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Uni Cake Eco Bags

Uni Cake Eco Bag Fundraiser is Australian Fundraising’s new concept in 2015 and it aims to assist groups in raising essential funds. Although it looks edible, Uni Cake Eco Bags are not a real cake. If you want to generate profits and help the environment at the same time, this fundraiser is a great idea. You are not only using regular looking shopping bags as these eco bags are creatively packaged so they resemble real cakes. Uni Cake Eco Bags sell for $5.00 and you generate a profit of $1.75 per Uni Cake Eco Bag. With only 10 sales, you make a profit of $17.50. If you have unsold bags, all you need to do is to return them. The minimum order you can place for these eco bags are 20 carry packs. There is an assortment of ten Uni Cake Eco Bags. There are two apple sweet love, two kiwi juice cake, two strawberry cherry sponge cake, two blueberry sundae cake and two chocolate juice smoothie. Your fundraising efforts are also improved as there are also fundraising tools provided. These tools include parent letters, promotional posters, easy order tally system and coordinator’s information kit. Participants get to retain their carry bag if complete carry pack containing an assortment of 10 eco gift bags are sold.