3 Essential Fundraising Boosters When The Going Gets Tough

IMG 3890 974Every organisation goes the extra mile to maintain or improve fundraising techniques as a way of supercharging activities and ensure donor’s continued patronage. Any effective tactic that an organisation decides to include in the list of fundraising activities can increase engagement on donors and board members. Any fundraising activity can be enhanced with the use of boosters. They are important because they work wonders on your revenues. These boosters can have a positive impact on your events, letters and even online fundraising campaigns.

1.    Appoint a champion who will take full responsibility for that tactics you have created.

For an organisation to succeed, it needs a champion that can take responsibility in ensuring that the tactics are applied accordingly. These tactics will be useless if someone is not pushing them to succeed. Each person must be assigned to each of your tactics and they must be provided with resources so they can succeed in their mission.

When you are working on improving a specific campaign, it is best to appoint someone who is passionate about helping the campaign succeed. Truth be told, not everyone is willing to participate in running a fundraising campaign that can increase your organisation’s revenue. Some may have excuses while others simply do not like the idea. If you assume all of your members are going to help your organisation improve a new tactic, efforts and time are wasted. However, if you consider appointing one member who will take the lead, then you will be hitting two birds with one stone as you motivate team members and track progress at the same time.

2.    Add time and resources to increase donor engagement.

Adding a personal contact component is beneficial to any fundraising tactic. With additional time and resources, you will be able to allow your team to make personal phone calls or do personal meetings with existing or prospective donors. When you add a personal touch to your strategies, there is a guarantee that your revenues or income will increase.

You can use this booster when sending out an annual appeal letter. For instance, if 10% of your donors have the potential to support your cause, you can make follow ups to ensure that they got the letter or if they have any questions on the fundraising activities and events. When you personalise every contact, you will be able to identify if the areas that your organisation needs to improve on.

3.    Work hard to maintain great relationships with your supporters.

When you have already established a good relationship with your supporters, you need to leverage your relationships so your donors or supporters will continue to provide ample support to your organisation. Reaching out to your current donors is a good move, but you need to be consistent in your efforts. Send out emails and ask for their feedback about the campaign so you will know the areas you need to work on.

The goal of ensuring that your fundraising efforts pay off will be achieved if you include these boosters in every strategy that you make. Not only will you retain current donors, but will win the trust of potential donors as well.