Thank Donors In Creative Ways

retro thank you graphic text banner X1FnGz LThanking donors is not just about expressing gratitude but also a way of connecting with them. When you thank donors, you can also encourage future donations and continued involvement. Aside from sending "thank you" letters to your donors, there are others ways you can be more creative in giving thanks.

1. Video

If you have a year-end campaign, you can reserve a good thank you video as a way of giving thanks to your donors. The video should be 2 to 5 minutes long. Aside from engaging your donors, you can also give your organisation a way of being publicly recognised by other potential supporters. A video should be quick but meaningful.

2. Social Media

Social media is a powerful tool for thank yous and shout-outs. Why not use these tools to your advantage? Your donors appreciate the fact that you were able to remember their simple gesture of supporting your organisation. It lets them know that you are grateful for their donation. It also tells others of their commitment to your organisation. Add a field so you can collect their Twitter handles when they are filling out a donation form.

3. Phone Calls

Donors would also like to hear from you. Make your expression of gratitude more personal by giving your donors a phone call. When donors hear a voice on the other end of the line, you are building trust and authenticity. Scheduling times to thank your donors each month is a good way to connect with donors. Calling your donors should be a commitment so you will be able to know them.

4. Tour

When your donor feels involved in your organisation, they will not hesitate to give their regular support. This will only happen if they can connect physically with your organisation to find out about the work behind the cause. You can do this by giving your donors sensory experience. These experiences can either be a tour of your facility, small group meetings, volunteer opportunities and many more. When you keep your donors excited about the things going on in your organisation, they will realise that they have made the right decision of supporting your organisation.

5. Website Appreciation

Your website is also a perfect tool for showing public appreciation of your donors. There should be a section dedicated to one-time and recurring donors. You can post a message on your website to let your donors know how much you appreciate their time and efforts. Once you let them know of their impact they have made on your organisation, they will have a sense of satisfaction. As a result, you will boost loyalty and engagement.