Early Planning: An Effective Way To Improve Your Fundraising Techniques

Early Planning: An Effective Way To Improve Your Fundraising Techniques

Whether you are not completely satisfied with the results of your fundraising efforts or you just want to improve your overall strategy, early planning will help you improve your annual fundraising strategy. In January, you should start the year right by challenging yourself and determining your strengths and weaknesses. Your strategies need to be in order for your goals to become a reality. You do not have to wait for 2017 to come to improve your approach because a written plan that enables you to align your goals across your fundraising organisation will help you keep your plans more systematic.

Define Your Fundraising Strategy

Your strategy serves as the guiding force of your organisation. The document will help you communicate your goals and progress. They can serve as your organisation's motivational factor to keep going.

There are four main components you need to check to analyse your fundraising strategy: fundraising methods, fundraising goal, mission and timeline. Your fundraising strategy will be your tool in setting your goals and winning support from potential donors. Planning will be less daunting if you break the process. 

Review Your Current Year

For you to know the areas you need to improve, you should start with determining your performance from the previous year. Find out if your efforts still serve your mission. There are campaigns that perform better than others. Know the campaigns you should retain and let go for the coming year. Be sure to document them and take your resources into consideration as well such as donor data, volunteers, staff, budget, software and relationship with donors and partners. 

Determine Areas Of Growth And Improvement

Knowing which direction you will take in 2017 should start with analysing your opportunities, threats, strengths and weaknesses. For strengths, list the most successful campaigns and initiatives. Determine if you have reliable pool of donors and techniques in raising money. Aside from strengths, you should also find out about your weaknesses. Do you lack standard process, or do you need to improve your social media presence? For your opportunities, you should also have an idea about an upcoming event. It is important to have a system in place. It is also inevitable to encounter threats so you need to be prepared for the worst case scenario. You need know how you are going to respond to a threat. Know the state of the economy, changes to government policy and possibility of high turnover.