How To Accomplish Fundraising Goals As A Community Organiser

How To Accomplish Fundraising Goals As A Community Organiser

There are many things that a community organiser needs to focus on for a fundraising event to be successful. Some organisers who already know the ins and outs of fundraising may consider the task fun and exciting, but for those who have just plunged into this type of endeavor, fundraising principles are quite foreign to them. Being an organiser is not an easy task. You have to be always prepared and ready to give a helping hand. You should also be true to your mission. Here are some key steps so you can benefit from your role in the community. 

Understand the role you play

Perhaps you have your own reasons for accepting the position. While it is not easy, there is no reason for you to quit. It is important that you understand how fundraising works. It is only then that you will be able to help people in your community. You cannot help strengthen the community if you do not know your objective. Do you want to help people recover from a disaster? Do you want to plant flowers or trees? Knowing your objective will serve as your road map. It will take to the direction you desire. 

A clear purpose will enable you understand your efforts. You will also have a clue how the community can benefit from your program. Involving everyone in your project will lessen the burden and give you more ideas that will connect people in your community. 

Encourage community involvement

Fundraising requires group efforts. Even if you have a brilliant idea, it will not be materialised unless you decide to involve donors, volunteers and your fellow organiser. Their involvement will help you craft some creative ideas, which you will need to achieve your goals. You will also notice that your tasks become less burdensome as you know that you have made a great difference. Invite people to attend meetings so they can also contribute their ideas. Giving people an opportunity to extend a helping hand and set goals as a group are going to be a rewarding experience. 

Avoid competing with other local fundraisers. 

Keep in mind that timing is everything. If you want your fundraising event to create a great impact on the community, it needs to be properly organised. While there is no such a thing as "off-season" in fundraising, you will still have to avoid competing. You need to create a plan for the next few months. You need to be prepared and try to tap into everyone's potential. 

Boost campaign by using social media

The social media can widen your public reach. A Facebook group or page can go a long way when it comes to boosting your fundraiser. It is also a great avenue for improving your circle of support. The page has to be updated by sharing photos or videos. A short video that highlights your project will definitely help people understand your objectives and mission.