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Fundraising Ideas for Childcares

Childcare programs and institutions are greatly significant in building a better future for many children. However, many of them operate on limited resources which make program management and implementation highly challenging. This is why many childcare facilities are resorting to fundraising activities to help them generate sufficient funds for sustainable program implementation and create more profound programs for the children in their care.

There are lots of fundraising activities that can be designed to be compatible with child cares. Some activities perfectly capture the immediate market and suit the nature of the childcare activities themselves for kids and kids at heart.

Here are some of the most popular fundraising ideas for child cares:

1. Cookie Dough Fundraiser

This fundraising activity has been adopted by many organisations and institutions. Today, the Billy G’s Cookie Dough is still a very popular fundraiser as it’s an order form drive so there’s no associated risk and it is a very lucrative source of funding. For each tub sold the organisation makes a $3.50 profit per tub. Plus, the cookie dough is very delicious and so simple to use.

2. Bag Gardens

Bag gardens are very popular. This is an environmentally- friendly fundraising event that a childcare facility can organise. The kids could help sell the garden bags in the neighbourhood and to other people. Additionally, the facility can organise a planting activity where sponsors pay for every garden bag that the kids will plant.

3. Dinner and Entertainment

Dinners for a Cause are widely known to many as they are held for various causes. Make your dinner for a cause even more fun, exciting, and endearing by having an entertainment program where the kids will be the performers. This will surely become a hit as many people love kids when they perform.

4. Seasonal Celebration Brunch

If dinners can be held too late for the kids to participate in, why not hold special fundraising brunches? Seasonal celebration brunches are perfect for occasions such as Valentine’s Day, Mothers’ Day, Fathers’ Day, or any other special family occasion. Kids can play a part in the program by performing, which families will truly enjoy and be proud of.

5. Calendar or Greeting Cards

Turn the kids’ artwork into calendars and greeting cards and they will be sure to sell like hotcakes. Have the students create some art and then gather and potentially refurbish them to turn them into greeting cards’ covers or calendars’ background. While this can seem like a lot of work, it can yield generous profits.

There are lots of ways to raise money for a child care centre, even if you do not have the capital to start off. There are many websites and products found online that you can get inspired by and check out for your next fundraising event.

When Organising Fundraising for Child Cares…

Always remember that the success of your fundraising activity lies in the interest and cooperation, not only of the families of the children, but of the whole community as well.

It is not hard to convince people to support this kind of program, especially if they see and feel the need to support and help. Make your announcements heartwarming and creative. Make your messaging appealing to the hearts of people. If they see and understand your needs, they will surely help you.

Moreover, you are not limited to the number of fundraising activities you can do in a year. If a project is really big, make it the cause of a series of monthly or quarterly fundraising activities and you will be able to gather the money in due time.

Encouraging New Volunteers To Participate In Fundraising Activities

Volunteers are the heart and soul of any organisation. The hard work they offer and the smiles they show when performing tasks make every good fundraising head or organisation leader keep on pursuing the goals that were set for the entire group. Their support and volunteerism transcend beyond the tasks and chores into creating additional motivation and inspiration within and outside of the organisation.

Volunteering is not only done by those who have a lot of idle time in their hands, but also those who want to make a difference within their communities and the lives of other people through sharing their skills, talents, and help.

While volunteering remains a big deal for millennials, there are some organisations that struggle to inspire their new volunteers to participate. This could be the result of various reasons, but their effects are common:

  • Low energy and enthusiasm in doing tasks.
  • Low morale of the volunteers resulting in a sombre atmosphere.
  • Some volunteers not returning after an event.
  • Low production of creative insights and ideas.
  • Lack of room for building good relationships among people inside the organisation.
  • Eventual lack of inspiration and motivation in pursuing volunteering.

Encourage Fundraising Participation with These Tips

To bring back the magic and excitement among your volunteers in your organisation, you need to infuse fun, passion, and enthusiasm into your new volunteer recruits. Here are some of the proven effective ways to do it.

1. Bank on Their Reason for Volunteering

If you want to inspire them more and make them more passionate about what they do, you need to have a clear understanding of why they volunteer. People have different reasons aside from really wanting to help. Some of them may also want to meet people and make friends with other people, some want to grow their professional network, some want to learn new skills, and some just want to feel a sense of purpose. By learning about their motivators, you can make use of them to improve their engagement and encourage their motivation.

2. Communicate

Communication is very important between organisers and volunteers. To encourage and motivate your new volunteers, make sure that you take the time to talk to them. Make it a habit to initiate a discussion with your volunteers every once in a while, just to catch up. When you talk to them, they will feel a sense of belongingness and eventually will feel the need to be more participative as they are a significant part of the organisation.

3. Say Thank You

A grateful heart can never go wrong. These volunteers can choose to spend their time doing something else or even volunteering somewhere else. Take the time to thank them not only on your volunteers’ orientation day but for every task they accomplish. It feels good when someone recognises and appreciates your efforts and it makes you feel more passionate to do a better job.

4. Show Respect

Volunteers feel valued when they get respect for the things that they do. Do not let small mistakes get in the way of respecting each other. Moreover, respect their time and never show up late. Respecting someone helps them build self-confidence that will later show in their performance.

5. Tell Them The Benefits of Volunteering

This is not only for those people who easily say, “what’s in it for me?” but also for those who have unselfishly volunteered for your organisation. Tell them what they can get by volunteering. This could spark motivation even for those who just wanted to help. They can learn new skills, meet new people, and get many benefits just by volunteering and they ought to know about it so they can maximise their time and be more enthusiastic about what they do.

6. Give Social Recognition

While there are those who do not really need any public or social recognition, going the extra mile and doing it anyway will inspire them even more. It will serve as a reminder that they are making the right choice of volunteering. This could also be a great way to encourage others to volunteer. An organisation that commends the work of their people often gets a stream of volunteers for every activity. It is like a badge of honour.

When trying to get new volunteers or inspiring new recruits, be sure to make them understand and feel the significance of what they and your organisation do. It is the single most powerful recruiting and motivating factor that draws people near and keeps them together.

Fundraising Ideas for Sports Clubs

Sports clubs provide an avenue for athletes to improve their skills and join in organised competitions. While the idea of managing a sports club may sound exciting for any sports enthusiast, it is not always a fun job. Sports club management comes with big responsibilities and money is one of them. For sports clubs to join competitions, buy sports equipment, and sustain training expenses; they must have sufficient funds.

Organising fundraising is one way to secure money for the needs of a sports club, an activity that is fun and productive that can even strengthen the bonding between teammates.

Some of the most popular fundraising ideas for Sports Clubs:

1. Carwashes

Perhaps the most popular fundraising activity for sports clubs is a carwash fundraiser. Every member of the team can get involved in this activity. Team members will be the ones washing cars. This is a low- cost starter activity because you only need some sponges, buckets,  and rags or towels. However, ensure the timing of the activity as no one would want to volunteer washing cars during winter. Try pre-season schedules instead.

2. BBQ at the Club Headquarters

If your club headquarters has a big outdoor space, a barbecue fundraiser can be a good option for you. Invite family, friends, neighbors, and supporters to come and have barbecue dinner with the team. Team members can either be the one cooking the barbecue or serving the guests, depending on their age, of course.

3. Walkathon

Promote fitness and wellness while raising money for your club through walkathons. It is a very popular fundraising activity where you can gather money from participants’ registration fee and donations from sponsors in exchange for some promotional arrangements. Walkathons are best held during weekends.

4. Hold a Tournament

Raise funds doing what you do best. Holding a tournament on your sports expertise is a great way to engage people and let them appreciate the sports you practice. You can also inspire people in trying out this particular sport and attract sports enthusiasts and amateur players.

5. Raffles

Ask for donations from family and supporters and organise a raffle draw during one of your games. This will work both ways, not only as a fundraiser but also in drawing more people to your games. Encourage neighbours and friends to come, watch the game, and join the raffle.

6. Rent-An-Athlete

This is becoming a very popular fundraising activity. People can hire your athletes to do some chores like mowing the lawn, delivering some things, setting up a Christmas tree and many others. Just make sure that terms and conditions are set well for the satisfaction of both parties.

When Organising a Fundraising...

Remember the following:

  • Set a goal amount that you want to raise. It will help you come up with the right fundraiser to gather the necessary funds.
  • Make sure to allocate ample time to prepare for the activity. Plan well and execute as planned.
  • Be mindful of your timeline as the holding of the activity must be of the right timing. Make sure that you have a doable timetable to execute your plans.
  • Setup administrative systems especially if you are looking at raising a considerable amount of money. Records must be kept appropriately and reporting must be regular to keep track and monitor the progress of the fundraising.
  • If you will source out raw materials for your activity, make sure to order or purchase it from reputable sources. This will ensure the quality of your event and the satisfaction of the participants.
  • Safety must come first for your team members, volunteers, and participants. Make sure that you have the right security and safety system established before, during and after the activity proper.

Raising funds for a sports club can be challenging, but it can also be a fun and great way to accomplish many things. Through it, you can help the community, promote good health, improve relationships among family and friends, and create an impact that the whole community will appreciate.

Billy G's Gourmet Cookie Dough - Gold Coast Promotion Winner

Billy G's Gourmet Cookie Dough - Gold Coast Promotion Winner

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4 School Fundraising Ideas That Guarantee Success in Australia

4 School Fundraising Ideas That Guarantee Success in Australia

Fundraising activities remain as the top method in generating funds for various academic projects and programs. In Australia, thousands of dollars are generated every year from different events organised by different schools in the country. This benefits countless schools and students in terms of academic programs and support that are as greatly helpful for their education.

What Makes A Successful School Fundraiser?

There are different determining factors for a successful fundraiser, depending on the type of activity and its general goals. However,there are common metrics at which fundraisers success is measured. This includes programming, participation, and profitability.

Programming for a successful school fundraiser is one that is carefully thought of and well-loved by the participants. These programs are not only feasible activities to raise money but they also provide value to the participants and one that they really enjoyed being part of.

The number of sponsors and people who participated in your event is an indication of its success or failure. If you have reached your target number of participants or more, then you were definitely successful.  

Finally, and perhaps more importantly, the amount of money you raised in the fundraiser or activity and the money you have left after deducting costs and other expenses.

Top School Fundraising Ideas In Australia

Among the many types of school fundraisers that you can organize in your schools, there are some that have been proven and tested to yield a successful outcome. These fundraiser ideas were utilised by many schools in Australia and have helped them greatly in getting the money they want to raise.

1. School Fun Run

Some may think this is already old school, but fun runs remain to be among the top fundraiser ideas that guarantee success and profitability. Its programming and preparation are very easy and people are really interested in running to help a good cause. As well, it requires no big money up front so there’s no need for a starter fund.

2. Cookie Dough Fundraiser

In Australia, cookie dough fundraising is among the top choices in fundraising campaigns with the potential to yield big profits. Billy G’s Cookie Dough, one of Australia’s favourite fundraiser is an order form drive, there’s no upfront costs making it easier for organisers to start.

3. Raffle Fundraisers

Raffles are very easy to organise and can be started with no upfront cost, as well. It works by selling raffle tickets at specific prices which will be drawn on a specified date. Winning tickets receive prizes from the organisers.

4. Colour Explosions

Colour Explosion is a fundraising activity that is very much growing in terms of popularity. This dynamic, interactive, and colourful event is very popular among schools Australia wide. Safe and colourful vibrant powder is thrown over the children while they walk or run through a course. Australian Fundraising will put big smiles on over 400,000 students this year.

7 Success Factors In Fundraising Planning

Planning a fundraising can be pretty challenging, especially for newbies. Experienced fundraising organisers understand that there are certain factors involved to ensure that any fundraising plans will push through successfully. As well, it ensures that no matter what hitches surface along the way, will be immediately addressed and resolved.

By understanding these success factors and making the efforts to achieve them, you are greatly reducing the chances of failure. In the end, this benefits not only the organisers but everyone in general including and most importantly the cause and the participants of the activity.

Success factors needed for planning a fundraising

Here are the different factors that impact your fundraising planning and which are highly valuable tools in achieving your goals.

1. Inspiring vision and a worthy cause

Fundraising should be more about the cause and vision of the campaign than about the organisers, participants or the activity. Although these things are also very important. All else will fail unless your vision for the school or community is really worthy of the time and investments of people. That being said, it is important that the community understands the vision and goals of the campaign and that they develop a special interest in the cause.

2. Organisational leadership

Unless you have someone to lead the campaign with the right skill sets in events organising, you are at risk of failing. Organisation leadership is a technical skill that is developed overtime. It is the ability to handle all phases of the event effectively and the skill to gather and instruct the right people to help you in your cause.

3. Efficient planning methodology

The method of planning is obviously crucial in the planning stage of the campaign. Understanding the concepts of planning at different levels is very important. This means that you need to determine who will be the one to sit down during certain parts of the planning and what needs to be discussed. Involving a small number of people could limit the ideas while too many people may only cause distractions.

4. Financial management skills

Planning for a fundraising involves money management. You need to have a clear understanding of the expenses, income, fund sourcing, and other financial matters related to the event. Lacking the ability to foresee these things will limit your opportunity to maximize the campaign and raise sufficient money for your cause.

5. Spirit of volunteerism

Fundraising is not a one-man show. It requires the efforts of a group of people who have the heart and skill to facilitate and run an activity. An active spirit of volunteerism in the community or inspiring volunteerism among peers is important to get the right people on the ship towards a successful campaign.

6. Impactful public relations

Fundraising is all about people. Understanding how to communicate effectively with the general public is an integral part of fundraising planning. It is very helpful in recruiting volunteers, approaching potential sponsors, and reaching participants to ensure that the campaigns get as much support as possible.

7. Supportive community

All efforts in a fundraising plan can be wasted if the community is not responsive to the call of the cause. A supportive community is very important as they constitute the biggest part of the success of a fundraising activity. Having a community that understands and supports your cause makes planning easier for a successful campaign.

By knowing, understanding, and working with these success factors, there is a very slim chance for your fundraising activity to fail. Consequently, having the right strategy to ensure these factors is very important. Your fundraising success is as good as your planning and preparations.

9 Success Factors In A Fundraising Plan

9 Success Factors In A Fundraising Plan

A fundraising plan is always a challenge. It requires patience, persistence, optimism, and arduous work. You must look for people who share your vision and contribute well.

The success of your fundraiser is in the planning. You and your team should be focused because the goal is to raise the money you need for your cause. Because of this, you need to consider the following fundraising plan success factors:

1. The purpose of the fundraising event

Take a moment to decide the purpose of your event. It is common to have several goals. Once you determine the purpose or purposes of your event, the rest of the details are easier to formulate.

2. The money

Since it is a fundraising event, you should set a certain net amount you want to raise. The net amount is the money left after the deduction of all the necessary expenses. Everything in your event should be dedicated to raising money so that by its end, you have the money you want for your cause.

3. The event’s budget

This is a vital factor in planning your fundraiser. You should also think about setting aside a budget for unforeseen costs during the event. Keep your net fundraising goal in mind as you formulate your budget.

4. The target

You must also decide who is invited to participate in your upcoming event. Is it an event for students, parents, local community?

5. The event’s set-up

This is an area that involves the venue, the food, the entertainment,and the sequence of events that will transpire during the event.

6. The marketing strategy

Like any other new event or product, your fundraiser should reach its target audience. Through clever marketing, you have the opportunity to convince people that your event and your cause are worth their money and time. In spreading the word, use social media, emails, a fundraising network and word of mouth.

7. The sales strategy

You should have a process for accepting donations. Online fundraising is critical to the success of many fundraising events for accepting donations online. Don’t forget to assign someone who will organise information, both incoming and outgoing.

8. The practice run

Make sure that everyone is there when your team gives out the assignments ahead of time. Once each person knows what to do, you should give the flow of the event. If your event is large, you should have a practice run of everything to make certain that everything happens accordingly. Don’t forget to prepare for unexpected emergencies.

9. The clean up and expression of gratitude

It is always important to say “Thank you” to those who helped put together your fundraising event. Thank you notes mean a lot to those who were involved in the event, even if the task was very small. Donors appreciate this gesture. If they are happy after your event, you could ask them for help again on your next fundraiser.

The given fundraising plan success factors have always been helpful in organising school fundraisers. Even if everything seems tedious, do your best to engage with your participants and guests.

Enjoy the event. At the same time, use your social media accounts to promote and share the fun. The true success of your fundraiser is in the cooperation of everyone involved and in the proper execution of your fundraising plan.