How To Promote Volunteerism In The Classroom

IMG 2907 844Getting classroom volunteers may be a challenge for those who are going to hold a school fundraising event. This is because you need to make sure that you foster volunteerism prior to the onset of the event so you can get as many volunteers as you can. It is important for teachers to pick volunteers with broad thinking, but this will be easier said than done if you do not provide incentives or job sweeteners. Kids should also  be aware that volunteering in the classroom is not merely for the sake of compliance.

How to find class room volunteers?

1. When conducting a survey, be sure to include classroom help in your category.

2. Your newsletter should also include a call for volunteers.

3. Provide reminders to teachers regarding mentioning their need during parent-teacher interviews.

4. Ensure you have flexible rostering so you can accommodate parents who are willing to help once a term or once a month.

The benefits of classroom volunteerism

Aside from getting enough help to organise your school fundraising campaign, regularly working with a child can also foster positive traits such as compassion. It is also a time for children to showcase their talent especially if they have passion for art, music or even environmental science.

How to keep volunteers involved?

1. Be clear about your objectives and the reason you need volunteers.
2. Welcome new volunteers and have someone to show volunteer essential locations.
3. Use the time of your volunteers wisely.
4. Thanks your volunteers by creating a personal note so you can show volunteers you are valued.
5. Be mindful of volunteer burnout.

Provide incentives to kids who volunteered

One-time volunteers can become regular volunteers if you are going to provide incentives to kids. This is because it makes children feel appreciated. You can have your volunteers' names go into a monthly draw everytime they volunteer to help out. Be creative with your prizes. The prizes may include a free lunch, gold stars, certificate of appreciation and much more.

It takes some creative approaches to encourage children to volunteer in fundraising campaigns. Before you decide to ask children to volunteer, it is important for children to know the implication of fundraising. Children need to realise the value of fundraising and volunteering. They should not only volunteer just because they are required to do so. When children feel they have contributed to accomplish your goals, they will also feel good about their decision to volunteer and will become regular participants in your next fundraising event.