3 Signs You Are Running A Successful Fundraising Campaign

3 Signs You Are Running A Successful Fundraising Campaign

It is every organisation's goal to run a successful fundraising campaign because it is a sign that efforts and dedication have paid off. Perhaps the most obvious indicator that your organisation has succeeded in its fundraising efforts is when you have accomplished your goals. However, there are signs which may not be visible, but you can easily tell that the campaign has fostered values when your members are looking forward to the next fundraising event. Beyond heaps of donors, thousands of cash and a plethora of inquiries, there are 3 signs that indicate you are indeed running a successful fundraising campaign. 

1. Donors are asking about the next fundraising event. 

You do not win donors just by telling them you want to help others. They have received stories which do not demonstrate genuine interest to help. This is why writing fundraising letters is challenging because you need to make it more personalised to connect with donors. A fundraising campaign that has continuously touched the lives of your donors creates a great impact on their loyalty. Donors are regular consumers endorsing their favorite brand. You will not see them use the product if they do not believe in it. If your organisation has left a positive impression, you do not have to keep on begging for their support. A satisfied donor will even be the first to approach you when you are organising your next fundraising event. 

2. Everyone participates even in meetings. 

The most challenging part of running a fundraising organisation is getting everyone to participate in achieving the organisation's goals. From development directors to donors, everyone is expected to participate. However, when motivation is slowly wearing off, convincing your team to participate will be a difficult task. A team that has witnessed the success of your campaign will feel inspired and eager to find out what is in store for them. There will be plans a couple of months in advance to ensure that the next event will be as successful as the previous one. You will no longer have to keep on nudging your members awake to keep them motivate. 

3. You gain more followers.

Another indicator that your organisation is on the right track is when you are gaining more followers on your social media pages. These days, potential donors, volunteers and supporters will not follow an organisation if they do not see tangible proof of its success. Having a successful fundraising event means that you are effective in implementing strategies and setting goals.