How To Use Social Media To Thank Your Donors?

How To Use Social Media To Thank Your Donors?

Aside from board members and volunteers, donors are also a major contributor to every fundraising success. It is imperative that you show your appreciation to them by acknowledging their contribution to your organisation. Without a doubt you definitely owe your success to donors who generously share their time, effort and money to make your campaign possible. Even if you have too many donors, you can still thank them with social media. There are creative techniques you can employ to show your donors you appreciate their effort. If you want to express digital gratitude, the social media is going to be a suitable place for you. 

1. Tag Donors

Even without the words, the photos you post to your Facebook page has a strong impact on people who follow your page. When uploading a successful fundraising event, do not forget to tag the donors who have actively participated to make the event possible. Donors who are aware they have been recognised for their efforts will never get tired of supporting your organisation. They will even look forward to the next event you are going to spearhead. 

2. Post a Shoutout

You may not have enough time on your hands to send thank you letters to all donors, but this does not mean you should skip expressing gratitude. The social media can be a perfect avenue for recognising donors. Post a thank you shout out as a way of letting your donors know you have not forgotten them. You may have hundreds or thousands of donors, but a special shout out will give them the acknowledgment they deserve. 

3. Organise an event dedicated to donors

You owe a large fraction of your success to donors for without whom, your goals will not be accomplished. What better way to thank them than to organise an event for them. Invite them through Facebook and other social networking sites. Make sure they are updated with the event. You can also ask for their suggestion on creating a more exciting fundraising event. 

4. Send a private message

If you want to thank them on a more personalised way, you can also send them a private message. Connecting with your donors is also a gateway to meeting new donors. If existing donors are happy about the way they are treated, they will also recommend your organisation to others. Never underestimate the word of mouth as it is powerful and influential. Connecting with donors is also a chance for you to know how you can improve your strategies by asking feedback from them.