How to fundraise when times are tough and families don't have much to give


Regardless of whether we are in a strong economy or a weak one, the quickest way to stop fundraising is to stop asking for support. If you don't ask, you don't get!

That said, there are ways to take current circumstances into consideration and create a fundraising program that takes family situations into account.

When times are tough utilise fundraising programs that give the supporters something in return. The better value the return is, the higher the level of support.

A great example is the Billy G's Gourmet Cookie and Biscuit Dough fundraiser, even in tough times the weekly grocery list usually contains some form of treat or snack food. By offering this solution in the form of a fundraiser the funds that are already dedicated to these types of products in the weekly budget are covered. The added ability to then offer a large range of cookie flavours at a competitive price where families can save money AND support their local school, group or not for profit organisation is a win-win situation!

The Scratch and Support cards are another great fundraising program suited for groups of all sizes. It's easier to spare a few dollars and feel like a contribution has been made with little to no impact on the weekly budget. These smaller donations offered by a group of people very quickly adds up to reach substantial fundraising goals. The added bonus of giving supporters a set of discount vouchers makes for excellent return on investment and is sure to make for happy fundraising supporters.

For more information, or help on how you can get the most out of your fundraising projects, please contact us.