4 Qualities Of A Successful Fundraiser

4 Qualities Of A Successful Fundraiser

Fundraising is a career that requires more than just sales and marketing skills. For the most part, you will be dealing with your organisation and the community. You need to be innovative to continue to inspire people. Many have been interested in entering the profession, but only a few people were able to succeed. There are four qualities you need to focus on if you want to ensure you hire the right person to fulfill your organisation's mission and vision.

1. Good Listening Skills

Good listening skills are as equally important as good communication skills because it helps you to know the donor's concerns that you have to address before additional steps are taken. When you know how to listen, it is easy to spot any problems that may deter you from accomplishing your goals. Your volunteers may be passionate about helping the community, but they too have problems that you need to address. Frustrations take place when these problems are constantly ignored. 

2. Perseverance

If you want to build long term relationships with donors, volunteers and members of your organisation, perseverance is one quality you should possess. This is because you will not always get a 'yes' and rejection may slow you down and even reduce your motivation to keep going. Regardless of the task you want to carry out, you need to be persevered as you are leading a team of people who are also counting on you. You can cultivate perseverance by setting realistic goals that will enable you to measure success. If you feel like giving up, think about your milestones and achievements as they will serve as motivating factors to continue. 

3. Passionate

Volunteering, writing fundraising letters and making sure that there is enough support for the organisation are just some of the tasks you need to fulfill on a regular basis. These jobs can be overwhelming especially when the event is fast approaching. You need to be passionate so you will not only complete the job but also make sure they exceed expectations. At times, you may feel worn out, bored or frustrated, but your passion will remind you to move on. 

4. Ability to motivate

Successful fundraising will also be dependent on how leaders motivate volunteers, staff and donors. Motivation does not necessarily mean persuading your donors to give money or to do something they do not want to do. Motivating people means bringing out the best in them , ensuring they enjoy what they are doing.