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Learn the secrets to holding a fun and profitable fundraiser from Mr Fundraising himself, Billy G - and others who have made fundraising work for their school or organisation!

Scratch & Support Fundraiser

Once of the challenges of small groups is searching for a profitable fundraiser that is suitable for the size of the team. While there is a vast range of options to choose from, not all fundraisers are designed for small groups. The Scratch & Support Fundraiser is a perfect option for small groups such as youth groups, school classes, sport teams, cheerleading groups and many others. The fundraiser cards have forty concealed dots and each dot reveals the amounts of 50c, $1, $2 and $3. The cards can be distributed to your work colleagues, neighbours, family and friends. The amounts revealed on the dots will also be the amount that the donors pay as contribution to the fundraiser. The total value donated from each scratch card is $80. Even beginners will not have a hard time using cards because aside from the fact that it is uncomplicated, scratch card fundraiser is easy to set up and run. Groups also have an option of generic printed cards, personalised cards or scouting cards with the group’s own emblem or logo. Parent’s letters, money collection envelopes and tally sheets are also supplied. The income you will get from each card is $80 and you generate a profit of $68 per fundraising card. If each person manages to complete a card, a profit of $68 per person will be generated.

2013 Australian Fundraising Programs - find out what's new!


Our 2013 fundraising programs are now up and running to assist groups raise those valuable and much needed funds. What’s new in 2013:


  • “Win an iPad” Family Fun promotion
  • We issue discount vouchers worth over $140 to those families that support all of our fundraising programs run by groups
  • Free freight for 1st term deliveries of the cookie dough
  • Free $100 of sports balls for booking the My School  Walk or Run For Fun
  • Free freight for the luxury, designer greeting  cards for deliveries to 30 June
  • Free silicone slap watches for raffles booked by 31 March
  • Major bonus prizes for booking Crest Chocolates by 31 March

Product Programs

Click here to view our latest enews release.

Discount vouchers to help increase fundraising profits



For each of our fundraising programs utilised by your group, we will supply a discount voucher sheet to all of your families/participants who support your fundraisers.

This is a terrific offer. For instance, when your participants/families buy/sell just one tub of cookie dough for $16 or raise $10 in the My School Walk Or Run for Fun program they will receive over $140 in discount vouchers. Everyone is a winner when they support your fundraiser!

This should increase the support for your fundraisers which in turn will increase your profits for no extra effort on your part.

The vouchers will be despatched to you with the prizes or product and are available all year round.

View a sample of the discount voucher here. (PDF)

Fundraising programs that include FREE discount vouchers include:

  • Billy G's Gourmet Cookie and Biscuit Dough
  • My School Walk or Run for Fun
  • All four (4) raffle programs
  • My Card Shop in a Box
  • Cancer Council Sunscreen Fundraiser
  • Scratch and Support

Contact us for more details or you can easily book the fundrasier of your choice online.