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Choosing The Right Fundraiser For Your School


Even when you have the best and purest intentions of raising money, execution is still very important. When it comes to choosing a fundraiser, you will either excejoining 770559 1280ed or fail to meet expectations. There is only one thing to keep in mind if you want to succeed in your fundraising event and this is to ensure that your fundraiser matches your group. If a fundraiser fails to match your group’s interest, the purpose of the event will be instantly defeated. This is due to the fact that getting participants to sign up will be such a challenging task. You need to start with the factors that will be of interest to your group members.

Find out about the group’s motivations.

Each member of your group has different goals of participating in a fundraising event. Some of them want to help while others have more profound goals. Regardless of their reason for participating, it is important that they are motivated to meet these goals. For instance, group members may be motivated to participate because of the material prizes while others like to be involved in the social scene. Once you have gathered the group’s main objective and reasons for joining, it will be much easier for you to choose the right fundraiser.

Set realistic goals.

A fundraiser will only be considered a success if you get all group members to participate in the event. Without support, a fundraiser is bound to fail. You can prevent heading straight towards the brink of disaster if you set realistic goals. How can you tell if those goals are realistic? Think about your group’s capacity to raise money. Identify your group’s strengths and weaknesses. Some of them may be good at selling while others may be good at organizing. Assign members to a task that you know they are good at. A fundraiser coordinator must know his or her group prior to choosing a fundraiser.

Determine the group’s passion.

A fundraiser may be interesting enough for group members to walk the extra mile, but if they are not passionate about what they do, the time and effort you invested will all be futile at the end of the day. There should be something that your group members are passionate about and you need to work these out. You can make the fundraising event fun if groups do not see it as an obligation. If they are having fun with what they are doing, they won’t even know they are already doing it for a good cause.

Plan things out carefully.

Even when you have brilliant ideas, the failure to plan everything can make the event unsuccessful. Once you have identified your group’s passion, strengths and goals, you need to fuse all of these into one so you can determine the group’s common goals. In spite of the group members’ individual differences, you can still have the same goal once team work is present. Monitor the event and do a follow-up if necessary.
After the event, you should make an effort to evaluate the event so you will know the things that work and the ones that don’t. Ask the group about their personal experiences raising money for a good cause and the challenges they encounter. You can help your group avoid mistakes the next time you choose a fundraiser this way. Finally, don’t forget to thank your group and other participants.

Have A Relaxing Break By Winning A Holiday Package In A Raffle

Dolphin Discovery 300dpiA raffle fundraising is indeed one of the ideas that can capture any one’s interest especially if a holiday package is at stake. Everyone deserves a much needed R&R and what better way to get it than to win it in a raffle? The Gold Coast Raffle Fundraiser is one of the most sought after holiday packages as all family members will have the privilege to explore the picturesque attractions that Gold Coast has to offer. For someone who is in dire need to escape the pressures, distractions and demands of modern living, this is a perfect family holiday.

The tickets for the Gold Coast Raffle Fundraising can be purchased at $2 per ticket. One ticket gives you a chance to bring home the exciting prize that the whole family can enjoy. If you want kids to enjoy watching underwater creatures swim delightfully in clear blue waters, the Star Sea World Resort & Water Park will surely be a perfect base. You can also see the details of this holiday package on your raffle ticket. Since the prize for this raffle fundraising idea is considered out of the ordinary, the profit that you will make out of it will be up to 62%. There are also no limits on the number of tickets to purchase. The fundraiser won’t have to worry about service fees and transaction costs.

If you are interested in this fundraising idea, you will be entitled to get a complete package which includes raffle tickets. You have the option to personalize the color of your tickets including your own logo. The fundraising package also includes parent letters, promotional posters, airline and accommodation vouchers, incentive prizes and more.

Anyone who joins the raffle will be excited about the prizes up for grabs. The Gold Coast holiday package is intended for 2 adults and 2 children. You will also be accommodated in Star Sea World Resort & Water Park and you can take advantage of unlimited entries to Warner Bros. Movie World, Sea World and Wet ‘n’ Wild Gold Coast theme parks. These are enough to keep the whole family, especially kids busy and entertained for the entire duration of your holiday. Food and beverage credit is also part of the prize and these vouchers are valid for up to twelve months.

The process of getting all the goods of this fundraising idea is also hassle-free. All you need to do is to contact the office that is responsible for organizing this fundraising event. You need to select the draw date so you can distribute the raffle books. As much as possible, the draw date must be six weeks in advance before the draw date. This time frame gives families or members an ample time to sell the tickets. You will also need to secure permits before you confirm your booking with the fundraising organizer. The raffle fundraising package already includes all of the essentials you need for the event including the promotion posters. The holiday package is already a great way to increase participation in this fundraising event. After the event, do not forget to reward your sellers and thank them for a job well done!