3 Ways You Can Use Emails To Attract And Retain Donors

opened email box shows outgoing mails MJQ8PMvOIn the absence of physical interaction, email is your virtual replacement. 

As a fundraiser, exhausting all of your available resources to interact with existing and prospective donors is a must. Even if you are strapped for cash, time and resources, you need to make a conscious effort to connect. Sending emails becomes a viable solution for fundraisers who are unable to physically interact with donors.

You need to double your effort when sending emails to donors. Why? Simply because they cannot easily sense your genuineness if your headline does not create an impact.

It only takes a few seconds to leave an impression to donors. Keep in mind that as donors open their emails, the subject line is the first thing they rest their gaze upon. A generic headline that does not have a powerful impact on them will only lead a donor to clicking the delete button.

As you invest your time and effort in ensuring donor loyalty, you may also need these following emails.

These emails will keep new donors interested:

As you attract new donors, it is also important that you cultivate them. How are they going to impact your organisation? What are the things that interest them?

Welcome Email: You need to welcome a new donor within 48 hours of signing up for your campaign. A welcome email is your virtual red carpet. It sends a friendly greeting and serves as a quick thank you note for signing up.

A welcome email should contain a quick explanation of the benefits of subscribing to your website, a call to action and a short but sweet thank you note.

Email that offers information:The welcome email is your starting point to establishing trusting relationship with new donors. They need to know more about your organisation. You have to make them feel that they have made the right decision to choose your organisation.

This is where a 'did you know?' email comes in. New donors should be educated so they can learn more by visiting your website.

Email offer for new subscribers: Now that they are educated about how your organisation works, reward them for choosing your organisation. Offering an exclusive deal can help you to build relationship with new donors. A promotional item or a free tour of your facility is the best way to go.

These emails bring in donations without being pushy

The first three emails you sent to your donors is a start of an email friendship. The next step to take is to keep donors engaged.

Success story email: Your success is a powerful tool for collecting donations. Before donors make a commitment, they need to know how their money will help your organisation. A compelling story will show them of the impact of their donation to the success of your fundraising campaign.

Goal email:This email lets you send an update to your donors. Once they send their donation, the next step to take is to inform them where the money was used. Discuss your long term goals and how donors can contribute.

Event email:Keep your donors updated by inviting them in a fundraising event. Aside from keeping them in the loop by sending out emails, you are also giving them an idea of the direction your organisation is taking.

Maintaining Donors

Now that your donors are already engaged with your organisation, you need to maintain your relationship by sending them newsletters, donor preference email and useful news emails.

Do not forget to use empowering language that will persuade donors to take action. Make your email more compelling with the use of images that include real people to motivate your donors to act.