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Billy G's Gourmet Cookie Dough - Gold Coast Promotion Winner

Billy G's Gourmet Cookie Dough - Gold Coast Promotion Winner

Congratulations to the winner of the Billy G's Gourmet Cookie Dough Gold Coast winner, Peta Lane from Orana Heights Public School. You've won a 7 night holiday staying at the world renowned Sea World Resort & Water Park for two adults and two children including entry to Sea World, Warner Bros. Movie World, Wet N' Wild Gold Coast and Paradise Country during your stay with the choice of either $1,000 cash or a $1,000 airfare voucher.  

Billy G’s Cookie Dough Fundraiser

cookie 235799 640Once you have chosen the fundraiser dates, the next step you need to take is to send an on-line booking form for Billy G’s Cookie Dough. Upon receiving the booking form, the fundraising packages will be mailed so the fundraising organizations can start the campaign. You will also need to send your booking form as early as possible so sending the required order forms are scheduled in advance.

The order forms and the required number of pre-printed form brochures are also provided. One order form per family is recommended. The order form brochures also include all the details you need to start your fundraising campaign. It also includes the accounting software program that automatically tallies your profit and other information you need. For those who prefer a traditional way of tallying products and prizes, an Excel order form will also be sent via email.

For you to know how the cookie dough fundraiser works, a Co-ordinator’s Information Brochure will also be sent and it also provides suggestions on running the fundraiser successfully. Fundraising organisations will no longer have to worry about advertising the fundraiser because the posters will also be provided and they are also free of charge.

When running the fundraiser, it is suggested that families and members should only dedicate 2 to 3 weeks including 2 weekends. This is to ensure that they will not become too complacent. The standard delivery will be 14 days after the receipt of the order on the day the request was sent. The cookie dough is dispatched locally because they are stored in warehouses. An invoice will be emailed to you within 48 hours of receiving your order and the payment must also be sent 7 days before the delivery so arrangements can be made. The reason for the 14 day turnaround is for you to have enough time to prepare all the things you need including getting the volunteers for your campaign.

The cookie dough does not require immediate refrigeration because it arrives frozen. It may remain unrefrigerated for up to 6 to 8 hours between delivery and distribution. Any unused cookie dough can still be refrozen. When distributing each product, it should be placed in separate piles and the packing process is made easy as there are picking slips that the accounting software produces. These are intended for each family or member.

For non-fundraising organisation that wishes to purchase the product, they will be directed to a fundraising organisation in their area that is running the cookie dough fundraiser. The cookie dough is not sold in the supermarkets to ensure that the product remains successful and popular among members and parents. Each tub contains 52 good sized 25g cookies and the tub weighs 1.3 kg.

Billy G’s Cookie Dough is an ideal fundraiser this holiday season. It never fails to capture members’ interest because aside from the awesome taste, you can also generate a great deal of profit because this fundraiser is undeniably popular. You can also fill out on-line request form for free info kit. Billy G’s Cookie Dough also has various flavours for you to choose from.

Billy G’s Cookie Dough

Billy G’s Cookie Dough is another irresistible treat that fundraising enthusiasts will surely love. It is a home baking product that is out of the ordinary because you simply SCOOP, BAKE, SERVE AND ENJOY! You can be sure that the last crumb is baked because the dough can be re-frozen. This fundraiser will attract great support from your families because aside from its bite-sized goodness, you can also spend some quality time with your family as you bake the cookies. Billy G’s Cookie Dough is not short on incentive prizes. In fact, as you increase your sales, you get to generate more profits. Billy G’s Cookie Dough provides an exceptional value for money because aside from the sure-fire profit you generate, the cookie dough is also loaded with nutritional value. With a wide range of flavours for you to choose from, Billy G’s Cookie Dough is a great fundraising option to explore.

Make Dough with Cookie Dough - Australia's Tastiest Fundraiser

Make Dough

Fundraising confectioneries are considered fun and profitable at the same time. Cookie dough is one of the best examples of confectioneries that will get all family members involved including kids. If you have just started a fundraising drive, a cookie dough fundraiser can be one fantastic way to encourage everyone to take part in the event. So, why is cookie dough fundraiser gaining popularity?

  • It keeps kids entertained and occupied.
    If you want to organize a fundraising activity in schools, a cookie dough fundraiser will gain a lot of supporters and most of them will be from kids since the event involves baking the product. They won't get bored with one flavor as they have 8 scrumptious flavours to choose from. It only takes 14 minutes to bake the cookies and kids sure can't wait to lay their hands on those cookies as they are truly tasty to the last bite. Kids may also be unperturbed to the fact that they are already raising money while having fun.
  • An uncomplicated way to raise money.
    To some, baking is a hobby, but you can kick it up a notch by turning this interesting hobby into a fundraising drive. All of the efforts that you put into the event to ensure success will not go to waste because cookie dough fundraiser is appealing to all ages.
  • It's easy to make.
    Everything you need for a cookie dough fundraising event is provided and all you have to do is to get people to sign up for the event. This is why kids have great time baking cookie dough. The unbaked cookie dough can still be refrozen so you can use them for the next fundraising event. The cookie dough can be stored in your refrigerator for up to four weeks.
  • It has nutritive value.
    Cookies can be sinfully delicious but there is nothing more enjoyable than grabbing a guilt-free bite from mouth-watering but nutritious cookies. As you organize an event for a good cause, you are also pleasing their stomachs and taste buds.
  • It's fun and enjoyable.
    Another way to increase your sales is by means of giving incentives and with these, you can make the event even more interesting especially to the kids who have participated in baking the cookie. Since you can get kids to participate in this event, you can be sure that you will get ample support from your families. Each family member will play their part in making the event a success and who wouldn't love to see their kids enjoy baking such a wonderful treat?

A cookie dough fundraiser is also profitable because aside from its reasonable price, the taste allows you to attract potential buyers that will keep on coming back for more. As you encourage your family to support a fundraising event, you are also teaching kids to share in their own little ways. You exert less effort with this fundraising product but you ensure success nevertheless. Not only do you have fun but you also achieve your fundraising objective. Now, that's killing two birds with one stone!

Winners of our major fundraising promotions

We are pleased to announce the winners of our fundraising product promotions for 2014:

$5,000 CASH PRIZE for organisations that ran our Billy G's Gourmet Cookie and Biscuit Dough or Crest Chocolates: WINNER - Murray Bridge South Primary School

WIN BACK THE COST OF YOUR RAFFLE for organisations that ran one of our raffle fundraisers: WINNER - Cudal Public School

$5,000 HART SPORT VOUCHER  for schools that ran our School Walk or Run Fun fundraiser: Geham State School


Congratulations to the organisations that have won and thank you to all the organisations that ran one or more of our fundraising program in 2014. We hope to have you back in 2015 with numerous upgrades to our fundraisers for 2015n and a new Bali Promotion.

Winner of our Family Holiday Fundraiser Promotion

Winners of our 2015 Family Holiday Promotion
Each year we run a major family holiday promotion whereby families who support their organisation's fundraisers can go into a draw to win a family holiday at a much sought after destination and staying in high class accommodation. This promotion is offered with the goal of increasing participation from the families and supporters in the organisations that use our various fundraising programs.

We are very pleased to announce that this year's winner is the Hallet family from St Augustine's College (Kyabram). St. Augustine's College ran our always popular Gold Coast raffle fundraiser. Our sincere thank you go to the Hallets and other families that supported their organisation's fundraisers.

I hope there aren't too many fights within the family as they have the big decision of selecting from:
GOLD COAST - Staying at Sea World Resort & Water Park with entries to Sea World, Warner Bros. Movie World and Wet 'n' Wild Water Park. Also included is a $1,000 Virgin Australia voucher and $1,000 spending money.
HAMILTON ISLAND - Staying at the Reef Hotel, full breakfast daily, Kids Stay and Eat Free. Also included is a $1,500 Virgin Australia voucher and $1,000 spending money.
FIJI - Staying at the Sheraton Fiji Resort, full breakfast daily, Kids Play Free at the  Lai Lai Kids' Club, Kids Dining Discount meals. Also included is a $2,000 Virgin Australia voucher and $1,000 spending money.

Which holiday would you select?


2015 Family Holiday Promotion - BALI
Bali Holiday In logo
Bali monastryBali Guest Room 3 (2)

Next year we will be offering the new Holiday Inn Bali Benoa Resort as the destination for the Family Holiday Promotion. Unlike other promotions, there are no black out periods, and the winners can use it over school holidays throughout the year. There is a $30 per night surcharge for the peak period of 25 December 2015 - 7 January 2016.

It is for seven (7) nights. Accommodation is in a Family Connecting Room consisting of two rooms: a King Room connecting with a Twin room for the children. The holiday is for two (2) adults and three (3) children.

Inclusions at the Resort include:
- full buffet breakfast for all
- free WiFi
- use of four (4) pools including a kid's pool
- Kids eat Free
- complimentary use of the Kid's Club

Also included is a $2,000 Virgin Australia voucher and $1,000 spending money.

Australian Fundraising is a dedicated fundraising supply company. Our mission is to assist organisations run successful fundraisers when using our various fundraising programs and services.
Our fundraising programs include:
Billy G's Gourmet Cookie and Biscuit Dough
School Walk and Run for Fun
School Spell-a-thon
Five self-run Raffle Fundraisers
Crest Chocolates
Scratch & Support Fundraising Cards

Please don't hesitate to contact our office on 1300 133 022 if we can be of assistance or you can request a Fundraising Information Pack at our website.


Wishing you, your family and friends a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.



Choosing Fundraising Ideas, Fundraising Programs and Events

Looking for fundraising ideas and programs for your school, child care centre, sporting club and community group?

There are so many options such as a cookie dough drive, fun runs, walk-a-thons, spell-a-thons, kick-a-thons, fancy dress day, sausage sizzle, movie night, chocolate drive, car boot sale, raffles, fetes and fairs, cent auction, plates, discos, trivia night, Mother's Day/Father's Day stalls and much more.

And with so many co-ordinators working and being time poor, in so many cases you need to use the services of an outside fundraising company that supply products and services and can assist you in setting up your fundraisers.

Don't do too much!
Before we get into too much detail, a word of caution: don't run too many fundraisers as you will alienate your parents and supporters and they will cease supporting your fundraisers? And also your co-ordinator will get burnt out. It is best to run a major fundraiser per term than 5-6 smaller fundraisers.

We've been around since 1999
We're plugging our own products and services but at Australian Fundraising we've been in fundraising since 1999, have developed a range of highly successful fundraising programs, supply all of the materials and services you require to run a successful campaign and we're dedicated to the success of your fundraisers. We're a proud family owned and run business, not a multinational. With the support of our friendly and knowledgeable staff, we all do our best and work hard for your families.
Please click here to view our website.


No Money Up Front
I'm sure it will be refreshing for you to know that your group doesn't need to pay any money up front to commence our fundraisers if your group is a school, registered sporting club, child care centre or other approved groups.

I'll talk about budgets, setting targets, calendars, promoting your fundraisers in a further article.


Raffles - a major fundraiser for schools, sporting clubs and charity groups, and also ideal for school fetes 
Why not go back to basics and run a raffle? But not just any raffle, a major one with a much sought after holiday destination with the winners staying in top class accommodation! And where all of the personalised raffle tickets, holiday prize, promotional posters and ticket tally systems are provided!

There are several raffle choices: Sea World Resort & Water Park on the Gold Coast including theme park entries, Reef Hotel on Hamilton Island, Sheraton Fiji, Holiday Inn Benoa in Bali, Rydges Hotels and Resorts in Australia and New Zealand. Inclusions can include free daily buffet breakfast and Kids Eat & Stay Free where applicable.

Work out your start and end dates, the date and location for your draw and we set it all up for you!

Click here to go to our raffle page and then to the raffle that you are interested in.

Billy G's Gourmet Cookie and Biscuit Dough
There are certain products that over the years have become well known fundraisers. Billy G's Cookie Dough is one of them.
Great for schools, child care centres, sporting clubs and community groups.

Everybody loves Billy G's Gourmet Cookie and Biscuit Dough. That's my ugly face on the tub! It's our own recipe, made in Australia and I think it is the best tasting on the market, both here and in the USA. That's a pretty big call but it is a great tasting product.

There are 8 flavours including Choc Chunk, White Choc Macadamia, Gluten Free and the pooches of Australia are all in favour of our new Doggie Dough! You can store it in either your freezer or refrigerator and it can be refrozen.

It is an easy fundraiser being an order form drive and your families get their orders and payments up front from families and friends. We supply the order forms for your families and supporters, parent's letters promotional posters, prizes for your sellers and an easy to use order system that automatically produce your cookie dough order for us to supply to you.

Click here for the cookie dough page

These have been around for donkey years but funnily enough we come across so many schools that don't do them. Perhaps it's because they take so long to finalise when run as a cent/$ donation per lap or word and the kids have to go back to all of their sponsors after the event to collect their sponsorship $. And the co-ordinators have to source all of the incentive prizes.

We've made it a breeze to set-up and run an a-thon: our a-thon fundraising system includes the kids getting their sponsorship $ up front as a donation, we supply all of the sponsorship brochures and posters, an easy to use tally system and a very strong prize program with over 70 prizes on offer to the students.

You'll be so surprised how much money you will make as your profit can be as high as 70% with absolutely no other outlays for admin, prizes, brochures, freight. And when you also use online fundraising your profits will rise even further.

Fun Run/Walk-a-thon/Lap-a-thon

It is so easy to run our athon fundraiser as a school fun run when combined with your school's cross country. If this is not possible, schools and sporting clubs run a walk-a-thon/lap-a-thon around their oval and sporting clubs will also run a kick-a-thon or goal-a-thon.
Click here for the Fun Run page


The Principal, teachers, parents and students will love this one. It is a fun fundraiser where the students will be motivated to learn their word lists, which in turn will help them with their reading.
Click here for the Spell-a-thon page


Support Materials

Because we've been around since 1999, we know what co-ordinators need to run a successful fundraiser with the least effort. As part of our commitment to an effortless fundraiser by your co-ordinator, we supply:
- tally systems
- promotional posters
- colour order forms and sponsorship brochures
- incentive prizes for your supporters
- parent's letters
- co-ordinator manuals

Please contact our office on 1300 133 022 for more information on how we can help you with your fundraising plans.

Bill Gaydon

Request your free info pack (640x212)

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There is no affiliation with My School Pty Ltd


Fundraising Ideas for 2015: Schools, childcare and kindy centres, sporting clubs and charity groups will receive special bonus prizes by registering their interest this year in running any one of our Australian Fundraising popular fundraising programs in 2015!

2015 Early Bonus Header

Time is running out for your group to register this year, run any of our fundraising programs in 2015 and receive a series of strong bonus prizes for each of our fundraising programs. The cut off date is 19 December 2014.

AFS_logo_150x78We're your friendly Australian family owned and run fundraising business, not a major multinational. We all work hard and do our best for your families. You can rest assure that if you pre-register this year but have to cancel when 2015 comes around, you're protected by our 100% Cancellation Guarantee where there won't be any penalties whatsoever.


Billy G's Logo_500 (2)
Early Registration Bonus Prizes
TERM 1 (for orders over 104 tubs)
- FREE FREIGHT for deliveries to most locations up to the value of $150
Commence your fundraiser by 27 March with delivery by 24 April for the free freight, or
- 800 Glow Sticks, valued at $160, or
- 300 Motivational Wristbands, valued at $150.

TERMS 2, 3 and 4
- 500 Glow Sticks, valued at $100, or
- 200 Motivational Wristbands, valued at $100.

Our new doggie dough is so popular!

My School Run for Fun Logo (2)
We can look you in the eye and say with all honesty that we provide schools with the most profitable school fun run/walk-a-thon/lap-a-thon fundraising program throughout Australia, together with the most benefits and inclusions. And now our early registration bonus prizes make our program even better for schools!


Early Registration Bonus Prizes
1. No Admin Fee (we never have to be honest)
3. The largest and best selection of student prizes
4. Refreshing Berri Quelch Frozen Juice Sticks for all of your students (we deliver to your school)
5. Your student prizes will be pre-packed into class groups
6. Your highest fundraiser will receive a special reward prize
7. Highest fundraising class prize
8. Free freight/courier costs
9. Online fundraising with Everyday Hero
10. Student sponsorship brochures
11. Student participation certificates
12. Parent letters
13. Promotional posters
14. 200 Motivational Wristbands, valued at $100, or
500 Glow Sticks, valued at $100, or
Spartan Ball Park, valued at $100.
15. $5,000 Cash Draw for using online fundraising
16. $5,000 Cash Draw for participating schools
17. Bali Holiday Family Draw Prize

The profit is based on your school being able to claim back the GST.

Early Registration Bonus Prizes
1. 500 Glow Sticks, valued at $100, or
2. 200 Motivational Wristbands, valued at $100, and
3. Free Highest Fundraiser Prize for Option 1, or
pay only 32.5% (+GST) for Option 1.
The profit is based on your school being able to claim back the GST.

Raffle Gold Coast logo (2)
Early Registration Bonus Prizes
1. 20 Silicon Slap-on fashion watches, valued at $200, or
2. 800 Glow Sticks, valued at $100, or
3. 300 Motivational Wristbands, valued at $150.

The most profitable chocolate fundraiser at $31.25 profit per carry pack
Early Registration Bonus Prizes include iPads, iPods, Coles Myer Gift Cards, Caltex Fuel Cards, free product and more.

Please phone our office on 1300 133 022 if you have any questions, would like to pre-register or to order our free Fundraising Information Pack. You can also request the Information Pack at our website by clicking here:
Request your free info pack (640x212)

You can also pre-register at our website by clicking here:
2015 Early Booking Pre Register Button (250x101) (3)

Details on our programs can be found at our main website.
View more info (640x215)

Billy G Cookie Dough Feedback


What does everyone think about our Billy G's Gourmet Cookie and Biscuit Dough?

"Hello, I was wondering if anyone in my area was fundraising with your amazing cookie dough? I'm in Victoria 3134 (I am willing to drive a far way if necessary lol)!"

"G’day Billy G. Saw a great idea on Facebook showing your cookie dough being used on the outside of a cupcake tin. The end result being a cookie dough shell that could then be filled with ice cream, or whatever else people want to put in it. I mentioned it at work and the Cookie Dough is now in high demand again! Could you please email me a flyer that shows varieties available & how much tubs are? It could be another good way to raise some cancer research funds."

"Put it this way - if I knew someone locally doing a Billy G cookie dough fundraiser I would throw out all the meat I had bought and frozen and replace it with cookie dough. My DP would go mental, but it would be well worth it. Mmmm...cookies... "

"Drool! We had Billy G Cookie Dough at Kindy last year and I sold about 40 million tubs at work, they are that popular. White Choc and Macadamia is our fav but love all of them! Great straight out of the tub... yummo!"

"From start to finish Australian Fundraising was most helpful and diligent at all times. So far this year the Cookie Dough fundraiser has been our most successful (and might I say most delicious).  I had the pleasure of speaking with some of the children this morning who had cookies last night for dessert - they all had the most wonderful reports of the cookies being "soooo yummy". I spoke with a couple of parents also who baked cookies (pretty much as soon as they got home on most accounts) and raved at how easy it was & how some wished they had ordered more tubs (I learnt the hard way the first time too!). Your accounting software is easy to use and makes collating/ordering/packing very easy - thanks! I look forward to "doing it all again" soon." Murarrie State School P&C

"The Billy G’s fundraiser was considered a huge success which exceeded our expectations, not only due to the money we raised but how well supported it was by the school community. Not only did we raise much needed funds for our school, but it was made very easy by being supported by the software package, which took all the hassle out of collating everyone’s order form. Even our few left-overs were in high demand!" Briony Burt

"We are very pleased with the outcome. Firstly with the number of orders and the overall amount raised. Secondly it was so easy to run. It's been terrific. You can pencil us in again for next year." Lindy M, Mt Cotton State School

"We are a school of only 115 students but we sold over 500 tubs of cookie dough; it was so easy to run, your tally software was a delight to use and it was a pleasure to work with your company". Casey B, Bouldercombe Primary School

"It really does sell itself. Plus the incentive prizes are great. Parent's are becoming tired of always having their hand in their pockets for the school, so it's fantastic that we can offer a fundraiser where parent's can purchase cool products and still support the school – talk about win-win. The software made ordering a breeze. We have had all good feedback from our customers and it's nice to see kids with Billy G's cookies in their lunchbox. I would heartily recommend this fundraiser to anyone – it's easy, different and rewarding and supportive. Good onya Billy G!" Alligator Creek State School

"I thought if the school could get 100 tubs ordered I would be happy. You said we would easily get to 400. I am still collecting orders this afternoon and we are over 700 tubs. So easily run and this is one of our most profitable fundraisers in years." Deborah G, Oxley State School

"We were surprised at how much we sold. Basically the cookies sold themselves with very little effort from us which will make it easier when we do it again as people should remember how good they were." Suzanne D, Kurwongbah State School

"Thanks for such a good fundraiser. Everyone loves their cookies and the gifts have all the children happy and excited. Looking forward to next year's fundraiser". Timboon Kindergarten. Sold 256 tubs from 70 forms.

Billy G's Gourmet Cookie Dough - Add a splash of colour



It's no secret that everyone loves our Billy G's Gourmet Cookie and Biscuit Dough, it's always in high demand! We often get customers sending in great tips and ideas and it's time to start sharing and inspiring!

With St Patrick's Day, Easter and Mother's Day fast approaching we have some clever ideas that can easily be achieved with any of the cookie dough products:

  • Add a splash of colour to the dough (for best results use any of the light dough batters). One school did this in their Tuck Shop/Canteen selling pink coloured, heart shaped, Choc Chip cookies and they sold out straight away. They made more for lunch sales and they sold faster than they could bake!
  • Roll the dough flat and cookie-cut shapes to suit themed events.
  • Ice the finished cookies and decorate with icing and sprinkles.
  • Bake egg-shaped cookies ready for Easter.
  • Let the kids bake and decorate cookies to give to Mum on Mother's Day.

Regardless of whether you are making the cookies to enjoy with friends and family, for resale or as a gift - they are sure to be a treat that's in high demand.

Enjoy and keep the stories coming - we love hearing (and sharing) tips and tricks!!!

St Patrick's Day - 17 March
Easter Day - 31 March
Mother's Day - 12 May



Check out the Billy G's Gourmet Cookie Dough range here.

2013 Australian Fundraising Programs - find out what's new!


Our 2013 fundraising programs are now up and running to assist groups raise those valuable and much needed funds. What’s new in 2013:


  • “Win an iPad” Family Fun promotion
  • We issue discount vouchers worth over $140 to those families that support all of our fundraising programs run by groups
  • Free freight for 1st term deliveries of the cookie dough
  • Free $100 of sports balls for booking the My School  Walk or Run For Fun
  • Free freight for the luxury, designer greeting  cards for deliveries to 30 June
  • Free silicone slap watches for raffles booked by 31 March
  • Major bonus prizes for booking Crest Chocolates by 31 March

Product Programs

Click here to view our latest enews release.

There really is a Billy G!

We’ve been asked on numerous occasions...

Is there really a Billy G?

The Gaydon family own and operate Australian School and Club Fundraising Specialists™. We have been involved in the fundraising industry for over 18 years.

Bill Gaydon developed the scrumptious tastes of the Billy G’s Gourmet Cookie and Biscuit Dough range. So, there really is a Billy G!

We have developed the various fundraising programs you see on our website and in our product catalogues and on our website. Together with our team of loyal, knowledgeable and enthusiastic staff we offer our friendly and efficient service in developing your fundraising requirements.

We look forward to hearing from you soon. (If you’re really lucky we might even organise a free sample or two to get you started!)

P.S. The photo was taken at the 2012 Brisbane Ekka by Billy’s daughter, Kylie. Billy G still takes his daughter to the Ekka even after 30 years. It’s a tradition!

Billy G's Cookie Dough is one of the best selling fundraisers in Australia!

Don't take our word for it... even the Billy G's Cookie Dough and Australian Fundraising Facebook walls speak for themselves:

"I'd love to see updates of any customers who are currently selling their fundraising dough, I love this stuff, it's just that I don't know anybody who is fundraising more than once a year... and once a year is not enough for this yummy dough!!" L.R.

"Can u buy your mixtures anywhere else other then fundraisers.. I dont know anyone doing them at the moment.." S.A.

"Love the cookies.... so easy to make and taste beautiful..." C.L.

"YUMMMMMMMMMMMMM!!!! What a treat, William loved rolling the dough, only took us 20 minutes, as a mum I loved that there was NO MESS!! Thanks Billy G!" M.W.

"Hi is there any schools near mackay fundraisin so i can buy another tub! its beauitful stuff." S.D.

"We are a school of only 115 students but we sold over 500 tubs of cookie dough; it was so easy to run, your tally software was a delight to use and it was a pleasure to work with your company".

What are you waiting for?! Learn more here.

Discount vouchers to help increase fundraising profits



For each of our fundraising programs utilised by your group, we will supply a discount voucher sheet to all of your families/participants who support your fundraisers.

This is a terrific offer. For instance, when your participants/families buy/sell just one tub of cookie dough for $16 or raise $10 in the My School Walk Or Run for Fun program they will receive over $140 in discount vouchers. Everyone is a winner when they support your fundraiser!

This should increase the support for your fundraisers which in turn will increase your profits for no extra effort on your part.

The vouchers will be despatched to you with the prizes or product and are available all year round.

View a sample of the discount voucher here. (PDF)

Fundraising programs that include FREE discount vouchers include:

  • Billy G's Gourmet Cookie and Biscuit Dough
  • My School Walk or Run for Fun
  • All four (4) raffle programs
  • My Card Shop in a Box
  • Cancer Council Sunscreen Fundraiser
  • Scratch and Support

Contact us for more details or you can easily book the fundrasier of your choice online.