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Not All Cookie Dough Is Created Equal-Fundraising Tips And Guidelines

Not All Cookie Dough Is Created Equal-Fundraising Tips And Guidelines

Children and adults alike are smiling from ear to ear whenever sweet treats are chosen to be part of a fundraising campaign. Sure fun run, scratch cards and other fundraisers are equally fun, but nothing beats sinking your teeth into chewy, mouth-watering treats and helping a good cause at the same time. Aside from chocolate fundraiser, a cookie dough fundraiser appeals to many. Unfortunately, the excitement ends when your taste buds are less than pleased.

Not all cookie dough is created equal. This is why each and every organisation should make informed decisions. It all boils down to asking the right questions. With only a few days away from Christmas, organisations are already preparing for yet another big event to cap off the year.

Tips and Guidelines:Cookie Dough Fundraiser

No one can resist heavenly tasting pastries and desserts. You can still beat the holiday rush by booking early. Ever heard of Christmas Edition Fundraiser? This is a fantastic idea for organisation that is looking to maximise their profits with minimal efforts. Billy G's Gourmet Cookie and Biscuit Dough is a wise option to consider. Aside from its irresistible flavours, the registration process is also hassle-free.

Looking forward to 2018? You can also go for an early registration here.

Development leaders and members have other responsibilities to fulfil that they cannot be fully committed to the organisation. Choose a provider that will set up the online shop for you. It is normal to be apprehensive especially if it is your first time to organise a fundraising event and campaign. Ask your provider if you could request a free fundraising information pack and samples. It will help you gauge whether or not the fundraiser is right for you.

You will also need to check if the provider has a proven track record. It is easy to claim that you are the best fundraiser provider, but without proof, customers will still be in doubt of your ability to provide excellent products and customer service. Schools are often a likely target for fundraising events. Make it memorable for everyone by ensuring that you do not settle for less. Aside from making sure that a cookie dough fundraiser offers the best-tasting product, you will also have to keep your pricing and profits in mind. Ask your provider if they can give you the pricing for each package and the profit you will generate. Some providers may offer free delivery, but you have to ask prior to confirming your transaction. 

If you cannot find answers to your fundraising-related questions, it is best to ask the provider before you make any commitments to buying the product. You can only make the most out of cookie dough fundraiser if you make informed buying decisions. 

Reasons CookieDough Is A Perfect Fundraiser For Holidays

Reasons CookieDough Is A Perfect Fundraiser For Holidays

For first-time fundraisers, the thought of holding a fundraising event may seem to be stressful especially if all members do not have any fundraising ideas. Even if you are new to fundraising, succeeding in raising funds is never impossible. All you have to do is to choose a reliable fundraiser that works for you. First you need to keep your target market in mind. If you want a fundraiser that will not take so much time to set up, cookie dough fundraiser is the way to go. Here are reasons why cookie dough is one of the most popular fundraisers. 

1. It is quick and easy to set up.

The order forms are sent to you in advance of your start date so you will have ample preparation. Once you have entered your orders and money details, you can use the ordering system that enables you to add the totals of your orders. There are mixed cartons of 8 tubs that ensure left overs are minimised. The cookie dough is also delivered at a time and ate that suits you. Delivery usually takes 14 days after receiving your order. 

2. It is profitable.

You can earn as much as $3.50-$4 per tub if you sell 1kg tub at $13-$15. The available products you can purchase are triple choc, raspberry white choc, ANZAC biscuit, white choc macadamia, caramel fudge, choc chunk, gluten free choc chunk, doggie biscuit dough treats, gingerbread and shortbread. 

3. Delicious and irresistible 

Without a doubt, cookie dough fundraiser is not only profitable but delicious as well. They will please your stomach and taste buds. This is because they are made of quality ingredients so you will get exceptional gourmet taste. The best thing about this cookie dough is that it can be refrozen so the last crumb can be baked. 

If you are going to book now for 2017, you will be able to enjoy early booking bonuses including Free Freight first term. You can complete the fundraiser in merely 4 to 5 weeks. The colourful order forms, parent letters, free incentive prizes and promotional posters are also provided for sellers. You will also have free online shop which will help you achieve excellent results. You can also promote your shop through social media and emails. The posts with a direct link to the shop are also supplied. If you want additional information about Billy G's Cookie Dough, click here

How To Make A Cookie Dough Fundraiser Profitable

IMG 9958 4 4927Cookie dough is gaining popularity for organisations searching for unique and profitable fundraising. Not only does it please the tastebuds, but generate profit as well. Cookies are appealing to kids and adults alike.

Cookie dough fundraiser is easy to set up and can promote repeat customers. However, you cannot also deny the fact that the competition can be extreme and your fundraiser should stand out despite the immense popularity of cookie dough. You are six steps away from having a profitable cookie dough fundraiser.

1. Set sales goals

Set a goal for your sales force and structure a program that will enable you to determine results. Knowing which direction your efforts are going will enable you to realign your plans until you accomplishe your sales goals. Each and every member of your organisation should make an effort to meet the sales goals you set.

2. Ensure 100% commitment

Your sales force stays on the front line of your fundraising battle. Members must be comfortable interacting with people and they should know how to go about selling the product. It is important that your members believe in the product they sell so they can convey the right message. Commitment does not only mean devoting your time in selling the product, but also believing in its ability to transform lives.

3. Reward your sales people

One way to motivate your sales people to go the extra mile when it comes to selling your product is by rewarding them. Although it is their job to sell the product as a member of your organisation, they can do better and exceed expectations if recognised for the goals they have accomplished. An incentive program for your sales force can make a great difference.

4. Set a timeline

Fundraising does not happen in an instant as you have to create a strategy for promoting the sale. Set a timeline for selling and delivering the goods.

5. Be aware of your community

Avoid overlapping with your community's fundraising activity. If your activity occurs in conjunction with another fundraising campaign, be sure you are not selling the same product.

6. Place advertisements

Your fundraising campaign will remain anonymous if you do let the whole community know about it. Start an advertising campaign at least two weeks before the big event. Exhaust all advertising resources such as newspapers, Internet, email and flyers so you can get the message out to the wider public.

When choosing a cookie dough fundraiser, make sure it tastes good. Billy G's Gourmet Cookie Dough is an excellent choice and it is a great fundraising idea for all groups. You can even generate more sales and profits by setting up your very own online shop. Get additional details about Billy G's Gourmet Cookie Dough here.

Fundraising Ideas With Bonus Prizes: Billy G's Gourmet Cookie & Biscuit Dough

child 221046 1920As the holiday season approaches, what better way to kickstart your fundraising event than to choose fundraising ideas that are not only easy to set up but highly profitable as well. Whether you are a seasoned fundraiser or new to this endeavor, these fundraising ideas will surely give you maximum results.

Billy G's Gourmet Cookie & Biscuit Dough

Who says fundraising can never give you a happy tummy? The cookie is only available through fundraising which makes it one of the most sought after fundraising ideas. There are 10 gourmet cookie and biscuits to choose from which come with FREE cookie cutters.

Billy G's Gourmet Cookie & Biscuit Dough  is highly profitable with the lower suggested selling prices combined with a high profit of $3.50 to $4.00 per tub. You can maximise your sales if you provide a free incentive prize program. This is suitable for your families and students. If you have an online shop, you can also consider setting  up this fundraising idea.

You do not have to worry about your budget because this fundraising idea is affordable and economical. You can bake 40 large 24g cookies from each 1 kg tub. With a low suggested selling price of $13.00-$15.00 per tub, you can maximise your profit as each cookie only costs $0.33-$0.38.

When it comes to choosing cookies as a fundraising idea, everyone will surely be worried about the taste. After all, cookies will not be saleable if they do not please the tastebud and stomach. The good news is that the cookies are packed with quality ingredients so the taste is exceptionally pleasing. Kids and adults alike will love it.

Here is how it works:

1. Once you have selected a start date, the fundraising materials you need to assist you in running a successful fundraiser will be provided;

2. For maximum results, setting up online fundraising is highly-recommended;

3. Hand out the order forms and run the fundraiser over a period of 3 weeks;

4. Bank the monies into your account;

5. You can easily record orders and prizes through Australian Fundraising's online accounting program;

6. Invoice, orders and deliveries will be made within a period of 14 days;

7. Hand out your cookie dough and prizes to your sellers.

For your convenience, orders of Billy G's Cookie Dough can now be placed online. This new feature enables customers to experience higher sales and profits. You will also find it easier to manage your cash and have peace of mind as the method is also safe and secure. The best thing about free online fundraising is that you will have a Facebook group dedicated to your organisation. This is a great avenue for you to promote the fundraiser.

Billy G’s Cookie Dough Fundraiser

cookie 235799 640Once you have chosen the fundraiser dates, the next step you need to take is to send an on-line booking form for Billy G’s Cookie Dough. Upon receiving the booking form, the fundraising packages will be mailed so the fundraising organizations can start the campaign. You will also need to send your booking form as early as possible so sending the required order forms are scheduled in advance.

The order forms and the required number of pre-printed form brochures are also provided. One order form per family is recommended. The order form brochures also include all the details you need to start your fundraising campaign. It also includes the accounting software program that automatically tallies your profit and other information you need. For those who prefer a traditional way of tallying products and prizes, an Excel order form will also be sent via email.

For you to know how the cookie dough fundraiser works, a Co-ordinator’s Information Brochure will also be sent and it also provides suggestions on running the fundraiser successfully. Fundraising organisations will no longer have to worry about advertising the fundraiser because the posters will also be provided and they are also free of charge.

When running the fundraiser, it is suggested that families and members should only dedicate 2 to 3 weeks including 2 weekends. This is to ensure that they will not become too complacent. The standard delivery will be 14 days after the receipt of the order on the day the request was sent. The cookie dough is dispatched locally because they are stored in warehouses. An invoice will be emailed to you within 48 hours of receiving your order and the payment must also be sent 7 days before the delivery so arrangements can be made. The reason for the 14 day turnaround is for you to have enough time to prepare all the things you need including getting the volunteers for your campaign.

The cookie dough does not require immediate refrigeration because it arrives frozen. It may remain unrefrigerated for up to 6 to 8 hours between delivery and distribution. Any unused cookie dough can still be refrozen. When distributing each product, it should be placed in separate piles and the packing process is made easy as there are picking slips that the accounting software produces. These are intended for each family or member.

For non-fundraising organisation that wishes to purchase the product, they will be directed to a fundraising organisation in their area that is running the cookie dough fundraiser. The cookie dough is not sold in the supermarkets to ensure that the product remains successful and popular among members and parents. Each tub contains 52 good sized 25g cookies and the tub weighs 1.3 kg.

Billy G’s Cookie Dough is an ideal fundraiser this holiday season. It never fails to capture members’ interest because aside from the awesome taste, you can also generate a great deal of profit because this fundraiser is undeniably popular. You can also fill out on-line request form for free info kit. Billy G’s Cookie Dough also has various flavours for you to choose from.

Billy G’s Cookie Dough

Billy G’s Cookie Dough is another irresistible treat that fundraising enthusiasts will surely love. It is a home baking product that is out of the ordinary because you simply SCOOP, BAKE, SERVE AND ENJOY! You can be sure that the last crumb is baked because the dough can be re-frozen. This fundraiser will attract great support from your families because aside from its bite-sized goodness, you can also spend some quality time with your family as you bake the cookies. Billy G’s Cookie Dough is not short on incentive prizes. In fact, as you increase your sales, you get to generate more profits. Billy G’s Cookie Dough provides an exceptional value for money because aside from the sure-fire profit you generate, the cookie dough is also loaded with nutritional value. With a wide range of flavours for you to choose from, Billy G’s Cookie Dough is a great fundraising option to explore.

Make Dough with Cookie Dough - Australia's Tastiest Fundraiser

Make Dough

Fundraising confectioneries are considered fun and profitable at the same time. Cookie dough is one of the best examples of confectioneries that will get all family members involved including kids. If you have just started a fundraising drive, a cookie dough fundraiser can be one fantastic way to encourage everyone to take part in the event. So, why is cookie dough fundraiser gaining popularity?

  • It keeps kids entertained and occupied.
    If you want to organize a fundraising activity in schools, a cookie dough fundraiser will gain a lot of supporters and most of them will be from kids since the event involves baking the product. They won't get bored with one flavor as they have 8 scrumptious flavours to choose from. It only takes 14 minutes to bake the cookies and kids sure can't wait to lay their hands on those cookies as they are truly tasty to the last bite. Kids may also be unperturbed to the fact that they are already raising money while having fun.
  • An uncomplicated way to raise money.
    To some, baking is a hobby, but you can kick it up a notch by turning this interesting hobby into a fundraising drive. All of the efforts that you put into the event to ensure success will not go to waste because cookie dough fundraiser is appealing to all ages.
  • It's easy to make.
    Everything you need for a cookie dough fundraising event is provided and all you have to do is to get people to sign up for the event. This is why kids have great time baking cookie dough. The unbaked cookie dough can still be refrozen so you can use them for the next fundraising event. The cookie dough can be stored in your refrigerator for up to four weeks.
  • It has nutritive value.
    Cookies can be sinfully delicious but there is nothing more enjoyable than grabbing a guilt-free bite from mouth-watering but nutritious cookies. As you organize an event for a good cause, you are also pleasing their stomachs and taste buds.
  • It's fun and enjoyable.
    Another way to increase your sales is by means of giving incentives and with these, you can make the event even more interesting especially to the kids who have participated in baking the cookie. Since you can get kids to participate in this event, you can be sure that you will get ample support from your families. Each family member will play their part in making the event a success and who wouldn't love to see their kids enjoy baking such a wonderful treat?

A cookie dough fundraiser is also profitable because aside from its reasonable price, the taste allows you to attract potential buyers that will keep on coming back for more. As you encourage your family to support a fundraising event, you are also teaching kids to share in their own little ways. You exert less effort with this fundraising product but you ensure success nevertheless. Not only do you have fun but you also achieve your fundraising objective. Now, that's killing two birds with one stone!