. This is also an opportunity to get these followers involved. If someone is not on your email list, they are most likely to follow your Facebook pages. Your campaign must be visible across various channels. Make the most use of your social media accounts by adding a call-to-action. 

2. Add a donation page 

A branded online donation page catches prospects' attention. Instead of a generic donation page, taking the time to create a donation page dedicated to a specific campaign will make donors check out the page. It is also a rewarding experience that will motivate your donors to support your campaign. When customising your donation check out page, there should be specific campaign logo that will represent your current campaign. 

3. Tell your story in a video

Creating a campaign video has a strong impact on your fundraising pages. When telling a story, you can use animation and show why your audience should get involved. When you tell a story, you will also increase the likelihood of getting more engagement from your audience. Donors and fundraisers will also find it easier to learn about the cause once you have a campaign video. 

4. Contact dedicated supporters

The success of your fundraising campaign will also depend on how committed your supporters are. Quality is better than quantity. Even if there are only a few supporters, being dedicated in making the campaign a great success will create a huge impact on accomplishing your goals. With a skillful soft launch, it will also signal supporters to ask friends and family to join your campaign. 

5. Celebrate success

If you have reached milestones and accomplishments, you should invite everyone in your organisation to celebrate successes. It will help encourage your supporter to work towards a common goal. Update fundraisers and donors on the results of your campaign. You can also keep their spirits high by setting weekly goals. Be active on social media by posting your progress. Spreading the good news is going to create a positive effect on your supporters. 

5 Steps To Taking Good Care Of Your Donors

5 Steps To Taking Good Care Of Your Donors

Donors are one of the key people of fundraising organisations. They are not just meant to donate but also to provide other support such as volunteering in fundraising jobs. There are five steps to nurturing your donors: 

1. Build rapport

It is not enough that you know your donor's name as you also need to establish a good relationship with them by ensuring you know about their personality and contributing habits. You need to communicate with your donors so you will be fully aware of their concerns. You cannot build a lasting relationship with your donors if you refuse to know them. 

2. Educate

First-time donors need to learn the ropes of raising funds. Donors have misconceptions that you need to clarify so there will no gray areas as you work together. One common misconception they have is that they are only needed when there is a need to raise funds. Donors are not only intended to donate money, but also to do volunteer works. 

3. Help

People who want to support your organisation are also looking for personal fulfillment. As a leader, you need to help these people ignite their passion by helping your cause and providing more creative ways to support a community. 

4. Be Transparent

Honesty in marketing may seem impossible, but trust and transparency go hand in hand. Donors will find it difficult to trust you if you are not transparent. For instance, donors must be informed about the donations they made. Your donors should not feel deceived even if you have been honest most of the time. Examine every aspect of your marketing strategy to find out if there is anything that might jeopardise your integrity. 

5. Respect

Show genuine care and interest to donors. Thank them when they do a great job especially in doing volunteer work. The steps you take should be beyond the words spoken. 

Why Cookie Dough Fundraiser Is So Popular?

Why Cookie Dough Fundraiser Is So Popular?

Aside from sports events, school fundraising becomes even more exciting if you have a cookie dough fundraiser on your list. Aside from the fact that it is easy to prepare, it is also to sell as it comes with different toppings and flavors. For kids, it is an appealing fundraiser and with every bite-sized goodness is bite-sized success. If you are health conscious, you can also choose the healthy versions of the cookies. You will know what the cookies are made of as the ingredients, nutritional value and other essential food information can be found on the label. 

On the business side, cookie dough fundraiser is a great treat because of the high profit margins. This is one of the reasons this type of fundraiser continues to be popular. Since it pleases your taste buds, you will be able to make money quickly. The best thing about this fundraiser is that you will be able to get repeat customers. 

For parents, students and teachers, cookie dough fundraiser will make school fundraising more fun and exciting. Buyers can still freeze the tub without worrying about spoiling the dough. The tub has a resealable lid that keeps freshness in. If you are planning to run school fundraising, here are three good reasons you should consider having cookie dough fundraiser. 

Why is cookie dough fundraiser immensely popular in schools? 

1. It is easy to sell.

Kids are usually the ones who love to sink their teeth into sweet treats. This is why if you are planning to run school fundraising, cookie dough is going to be a popular option as both adults and kids love them. Since it has an extended shelf life, you can always place it in your freezer and make some if you are craving for something sweet. 

2. It has higher profit margins.

If you want to enjoy greater incentives, cookie dough fundraiser will make it possible. Aside from the incentives, you will also have larger returns once your fundraising events end. Placing an order is also easy, fast and stress-free. 

3. It is easy to set up. 

Aside from being a tasty fundraising idea, cookie dough fundraiser is also easy to set up. You can run school fundraising program as many times as you can with cookie dough fundraiser. Teachers, parents and students can help set it up even if you are not yet a fundraising expert. You can spread the word on social media to gain more customers. 

5 Questions To Consider When Running A Cookie Dough Fundraiser

5 Questions To Consider When Running A Cookie Dough Fundraiser

A fundraiser that has to do with food will definitely be appealing to volunteers, donors, members and prospects. Many organisations have been considering running a cookie dough fundraiser because it generates profit and does not take so much time to prepare. In spite of being promising, this fundraiser is still not immune to failures especially if the organisation has not made ample preparation. Before you get excited about the idea of running a cookie dough fundraiser, you need to ask a few questions to your supporters so you will know the direction your organisation will take. 

1. Do you have a correct price point? 

The cost of cookie dough varies depending on the company you are working with. Before you commit to buying a fundraiser, make sure you shop around so you can find the best deal. Take note of the shipping cost, profit margin and cookie dough cost per tub. 

2. Are there any organisations selling cooking dough?

Without a doubt, cookie is a popular fundraiser. However, its popularity can also be a deterrent to achieving the result you are looking for. This is because there might be other organisations running the same fundraiser. Before you decide to run a cookie dough fundraiser, make sure other local organisations are not doing the same thing. Selling your product can be a bit of challenge if other organisations are also offering it. 

3. Is your cookie dough packed with nutrition?

Cookie dough owes its popularity to its taste, but organisations must keep in mind that its taste is not enough to attract buyers. You should also choose a cookie dough that does not only bank on taste but on nutrition as well. You may have members who are trying to be health conscious and a sugar-laded cookie dough might not appeal to them. 

4. Are your volunteers willing to sell and distribute cookie dough?

It is not enough that you have a popular fundraiser as you also need to make sure that your volunteers are willing to go the extra mile to sell or distribute cookie dough. This fundraiser relies heavily on the size of your organisation. If more volunteers are participating, you will be able to sell your product successfully. 

5. What are your payment terms and methods?

It is often recommended for most fundraisers to collect money upfront before placing the order. Provide options to customers that will enable them to pay with checks, cash and even online using their credit card. They should also be made aware that online payment requires a small fee for the transaction. 

3 Qualities A Team Member Of A Fundraising Organisation Should Possess

3 Qualities A Team Member Of A Fundraising Organisation Should Possess

Behind the success of every fundraising event is a reliable team member who gets things done. There may be challenges that test your patience and determination, great team members can help you accomplish your goals. Many would have attempted to embrace the role, but without essential personality traits, the change you want will never happen. If you are a fundraising leader, your team members should have these following qualities:

1. Creativity

It is common for organisations to stick with what they believe to be tried and true. Sometimes, organisations feel comfortable relying on one sources instead of attempting to branch out. However, this practice can be a risky decision especially if that source fails. Creativity is important for organisations to survive. Sticking with what you perceive to be a proven technique can cause boredom and the lack of originality can be bad for your organisation. You need fresh ideas to thrive. This is why team members who are able to pitch in some creative ideas are going to be a great asset to your team. 

When team members share fundraising ideas, it can be a start of fresh fundraising initiatives. As you discuss creative ideas, you will be able to decide which ones are considered effective. 

2. Sense of Responsibility

Team members should also be responsible enough to take ownership of their work. When team members involve themselves in setting goals for your organisation by being more engaged, they too can have a significant impact on your organisation. As a result, your organisation will be able to improve job loyalty, job satisfaction, competency and creativity. 

It is inevitable to set high expectations and when things do not go as planned, many would usually pin the blame on directors. Taking ownership enables your organisation to correct mistakes and accomplish objectives. 

3. Willingness to Learn New Things

Despite the years of experience in fundraising, it is still essential to stay curious if you want to advance your career. Team members who love to learn by seeking opportunities for personal development and education, asking for performance feedback, working on a difficult task and reaching out to other fundraising professionals can win the nod of development directors. Team members should acquire new skills to keep up with change. 

There are other personality traits that development directors expect in a team member, but these three are most essential. If you do not possess these traits yet, consider this as an opportunity to develop and grow. 

Body Language: Why Do They Matter In Fundraising

Body Language: Why Do They Matter In Fundraising

Your timing was perfect. You have carefully crafted your words so they match your target audience. Then came the moment of truth: you asked for a potential donor's commitment to your campaign, but you had been refused. For any fundraising professionals experiencing rejection from prospective donors,it will mean going back to the drawing board. Is there really a secret weapon to ensuring fundraising success?

Your body language is as important as the words you speak. Sometimes, people are more focused on mincing their words that they tend to forget the essence of body language. If you are going to approach a prospect, the first thing they see is your facial gesture. Non-verbal cues can influence your target donor. 

Your smile is your ticket to establishing a good relationship with potential donors

When you look stern and unfriendly, you are immediately scaring your prospects off. You are more likely to repel than attract them. You do not need any fancy schmancy technique to get your prospects to commit to your fundraising campaign. You just need to wear a smile when approaching donors. More than words, your body language matters a lot. 

Soft skills also matter

There are exceptional qualities of fundraising professionals that are not taught and these are your soft skills. They are essential to every fundraising professional to know the basic rules of etiquette. You need to know how to make a proper introduction so you do not intimidate your prospect.

Your appearance can also affect the way your potential donors see you. You can succeed in winning a major donor if you tailor your personal presentation to your prospects. 

Good manners can also help you make a good first impression. Good manners involve putting other people at ease, keeping your cool and being kind and considerate. Avoid misspelling your donor's name and give donors the attention they deserve. 

Soft skills help build a trusting relationship

Trust is established when you do what you said you would do. It all starts with a very simple gesture that many people often miss out on doing. If prospects asked for something, you need to comply with their request promptly. If you need to meet up with donors, make sure you are on time. Do not keep a donor waiting because this alone can have a negative impression on your donors. 

If you have been frequently rejected by donors, think about your body language as it can be a reason behind donor's constant rejection. 

Key Players: The People You Need In Taking The Next Big Leap

Key Players: The People You Need In Taking The Next Big Leap

Where do you exactly draw the line when it comes to creating a plan for your fundraising organisation to ensure its success? They say that when you dream you have to dream big, but are there instances when you need to do a reality check? You may want to keep your feet back on the ground as raising money may sound exciting, but the wrong strategy can be a reason for your organisation to take a turn for the worse. Everyone wants to be a better organisation especially if last year's plan did not go well. However, unrealistic expectations are similar to a bad plan: they will not take you anywhere. There are three key players of your organisation you have to check to find out whether or not you are ready to take a big step. 


They are often cultivated when needed but ignored when goals are accomplished. This is why raising money becomes the one-shot deal. Once donors make a commitment to support your organisation, it comes a long-term endeavor. Just because your fundraising event has already ended does not mean you will also end your relationship with your donors. They one of the core components of your organisations. They are key to your campaign's success. Even your fundraising event takes place once or twice a year, you should constantly keep your donors in the loop. 

The Board

Your board's participation is vital to accomplishing your goals. They are the ones who will help you create a strategic plan and provide networks so you can gain access to foundations, corporations and individuals. It is essential for board members to participate in fundraising events. They should serve as volunteers, positive advocates and the people who will provide appropriate resources so  goals can be properly implemented. 

Development Staff

Raising the funds is one of the responsibilities of development staff. The organisation will use the funds for implementing the strategic plan. This is where a written operational plan comes in. This is geared towards supporting the strategic plan of your organisation by employing various solicitation techniques such as phone, face-to-face, direct mail and e-mail marketing. The staff is also responsible for building relationships and strengths so fundraising production can be maximised. The staff will also evaluate the execution of strategic plans and provide reports, which the board and CEO can check. They also need to coordinate with other key players to ensure that the resources are properly utilised. 

Gold Coast Holiday Raffle Prize

Gold Coast Holiday Raffle Prize

Congratulations to Jorja from Gladstone Central State School, the winner of the five (5) night Gold Coast Holiday prize. You have won a five (5) night holiday staying at the world renowned Sea World Resort & Water Park on the Gold Coast with entry to Sea World, Warner Bros. Movie World, Wet N’ Wild Gold Coast and a $1,000 Virgin Australia Gift Voucher. Thank you to all of the entries, over 11,000 in total.

Early Planning: An Effective Way To Improve Your Fundraising Techniques

Early Planning: An Effective Way To Improve Your Fundraising Techniques

Whether you are not completely satisfied with the results of your fundraising efforts or you just want to improve your overall strategy, early planning will help you improve your annual fundraising strategy. In January, you should start the year right by challenging yourself and determining your strengths and weaknesses. Your strategies need to be in order for your goals to become a reality. You do not have to wait for 2017 to come to improve your approach because a written plan that enables you to align your goals across your fundraising organisation will help you keep your plans more systematic.

Define Your Fundraising Strategy

Your strategy serves as the guiding force of your organisation. The document will help you communicate your goals and progress. They can serve as your organisation's motivational factor to keep going.

There are four main components you need to check to analyse your fundraising strategy: fundraising methods, fundraising goal, mission and timeline. Your fundraising strategy will be your tool in setting your goals and winning support from potential donors. Planning will be less daunting if you break the process. 

Review Your Current Year

For you to know the areas you need to improve, you should start with determining your performance from the previous year. Find out if your efforts still serve your mission. There are campaigns that perform better than others. Know the campaigns you should retain and let go for the coming year. Be sure to document them and take your resources into consideration as well such as donor data, volunteers, staff, budget, software and relationship with donors and partners. 

Determine Areas Of Growth And Improvement

Knowing which direction you will take in 2017 should start with analysing your opportunities, threats, strengths and weaknesses. For strengths, list the most successful campaigns and initiatives. Determine if you have reliable pool of donors and techniques in raising money. Aside from strengths, you should also find out about your weaknesses. Do you lack standard process, or do you need to improve your social media presence? For your opportunities, you should also have an idea about an upcoming event. It is important to have a system in place. It is also inevitable to encounter threats so you need to be prepared for the worst case scenario. You need know how you are going to respond to a threat. Know the state of the economy, changes to government policy and possibility of high turnover.

Reasons CookieDough Is A Perfect Fundraiser For Holidays

Reasons CookieDough Is A Perfect Fundraiser For Holidays

For first-time fundraisers, the thought of holding a fundraising event may seem to be stressful especially if all members do not have any fundraising ideas. Even if you are new to fundraising, succeeding in raising funds is never impossible. All you have to do is to choose a reliable fundraiser that works for you. First you need to keep your target market in mind. If you want a fundraiser that will not take so much time to set up, cookie dough fundraiser is the way to go. Here are reasons why cookie dough is one of the most popular fundraisers. 

1. It is quick and easy to set up.

The order forms are sent to you in advance of your start date so you will have ample preparation. Once you have entered your orders and money details, you can use the ordering system that enables you to add the totals of your orders. There are mixed cartons of 8 tubs that ensure left overs are minimised. The cookie dough is also delivered at a time and ate that suits you. Delivery usually takes 14 days after receiving your order. 

2. It is profitable.

You can earn as much as $3.50-$4 per tub if you sell 1kg tub at $13-$15. The available products you can purchase are triple choc, raspberry white choc, ANZAC biscuit, white choc macadamia, caramel fudge, choc chunk, gluten free choc chunk, doggie biscuit dough treats, gingerbread and shortbread. 

3. Delicious and irresistible 

Without a doubt, cookie dough fundraiser is not only profitable but delicious as well. They will please your stomach and taste buds. This is because they are made of quality ingredients so you will get exceptional gourmet taste. The best thing about this cookie dough is that it can be refrozen so the last crumb can be baked. 

If you are going to book now for 2017, you will be able to enjoy early booking bonuses including Free Freight first term. You can complete the fundraiser in merely 4 to 5 weeks. The colourful order forms, parent letters, free incentive prizes and promotional posters are also provided for sellers. You will also have free online shop which will help you achieve excellent results. You can also promote your shop through social media and emails. The posts with a direct link to the shop are also supplied. If you want additional information about Billy G's Cookie Dough, click here

Create Custom Forms That Increase Donor Conversion Rates

Create Custom Forms That Increase Donor Conversion Rates

A donor has to complete the form on your donation page and make a donation to convert leads to sales. Even if you apply small positive changes to your forms, it can still go a long way when it comes to increasing your conversion rate. There are many ways you can optmise your custom forms.

1. Remove extra navigational steps

More often than not, donors who are willing to make a donation shy away from your donation page if they find it difficult to complete a donation process. If it will take five different screens for your donors to hit the finish button, they may find the process time consuming.

It is important for every donation page to be simple and straightforward. As much as possible, donors should be able to complete the form in a single page. If you still have external links that add a few steps to filling out the custom form, remove them. It is important for every custom form to help donors to complete what they have started.

2. Personalise main donation form

The form should match the rest of your site design. You will be able to receive larger contributions of you have branded donation forms. Not only will you encourage donors to come back, but you will also leave a positive donor experience.

Avoid making donors feel disoriented with distracting forms. People do not have a lot of time to spend on filling out your form so it better be simple.

3. Include special appeals to custom forms

Whether your special appeal is about a holiday campaign or a school event, it is essential to include branding, messaging and images. Redirecting your supporters from the email appeal page back to your donation page will remove the emotional momentum. Matching the donation page with the style of your actual appeal is one of the best practices to apply.

This technique enables you to connect with your donors emotionally. Anything that moves your supporters will surely win their nods.

4. Have a separate form for monthly donors

Aside from customising your form, you can also increase conversion rates by creating a separate form intended for monthly donors. Having a separate form will preserve your messaging and branding and also ensure that your program is centered around monthly giving.

You will also have the ability to default the selection to monthly donations. It will also be a good idea to handle the selection in advance as this spares your donors from taking additional steps. When your forms are easy to complete, it is more likely for your donors to complete them.

How To Make School Fundraising More Fun For Parents

painted smiley on human fingers GJwoe9rdWhen it comes to running a school fundraising event, it is usually the parents and teachers who take charge of the preparation.

Planning for the event is the most exciting part of raising funds for the school, but executing the plan is the hardest if there is no fun in fundraising. Raising funds need not be boring especially if it will be held in your child's school. You just have to do away with complicated steps and embrace simple but fun fundraising ideas. There are 4 steps to kick school fundraising up a notch:

1. Focus on items that hold much value

Although many fundraising leaders would focus on items that are appealing to donors, it is also worth noting that items that parents also want to buy something they can use. This is where analysing needs and wants come into play. While everyone can get excited about the thought of raising funds for your child's school, this does not mean that every idea will work. Fundraising should be fun for both students and parents.

2. Partner with local businesses

If you know someone in your community who is also interested in the parent community, you can also coordinate with them so you can increase public attention and maximise support. These people can help you attract and even retain businesses and if you wish to attract parents, they can also help you invite moms to the business. You can hold a fundraising activity where a percentage of the proceeds with go to your school. It should be held in a location where parents are often seen such as a local restaurant.

3. Use social media

Everything you do in raising funds should be fun. There are many ways you can get parents participate in the event such as using social media. Use it to spread the word. Parents who are aware of your fundraising event will tell their friends about it. Provide as much information as possible so interested parents will know what to expect from the event.

4. Plan before you hold a fundraising event

While the response of parents to your fundraising event may be overwhelming, it is also important that you learn to pace yourself. Not everyone is open to the idea of attending a weekly fundraising event as it will leave an impression that everytime you approach parents, it would mean opening their wallets. School fundraising must be well-planned. If you want to cater to small groups, Scratch and Support Cards are the way to go.

All You Need To Know About The Fundamentals Of Fundraising Success

d3x 9451 333What does it take to experience fundraising success? Perhaps, you are aspiring to be part of the fundraising dream team, but before you join the bandwagon, you need to make sure that you are aware of the basic fundamentals of fundraising success. When you romanticize about the sweet success of fundraising, you fail to realise that there is more to fundraising than just raising money. It is necessary that your organisation has leaders capable of leading you to the road of success.

1. Success in fundraising should be a long-term process.

Success requires an investment of time and effort. Just because you have generated revenues for this month does not mean you can guarantee success. It is important to have a long-term plan as your pool of donors also grows. It is important that you give your donors something to work with and build upon.

2. The result of your fundraising effort will depend on your strategy.

As they say, high risks have high rewards. The more you devote your time in devising a plan that can help you attract additional donors, the more you are going to reap its rewards. You will need to have a group of people that can help you materialise your plans.

3. Fundraising success requires team effort.

The organisation may have the best and the brightest leaders, but they do not guarantee fundraising success unless all board members participate in the process of formulating more effective plans. If the organisation does not embrace fundraising, you can expect results to suffer. On the other hand, if everyone in the organisation takes part in making fundraising more effective, the results will also be excellent.

4. Retention is more important than finding new donors.

On average, 50 to 60% of donors may choose to not renew their membership because of they do not feel any connection with your organisation. You may be bringing in new donors, but it will be useless if you are also losing donors. You need to retain your current donors as you find news ones.

5. Communications are important in cultivating donors.

When you communicate with your donors on a regular basis and inform them how the money you raised will be used, you are only being transparent, but you are also earning their trust.

Fundraising is not just about raising money as it also involves devoting your time in ensuring that everyone in your organisation can reap the rewards of helping.

Fundraising Advice for Beginners

Fundraising Advice for Beginners

If you are just a beginner in the field of fundraising, then it is a wise idea to learn about what others have done before you. This article presents some practical advice for those who are just starting out in the fundraising world:

1. Consider tried and tested methods.
Are you one of those people who are not interested in doing things that have been done in the past? If so, then you might be missing out on something good. Just because something has been done before, it does not necessarily mean that it would not work any more. Sending out letters through snail mail might sound old-fashioned, but there are many people who would actually appreciate receiving a printed letter instead of an email. They would be excited to see what you have to stay, and who knows? They just might respond to your request.

2. Do not be afraid to take risks.
There is no such thing as “guaranteed success” in fundraising. There will always be risks, and that is okay. Remember that behind every big success is a small, risky idea. In other words, do not be afraid to innovate and to take the plunge. Go out ont that limb! If you are not willing to be risky once in a while, then that only narrows down your opportunities for growth and success. And that would put you in a bigger risk than you started out with in the first place.

3. Be aware of jumping on the bandwagon.
This is a tricky one. What worked for others may not necessarily work out in the same way for you. Take the case of the Haiti earthquake a few years back, for example. After the quake, Red Cross was able to raise millions of dollars through text messaging. All of a sudden, hundreds of other organizations were eager to try the text donation method. The same goes for the “yellow wristband” phenomenon. When they became popular, almost everybody wanted to print out their own wristbands in different colors. In both cases, the trend quickly became old and outdated. That is what happens when everybody seems to be doing the same thing.

So now, which path should you take -- the old-fashioned way or the latest big thing? The secret lies in being able to strike a balance between the two paths. On one hand, an old-fashioned method (e.g. snail mail) does not necessarily mean it is outdated and wouldn’t work. On the other hand, the latest fad -- as popular as it might be today -- might just as quickly be gone tomorrow. Whichever way you go, there will always be risks. Still, you should not let those risks hinder you from trying. The bottom line is to be aware of the best practices (both old and new); nevertheless, do not be afraid to carry out some new fundraising methods of your own.

Are You Completely Out Of Fresh and Innovative Fundraising Ideas?

head puzzle shows slipping ideas Mk1u4XvOThere are days when your creative juices just flow freely, but there are also days when creativity is a struggle. When you are stumped for creative ideas, it seems difficult to move forward as you do not know where to start. Being caught in a creative paralysis can be frustration especially when you want to create something fresh and appealing to your audience. Here are some techniques you can use for a spark of creativity to ignite your way.


While ideas come out of the blue, there are instances when creativity requires team effort. When you ask your volunteers, colleagues, friends, team and family members, you will be able to know there are still some great ideas you can consider if you allow them to wear their thinking cap on. The problem with doing it alone is that you will have the tendency to put pressure on yourself that you find it difficult to think straight. With a group of people sharing ideas, you will be able to know how you want your next event to happen.

Rest for a while

When there is so much going on in your head, coming up with creative ideas will always be difficult. If you have spent hours trying to put your creativity in proper perspective, you need to do something else for a minute. Walking away from your goal for a minute will help you come up with fresh ideas. When you take a breather, you will be able to take the pressure off your chest. You can consider engaging yourself in activities that will keep your brain active. When you are taking time to rest, you are also giving yourself some time to recharge your batteries.

Collect And Connect

Once you have collected ideas, the next step to take is to connect the dots. When you engage in stimulating conversation and allow your mind to extract some creative juices, it is time to get back to work. A combination of ideas and objects can defininitely do wonders as it gives you an ability to fuse various concepts into one. As you create your framework, you will also realised that you have come up with a new fundraising idea that looks and feels fresh.

Do not feel bad if you are out of fresh ideas. All you have to do is to take a break and engage yourself in a meaningful conversation with your colleagues, family members, volunteers and friends. Before you know it, you have already come up with a creative fundraising idea that will help you accomplish your monthly fundraising goals.