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Fundraising Advice for Beginners

Fundraising Advice for Beginners

If you are just a beginner in the field of fundraising, then it is a wise idea to learn about what others have done before you. This article presents some practical advice for those who are just starting out in the fundraising world:

1. Consider tried and tested methods.
Are you one of those people who are not interested in doing things that have been done in the past? If so, then you might be missing out on something good. Just because something has been done before, it does not necessarily mean that it would not work any more. Sending out letters through snail mail might sound old-fashioned, but there are many people who would actually appreciate receiving a printed letter instead of an email. They would be excited to see what you have to stay, and who knows? They just might respond to your request.

2. Do not be afraid to take risks.
There is no such thing as “guaranteed success” in fundraising. There will always be risks, and that is okay. Remember that behind every big success is a small, risky idea. In other words, do not be afraid to innovate and to take the plunge. Go out ont that limb! If you are not willing to be risky once in a while, then that only narrows down your opportunities for growth and success. And that would put you in a bigger risk than you started out with in the first place.

3. Be aware of jumping on the bandwagon.
This is a tricky one. What worked for others may not necessarily work out in the same way for you. Take the case of the Haiti earthquake a few years back, for example. After the quake, Red Cross was able to raise millions of dollars through text messaging. All of a sudden, hundreds of other organizations were eager to try the text donation method. The same goes for the “yellow wristband” phenomenon. When they became popular, almost everybody wanted to print out their own wristbands in different colors. In both cases, the trend quickly became old and outdated. That is what happens when everybody seems to be doing the same thing.

So now, which path should you take -- the old-fashioned way or the latest big thing? The secret lies in being able to strike a balance between the two paths. On one hand, an old-fashioned method (e.g. snail mail) does not necessarily mean it is outdated and wouldn’t work. On the other hand, the latest fad -- as popular as it might be today -- might just as quickly be gone tomorrow. Whichever way you go, there will always be risks. Still, you should not let those risks hinder you from trying. The bottom line is to be aware of the best practices (both old and new); nevertheless, do not be afraid to carry out some new fundraising methods of your own.

The Old And New Fundraising Tactics

In this day and age, technology has made fundraising much easier as organisations can reach out to prospect through various methods such as using mobile device, social media and many others. While adopting modern tactics can help you gain a competitive advantage, it does not necessarily mean you should take old tactics for granted. Good fundraisers do not necessarily use new tactics rather they choose to listen to their audience and experiment with available tactics. Seasoned fundraisers also know that the luxury of experimentation may not always be possible. It is imperative that you start with the basics so you will know which strategy works for your prospects. Without a doubt rules have also changed in fundraising.

It is also necessary to evaluate both old and new tactics as this allows you to give fair consideration. Although it is tempting to use the latest and greatest technology, your organisation should not also lose sight of traditional but effective ways of attracting donors. It is still important that you evaluate both old and new approaches for you to find out which ones work for you.

Old Tactics

Events:Invite prospects to a fundraising event such as walks or galas. This approach has been an effective fundraising tool for many years. Fundraising events provide donors a venue to interact and learn about your organisation.

Direct Mail: Most organisations still consider direct mail an effective way to communicate with donors. Aside from the fact that it is a less expensive tactic, it is also considered effective. Older donors also prefer direct mail. When using direct mail as a tactic, make sure you compose a fundraising letter that creates a powerful impact on your prospects.

Door-to-door: While the use of door-to-door fundraising has diminished over the years, many organisations have still utilised this approach successfully.

New Tactics

Online Videos:These days online videos are an effective tool in educating prospects. Since it is easy to creat, any organisation can spark a viral campaign if proper techniques are employed.

Social Networking:Almost everyone turns to social media when it comes to finding out about the latest event because this is the venue that increases awareness. If you are going to use this as a medium for gathering supporters, you will be able to expand your geographical reach as your audience is most likely to recommend your product or brand.

Blogging:Another tactic that provides a way for organisations to communicate with existing donors and new prospects is through blogging. It has become an acceptable communication tool that allows donors to know more about the things your organisation can offer.

Winners of our major fundraising promotions

We are pleased to announce the winners of our fundraising product promotions for 2014:

$5,000 CASH PRIZE for organisations that ran our Billy G's Gourmet Cookie and Biscuit Dough or Crest Chocolates: WINNER - Murray Bridge South Primary School

WIN BACK THE COST OF YOUR RAFFLE for organisations that ran one of our raffle fundraisers: WINNER - Cudal Public School

$5,000 HART SPORT VOUCHER  for schools that ran our School Walk or Run Fun fundraiser: Geham State School


Congratulations to the organisations that have won and thank you to all the organisations that ran one or more of our fundraising program in 2014. We hope to have you back in 2015 with numerous upgrades to our fundraisers for 2015n and a new Bali Promotion.

Winner of our Family Holiday Fundraiser Promotion

Winners of our 2015 Family Holiday Promotion
Each year we run a major family holiday promotion whereby families who support their organisation's fundraisers can go into a draw to win a family holiday at a much sought after destination and staying in high class accommodation. This promotion is offered with the goal of increasing participation from the families and supporters in the organisations that use our various fundraising programs.

We are very pleased to announce that this year's winner is the Hallet family from St Augustine's College (Kyabram). St. Augustine's College ran our always popular Gold Coast raffle fundraiser. Our sincere thank you go to the Hallets and other families that supported their organisation's fundraisers.

I hope there aren't too many fights within the family as they have the big decision of selecting from:
GOLD COAST - Staying at Sea World Resort & Water Park with entries to Sea World, Warner Bros. Movie World and Wet 'n' Wild Water Park. Also included is a $1,000 Virgin Australia voucher and $1,000 spending money.
HAMILTON ISLAND - Staying at the Reef Hotel, full breakfast daily, Kids Stay and Eat Free. Also included is a $1,500 Virgin Australia voucher and $1,000 spending money.
FIJI - Staying at the Sheraton Fiji Resort, full breakfast daily, Kids Play Free at the  Lai Lai Kids' Club, Kids Dining Discount meals. Also included is a $2,000 Virgin Australia voucher and $1,000 spending money.

Which holiday would you select?


2015 Family Holiday Promotion - BALI
Bali Holiday In logo
Bali monastryBali Guest Room 3 (2)

Next year we will be offering the new Holiday Inn Bali Benoa Resort as the destination for the Family Holiday Promotion. Unlike other promotions, there are no black out periods, and the winners can use it over school holidays throughout the year. There is a $30 per night surcharge for the peak period of 25 December 2015 - 7 January 2016.

It is for seven (7) nights. Accommodation is in a Family Connecting Room consisting of two rooms: a King Room connecting with a Twin room for the children. The holiday is for two (2) adults and three (3) children.

Inclusions at the Resort include:
- full buffet breakfast for all
- free WiFi
- use of four (4) pools including a kid's pool
- Kids eat Free
- complimentary use of the Kid's Club

Also included is a $2,000 Virgin Australia voucher and $1,000 spending money.

Australian Fundraising is a dedicated fundraising supply company. Our mission is to assist organisations run successful fundraisers when using our various fundraising programs and services.
Our fundraising programs include:
Billy G's Gourmet Cookie and Biscuit Dough
School Walk and Run for Fun
School Spell-a-thon
Five self-run Raffle Fundraisers
Crest Chocolates
Scratch & Support Fundraising Cards

Please don't hesitate to contact our office on 1300 133 022 if we can be of assistance or you can request a Fundraising Information Pack at our website.


Wishing you, your family and friends a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.



Planning your fundraising ideas and running your fundraising plans!

Assistance with planning your fundraising ideas and running your fundraising plans!

Have you heard of the saying: You can have a million $ idea but unless you implement it successfully it is worthless.

Planning is essential for a successful fundraiser
If you're new to the role of fundraising coordinator, life will be much simpler when you adequately plan your fundraising events and programs through the various stages of setting them up, running and completing them. If you're an old hand at fundraising, I can assure you there's always something new you will find that will help you!


What Australian Fundraising can do for you?
Australian Fundraising is a ONE STOP SHOP for fundraising coordinators. Over the last 15 years we have established our own collection of successful fundraising programs.

But just as importantly, we have developed and supply a range of knowledge, materials and services that substantially supports fundraising coordinators in their quest to run successful and profitable fundraisers in an easy and efficient manner. When you're successful, we're successful!

We can help you develop a strategy for various fundraising programs and events throughout the year or season. We take into account your budget, location, the size and type of your group and past successes and failures.

View more info (640x215)

Elements to Planning
You can easily download two free Fundraising Planning Guides at the Free Tools section on our website (see below). Without going into too much detail here, I set out some commentary on each of the planning elements. But there is nothing better than a bit of a chin wag with our team of friendly and helpful consultants. We're ready to talk to you on 1300 133 022.

Request your free info pack (640x212)

Setting goals for your budget
- What is your budget?
- What improvements do your group want to accomplish from the monies raised?
Selecting your fundraising products, services and events
- Do you have to pay up front?
- Do they take back unsold stock?
- What profit do you make? For instance, with Fun Run/Athon suppliers which company provides the highest % profit AND the most benefits? Do your research, don't take things on face value.
- Do they supply printed order forms?
- Do they provide incentive prizes?
- Do they supply an accounting, record keeping and order system?
- Do they supply promotional posters?
Planning the timing of your fundraising programs and events throughout the year
- Develop a calendar in conjunction with events at the school
- Some products work better in warmer months vs colder months
- Plan around your "staple" fundraisers such as Mother's and Father's Day stalls
- Don't run two fundraisers together and too close to each other
- Don't run too many fundraisers as your families will cease supporting you
- Don't run over the school holidays
Securing helpers to assist your fundraising co-ordinator
- Your coordinator can't do it all
- Secure helpers on the basis that they will assist for a particular fundraiser not all fundraisers unless they're prepared to do so
Setting up your fundraiser
- Work out your start date and where and when monies and orders are to be returned
- Don't give your parents too much time. They'll just sit on it!
- Plan quantities required based on your number of families
- Organise for the receipt of order/sponsorship brochures at least two weeks before you want to hand them out
- Print off your accompanying parent's letters two weeks hand out
Promoting the fundraiser to your families and supporters
- About a week before the start, send home a letter and enewsletter about the forthcoming fundraiser
- Attach an information letter with the order/sponsorship brochures advising the reason for the fundraiser, the products and program on offer, date and location of monies, prize incentive details
- Organise a kick-off session at a school parade
- Put up promotional posters throughout the school or club
- The information letters, enewsletters and parade must include a safety message
Maintaining excitement for the duration of the fundraiser
- Send home reminder letters and enewsletters during the fundraiser
- Remind students at subsequent parades
- Consider little prizes handed out on parade each week for various achievements
Implement sound accounting and money record keeping systems
- Have a second person assist in the collection of monies
- Ensure money is banked daily
- Use an easy to use tally program that records monies and orders received and which automatically produces your order for the supplier
- Because of privacy reasons, ensure the tally program you are provided with doesn't allow the retention of student's names by the supplier or third party. That's why at Australian Fundraising we don't put our Tally System up on our website for use by groups but instead provide groups with a System they place on their own computer
Thank your helpers and supporters
- Send home a letter and enewsletter thanking your families for supporting your fundraiser
- Shout your helpers to a luncheon as a thank you for their support and assistance. Or give them a bunch of flowers.

I trust the above is of some assistance. We are here to support you so please don't hesitate to contact us on 1300 133 022.

Download planning guides:
Fundraising Planning Guide. Click here
The Ultimate Australian Fundraising Planning Guide. Click here

You can view our products and services at our website. Click here
Our products include:
Billy G's Gourmet Cookie and Biscuit Dough. Click here
School Walk or Run For Fun Sponsorship Program. Click here
School Spell-a-thon Sponsorship Program. Click here
Six great raffles (Gold Coast, Hamilton Island, Bali, Fiji, Rydges Hotels and Resorts, New Zealand). Click here
Crest Chocolates

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Request your free info pack (640x212)


Choosing Fundraising Ideas, Fundraising Programs and Events

Looking for fundraising ideas and programs for your school, child care centre, sporting club and community group?

There are so many options such as a cookie dough drive, fun runs, walk-a-thons, spell-a-thons, kick-a-thons, fancy dress day, sausage sizzle, movie night, chocolate drive, car boot sale, raffles, fetes and fairs, cent auction, plates, discos, trivia night, Mother's Day/Father's Day stalls and much more.

And with so many co-ordinators working and being time poor, in so many cases you need to use the services of an outside fundraising company that supply products and services and can assist you in setting up your fundraisers.

Don't do too much!
Before we get into too much detail, a word of caution: don't run too many fundraisers as you will alienate your parents and supporters and they will cease supporting your fundraisers? And also your co-ordinator will get burnt out. It is best to run a major fundraiser per term than 5-6 smaller fundraisers.

We've been around since 1999
We're plugging our own products and services but at Australian Fundraising we've been in fundraising since 1999, have developed a range of highly successful fundraising programs, supply all of the materials and services you require to run a successful campaign and we're dedicated to the success of your fundraisers. We're a proud family owned and run business, not a multinational. With the support of our friendly and knowledgeable staff, we all do our best and work hard for your families.
Please click here to view our website.


No Money Up Front
I'm sure it will be refreshing for you to know that your group doesn't need to pay any money up front to commence our fundraisers if your group is a school, registered sporting club, child care centre or other approved groups.

I'll talk about budgets, setting targets, calendars, promoting your fundraisers in a further article.


Raffles - a major fundraiser for schools, sporting clubs and charity groups, and also ideal for school fetes 
Why not go back to basics and run a raffle? But not just any raffle, a major one with a much sought after holiday destination with the winners staying in top class accommodation! And where all of the personalised raffle tickets, holiday prize, promotional posters and ticket tally systems are provided!

There are several raffle choices: Sea World Resort & Water Park on the Gold Coast including theme park entries, Reef Hotel on Hamilton Island, Sheraton Fiji, Holiday Inn Benoa in Bali, Rydges Hotels and Resorts in Australia and New Zealand. Inclusions can include free daily buffet breakfast and Kids Eat & Stay Free where applicable.

Work out your start and end dates, the date and location for your draw and we set it all up for you!

Click here to go to our raffle page and then to the raffle that you are interested in.

Billy G's Gourmet Cookie and Biscuit Dough
There are certain products that over the years have become well known fundraisers. Billy G's Cookie Dough is one of them.
Great for schools, child care centres, sporting clubs and community groups.

Everybody loves Billy G's Gourmet Cookie and Biscuit Dough. That's my ugly face on the tub! It's our own recipe, made in Australia and I think it is the best tasting on the market, both here and in the USA. That's a pretty big call but it is a great tasting product.

There are 8 flavours including Choc Chunk, White Choc Macadamia, Gluten Free and the pooches of Australia are all in favour of our new Doggie Dough! You can store it in either your freezer or refrigerator and it can be refrozen.

It is an easy fundraiser being an order form drive and your families get their orders and payments up front from families and friends. We supply the order forms for your families and supporters, parent's letters promotional posters, prizes for your sellers and an easy to use order system that automatically produce your cookie dough order for us to supply to you.

Click here for the cookie dough page

These have been around for donkey years but funnily enough we come across so many schools that don't do them. Perhaps it's because they take so long to finalise when run as a cent/$ donation per lap or word and the kids have to go back to all of their sponsors after the event to collect their sponsorship $. And the co-ordinators have to source all of the incentive prizes.

We've made it a breeze to set-up and run an a-thon: our a-thon fundraising system includes the kids getting their sponsorship $ up front as a donation, we supply all of the sponsorship brochures and posters, an easy to use tally system and a very strong prize program with over 70 prizes on offer to the students.

You'll be so surprised how much money you will make as your profit can be as high as 70% with absolutely no other outlays for admin, prizes, brochures, freight. And when you also use online fundraising your profits will rise even further.

Fun Run/Walk-a-thon/Lap-a-thon

It is so easy to run our athon fundraiser as a school fun run when combined with your school's cross country. If this is not possible, schools and sporting clubs run a walk-a-thon/lap-a-thon around their oval and sporting clubs will also run a kick-a-thon or goal-a-thon.
Click here for the Fun Run page


The Principal, teachers, parents and students will love this one. It is a fun fundraiser where the students will be motivated to learn their word lists, which in turn will help them with their reading.
Click here for the Spell-a-thon page


Support Materials

Because we've been around since 1999, we know what co-ordinators need to run a successful fundraiser with the least effort. As part of our commitment to an effortless fundraiser by your co-ordinator, we supply:
- tally systems
- promotional posters
- colour order forms and sponsorship brochures
- incentive prizes for your supporters
- parent's letters
- co-ordinator manuals

Please contact our office on 1300 133 022 for more information on how we can help you with your fundraising plans.

Bill Gaydon

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There is no affiliation with My School Pty Ltd


Fundraising Ideas for 2015: Schools, childcare and kindy centres, sporting clubs and charity groups will receive special bonus prizes by registering their interest this year in running any one of our Australian Fundraising popular fundraising programs in 2015!

2015 Early Bonus Header

Time is running out for your group to register this year, run any of our fundraising programs in 2015 and receive a series of strong bonus prizes for each of our fundraising programs. The cut off date is 19 December 2014.

AFS_logo_150x78We're your friendly Australian family owned and run fundraising business, not a major multinational. We all work hard and do our best for your families. You can rest assure that if you pre-register this year but have to cancel when 2015 comes around, you're protected by our 100% Cancellation Guarantee where there won't be any penalties whatsoever.


Billy G's Logo_500 (2)
Early Registration Bonus Prizes
TERM 1 (for orders over 104 tubs)
- FREE FREIGHT for deliveries to most locations up to the value of $150
Commence your fundraiser by 27 March with delivery by 24 April for the free freight, or
- 800 Glow Sticks, valued at $160, or
- 300 Motivational Wristbands, valued at $150.

TERMS 2, 3 and 4
- 500 Glow Sticks, valued at $100, or
- 200 Motivational Wristbands, valued at $100.

Our new doggie dough is so popular!

My School Run for Fun Logo (2)
We can look you in the eye and say with all honesty that we provide schools with the most profitable school fun run/walk-a-thon/lap-a-thon fundraising program throughout Australia, together with the most benefits and inclusions. And now our early registration bonus prizes make our program even better for schools!


Early Registration Bonus Prizes
1. No Admin Fee (we never have to be honest)
3. The largest and best selection of student prizes
4. Refreshing Berri Quelch Frozen Juice Sticks for all of your students (we deliver to your school)
5. Your student prizes will be pre-packed into class groups
6. Your highest fundraiser will receive a special reward prize
7. Highest fundraising class prize
8. Free freight/courier costs
9. Online fundraising with Everyday Hero
10. Student sponsorship brochures
11. Student participation certificates
12. Parent letters
13. Promotional posters
14. 200 Motivational Wristbands, valued at $100, or
500 Glow Sticks, valued at $100, or
Spartan Ball Park, valued at $100.
15. $5,000 Cash Draw for using online fundraising
16. $5,000 Cash Draw for participating schools
17. Bali Holiday Family Draw Prize

The profit is based on your school being able to claim back the GST.

Early Registration Bonus Prizes
1. 500 Glow Sticks, valued at $100, or
2. 200 Motivational Wristbands, valued at $100, and
3. Free Highest Fundraiser Prize for Option 1, or
pay only 32.5% (+GST) for Option 1.
The profit is based on your school being able to claim back the GST.

Raffle Gold Coast logo (2)
Early Registration Bonus Prizes
1. 20 Silicon Slap-on fashion watches, valued at $200, or
2. 800 Glow Sticks, valued at $100, or
3. 300 Motivational Wristbands, valued at $150.

The most profitable chocolate fundraiser at $31.25 profit per carry pack
Early Registration Bonus Prizes include iPads, iPods, Coles Myer Gift Cards, Caltex Fuel Cards, free product and more.

Please phone our office on 1300 133 022 if you have any questions, would like to pre-register or to order our free Fundraising Information Pack. You can also request the Information Pack at our website by clicking here:
Request your free info pack (640x212)

You can also pre-register at our website by clicking here:
2015 Early Booking Pre Register Button (250x101) (3)

Details on our programs can be found at our main website.
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New Fundraiser: Bali Holiday Raffle

New Fundraiser: Bali Family Holiday Raffle

Looking for new Fundraising ideas in 2015? Our new Bali Raffle will greatly assist your group achieve your fundraising target!
Bali Raffle logoBali monastry

Our new Bali Raffle is ideal for schools as a major fundraiser and as a fete raffle, for sporting clubs and charity events. It is your own self-run raffle with personalised, professionally printed raffle tickets.

Tickets are only $2 or $3 RRP, there is no money up front*, a payment plan and we can get your raffle fundraiser up and running within 2 weeks.

The Bali Raffle is new to our range of successful raffle fundraisers. Yugumbir State School made a clear profit of $8,000 after running our Fiji Raffle over a 3 week period.

Bali Holiday In logo

Accommodation is at the new Holiday Inn Bali Benoa Resort which is located on Benoa Beach, Bali's most playful beach, just north of Nusa Dua and only 20 minutes from Kuta. The Resort boasts world class amenities including outstanding food and beverage experiences, four pools including kids pool, tranquil Tea Tree Spa and Kids Club.
Bali Guest Room 3 (2) Bali Kids Club View 1 (2)
- Winners stay in a Family Connection Room which consists of a King Room connecting  with a Twin Room for the kids
- The prize is for 2 adults and up to 3 children (12 years and under)
- Daily breakfast for all and dinner is free for the kids at the Pasar Market Cafe
- Complimentary use of the Kids Club
- Free Wifi
- $2,000 Virgin Australia voucher or $1,000 Cash options
- 5 and 7 night options
- The accommodation and airfare vouchers have a 12 month expiry and there are no blackout dates


We supply all of the materials to make your fundraiser a breeze to set up and run:
- Accommodation and airfare vouchers
- Personalised, professionally printed colour raffle tickets
- Promotional posters
- Seller incentive prizes
- Parent's information letters
- Ticket sales tally systems
- A4 colour advertisements for placement in your email newsletters
All you need to do is advise us of your start and end dates, draw date and venue, logo and within 2 weeks you'll receive your raffle tickets.

It is a very flexible process where we can print extra prizes on your tickets, book sizes will be determined on your group's size, extra tickets can be printed in the initial printing and also additional tickets can be printed after the commencement of your raffle.

We'll assist you with permits, if it is required.
QLD, NSW, TAS and SA:  Permits are not required for the raffle options on offer
WA and ACT: Permits are required
VIC: a Declared Status is required which your group may have from past raffles

Download the Bali Raffle 2PP 2 page flyer.

Please call our office on 1300 133 022 and we will help you with the right book and cost option that best suits your group. You can also request online our free Fundraising Info Pack on our Bali raffle and other fundraising program.

Request your free info pack (640x212)

Our website shows all of our fundraising programs.

Keep up to date with the latest news on fundraising
Join our enews (640x213)

* To schools, registered clubs and other approved groups

Fundraising Ideas for schools for 2015: Spell-a-thon

Fundraising ideas for schools in 2015: Our Spell-A-Thon is risk free and highly profitable, and a fun way for your students to be more proficient in spelling.


Australian School and Club Fundraising Specialists offer our School Spell-A-Thon as an ideal vehicle for fundraising with an educational outcome. No money up front, risk free and a very high profit up to 70%*! This is a unique and creative fundraiser.

girl for spellathon

Why a Spell-A-Thon? Go back to basics!
Spelling is an important part of the school syllabus as it aids in reading, writing amd communications, adding so much to one's life. The benefits of a Spell-A-Thon is many and include:
- to revisit the importance of spelling
- the challenge of words
- increase competence and comprehension of basic language elements
- increase vocabulary

Fun and Excitement! Increase participation with your Spell-A-Thon.
The more the excitement, the better the educational outcomes for your Spell-A-Thon and the greater the funds raised for your fundraiser.

Our School Spell-A-Thon is very prize orientated, designed to support increased participation in the sponsorships raised by the students. They just need to raise $10 to receive a prize of their choice from a large list of exciting prizes.

We also supply a large selection of student participation certificates which teachers can give to their students over the four (4) week period of the Spell-A-Thon.

Easy to Setup and Run
Co-ordinators are time poor and they love to use our Spell-A-Thon. It has been designed as really easy program to be setup and run by co-ordinators. We supply the sponsorship brochures, student prizes, parent's letters and much, much more to make it a breeze for your co-ordinator.

We also supply word lists for year levels which will assist teachers.

The hardest part will be counting the money which is a good problem!

A Highly Profitable Fundraiser - make up to 70%*
There are two options, with varying inclusions. Premium Option 1 has a profit of 70%* to schools, and Premium Option 2 has a profit of 65%*. Premium 2 has more inclusions. Click here to view the complete list of inclusions for each option at our website.

Listed below are some of the extensive list of benefits you will receive:
1. Eight (8) page sponsorship brochures for all students.
2. Incentive prizes for students.
3. Promotional posters.
4. Student participation certificates.
5. Parent's letters.
6. Easy to use money and prizes fro tally systems.
7. Word lists.
8. Highest fundraising class trophy.

To receive a Fundraising Information Pack, please phone our office on 1300 133 022 or click here to request a Pack online. Our web site is here.

Our other popular Fundraising Programs are:
Billy G's Gourmet Cookie and Biscuit Dough. Yummy! Amber product.
School Fun Run/Walk-A-Thon/Lap-A-Thon.
Self Run Raffles (Gold Coast, Hamilton Island, Fiji, Bali, New Zealand.
Crest Chocolates.


Easy and Profitable Raffle Fundraising Program

Easy and Profitable Raffle Fundraising Program

Raffles are tremendous fundraising ideas for schools, sporting clubs and community groups. What better way to raise money than going back to basics and running a major raffle!

Raffle blog (640x434)


Running a raffle is one of the best and most profitable fundraisers for your school, sporting club or group. For a school, you can run our raffles as part of your regular term fundraising or as a lead in to fetes and fairs. Sporting clubs and other organisations love them. They have a high profit margin when implemented successfully. They’re easy to run and everybody loves a raffle when a holiday is available.


  • Engadine West Public School made a $16,000 profit.
  • Ferny Grove State Scholl made a $12,000 profit.
  • Yugumbir State School made a $8,000 profit.
  • Eungella State School with 65 students made a $6,500 profit.


The basic keys for running a successful raffle are:

  1. Planning.
  2. Keep it simple for your co-ordinator.
  3. Using a strong holiday prize destination that creates interest with your families, and to potential purchasers that say “buy me”.
  4. Supplying your sellers with well presented raffle tickets that generate strong support from your families and in turn strong sales.
  5. Good communications with your sellers.
  6. Impactful promotions.
  7. Effective management of your ticket sales.


Australian Fundraising offer the ultimate fundraising experience:
-  a large range of packages with various resort destinations both local and international. Just pick the destination that best works for your group!

  • Sea World Resort & Water Park on the Gold Coast
  • Reef Hotel on Hamilton Island
  • Sheraton Fiji
  • Rydges Hotels and Resorts Australia wide
  • New Zealand
  • Bali

Our holiday packages are for two (2) adults and two (2) children.

  • groups are able to draw upon our 14 years of experience marketing our raffle fundraisers to a diverse range of schools, sporting clubs and groups. Pick our brains - we know what works!
  • All the management tools are provided to groups for effective communications, strong promotions and management controls. All of the work is done for you!      


Co-ordinators are supplied with a comprehensive, complete raffle package where all the materials are supplied to make their raffle a breeze to set up and run. We will work with you for the complete package for your organisation:

  • The right size and holiday package that suits your group.
  • Low break evens and high profits.
  • Quick turnaround of raffle tickets.
  • Professionally printed, personalised, colour raffle tickets, and colourful book covers.
  • Promotional posters.
  • We supply the holiday and travel certificates.
  • Seller incentive prizes.
  • Parent letters templates.
  • Ticket sales tally systems.

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* To schools, clubs and approved groups.

We help you promote your fundraisers

We help you market and promote your fundraisers - Watch your profits soar!

Using simple marketing and promotion practices will create buzz and excitement within your school community, club, child care centre and community group to engage and promote your fundraisers.

When choosing a fundraising idea for your school, child care centre, sporting club or charity, it is important to ask yourself, how can I effectively market the fundraisers to fully maximise the profit for our group?

Some fundraising companies are a one stop shop when it comes to helping you promote your fundraiser. When choosing a fundraising idea that best suits your group, ask the fundraising company what support materials they supply to effectively market your fundraiser? And do they supply incentive prizes for your students and members?

Informing your parents of an upcoming fundraiser approximately 2 weeks prior to the commencement initiates your parents and their family and friends to start thinking about the fundraiser. It also gives them time to budget. If for example you commence a fundraiser without notice and give the parents 2 weeks to collect orders or sponsorships, participating may not tie in with their fortnightly pay period so it is important to promote the fundraiser in advance. You can do this by placing an announcement in your newsletter, on your website and posting a message on your Facebook page.

When commencing your fundraiser it is important to kick it off with a bang! Announce your fundraiser on assembly, send a letter or email home to the parents explaining the fundraiser and the reason for fundraising, insert an announcement in your newsletter, advertise the fundraiser on your website and post your fundraiser on Facebook.

Social media today is one of the most effective forms of marketing your fundraiser. Posting the details on your Facebook page not only informs your parents of the fundraiser but if you ask your parents to share your post, it can potentially be seen by another 200 people!

Issuing a media release is another effective form of marketing. Local newspapers are constantly looking for stories and what better than writing a story promoting your amazing fundraiser to your community.

Australian Fundraising provide all the marketing materials to make your fundraiser a success with their highly successful fundraising programs. We supply parent letters, newsletter inserts, assembly scripts, posters, prizes and excellent support wherever needed to make your fundraiser a huge success for your group. All the hard work is done for you. You just need to book and run it!


How do I increase support for my fundraiser

How do I increase support and participation in my fundraising programs and events?

When setting your fundraising program for the year, it is important to keep it simple to fully maximise the participation of your families which will in turn make a bigger profit for your school, child care centre, sporting club or charity.

Some schools and child care centres run 4-5 fundraisers EACH TERM. Don’t overload your parents too much with fundraising otherwise you will soon see a drop in participation which will have a negative effect on your bank balance and will keep you from reaching your fundraising goals for the year.

We suggest you run a major fundraiser once a term or season half and that do not overlap with payment of fees, photos, Mother's Day stalls, Father's Day stalls or school camps. Find out what is happening to ensure your fundraiser is the only one operating.

Don’t run fundraisers over the school holidays.  Experience has proven that fundraisers run over the school holidays do not perform as well than if run during the school term. School holidays are a time for kids to be kids and for parents to take a breather after a busy school term.  Let your parents and kids enjoy their holidays so they are refreshed and ready to participate in your next fundraising idea during the next school term.

Offering incentive prizes is always a great way to increase participation and support. We include great prizes with all of our programs so you don’t have to pull your hair out working it all out. We keep it simple for you!

Keeping it simple will not only benefit the fundraising participation rate of your families but it will benefit your fundraising volunteers to avoid burnout.

We have a simple Fundraising Planning Calendar for each Australian state that is easy to use and better still, all the hard work is done for you. Click here to download your very own Fundraising Planning Calendar.

We also offer our free and informative EBook titled “The Ultimate Australian Fundraising Planning Guide for 2014”. Click here or onto the book to request your free book.


How do  I choose the right fundraising idea for my group?

Fundraising is an essential part of any school, child care centre, sporting group or charity that need to raise much needed funds.  Picking the right one for your group can be the difference between making a huge profit or a minuscule one. Picking the right one also involves how much work and effort you personally have to put into it. You need to make sure you pick a good one!

Choosing the right one starts with the demographics of your school or group, whether the school or group has a high participation rate when it comes to fundraising, whether you have an amazing, motivated and supportive committee or if you have a really motivated one person fundraising angel,  and if that’s you, we salute you! Your group would be lost without you.

As many of you no double are aware, or if you are new to fundraising you will soon learn, there are many programs and events available to you and it can be quite a daunting task to work out which one is right for your group.

Just because something comes in the mail and it personally appeals to you doesn't mean it is the right one. Can you organise it in-house or do you need to use a fundraising company? Do your research by following the simple FUNDRAISING principle and you will soon find out if it is right for your group.

Fun – Is the program, product or event fun and exciting? Will it engage your students, players, members and families to participate?

Use – Will the use of the fundraiser be easy to set up and run? What does the fundraising company supply to assist with the set up and running of the program or event?

Notable – Is the company a notable and well respected one? Have you heard of them by word of mouth or from online reviews? How long have they been around?

Dough – It’s all about the dough! How much money will you potentially pocket from your fundraiser? Just because it has a big brand name behind it doesn’t guarantee profits. They’re promoting their brand first and foremost. Some non-branded a-thon programs will give you a very high profit of 70% as against sporting branded programs of only 60%.

Rewarding – Do the students feel involved and rewarded for their achievements? Are prizes supplied by the fundraising company?

Advantages – What are the advantages to the fundraiser? Do your families and supporters receive something for their money, what support materials do you receive to make your life easy?

Income – “I” is for “(net) Income” and the most “Important” of the fundraising principle. Do you have to pay money up front? Can you return unsold stock? Unsold stock is dead money and profit! Is it an order form or sponsorship drive where you pay after receiving money and orders from your families? No risk!

Support– What support and services do you receive from the company supplying their product?  Is the company knowledgeable, responds quickly to queries, easy to contact by phone or email and friendly?

Interest – Will the program or event generate interest within your group to increase participation and support?

Negatives- Are there too many negatives to the program or event?

Good Understanding – Do you have a “Good Understanding” of the fundraiser before signing up?  Have you asked as many questions as possible, no matter how small or big, before making the decision that is right for your group?

Australian Fundraising has been operating since 1999 and in this time has assisted over 20,000 groups raise over $40 million. They offer programs that are proven, easy to set up and run, and highly profitable.


Australian Fundraising will help you:

- Market their successful products and services
- Promote your fundraiser
- Plan your fundraiser
- Run an easy fundraiser
- Motivate your students/members to maximise their support

Check it all out at


New Spell-a-thon School Fundraiser

Our new spell-a-thon school fundraiser is now up and running. It offers a very high profit and all of the materials and support to make it a real success. You can view details here. Please do not hesitate to contact our office on 1300 133 022 and request a free spell-a-thon information pack here.

School Fun Runs and school walk-a-thons. Why do they work?

This is the third in our series of our free school fundraising tips for running a School walk-a-thon and a School Fun Run. We hope they are all useful to you.

A school walk-a-thon or a school fun run is a great fundraising event for several reasons. Firstly, they are a good way to promote health and fitness and provide a great benefit to your school or club. It’s a good profit fundraising idea.

School Fun Run Fun Runs and Walk-a-thons are great school fundraisers

While there are many fundraising activities to choose from, school walk-a-thons and school fun runs are among the best and most fun. They're not as hard to organise as you might think. They are highly-profitable and easy to organise. Years ago, participants would pay on a per km basis when joining walk-a-thon and fun run activities. But these days, things have changed when it comes to how the money in a walk-a-thon or fun run activity is raised.

A school walk-a-thon or school fun run is a great fundraising event for several reasons. Firstly, they are a good way to promote health and fitness. There’s often also a bit of friendly competition among the participants. Organising a walk-a-thon or fun run is also a rewarding experience for everyone. Remember they also are very profitable for your school or sports club.

How are the funds raised in a walk-a-thon or fun run? The participants raise funds by collecting money upfront as a sponsorship donation. Remember school walk-a-thon or school fun run fundraising events were done differently years ago. People would pay $/c per lap or kilometre so that the finalization for the event usually extended to 8 or 10 weeks! Exhausting for everyone concerned! By the students collecting their sponsorships up front, all monies are collected by the organiser prior to the event date. Today most fun runs are the school cross country or a walk-a-thon and are done around the school oval. There are also other activities that are part of the walk-a-thon or fun run event to make the event enjoyable and memorable for all, and also to help participants become motivated throughout the event.

Walk-a-thons and fun runs are effective fundraisers because they are very profitable for both schools and clubs. In fact, when you look at the programs of Australian School and Club Fundraising Specialists (AFR), you can get a 70% profit from a walk-a-thon or fun run. So that means if you want to raise a certain amount of money perhaps to refit a new library, build a new playground, or expand a school building, you may want to take a look at how to plan a walk-a-thon or fun run for your school. Apart from the fact that they are highly profitable, they are also a good way to encourage parents, students and teachers to be physically active.

Walk-a-thons vs. Fun Runs

If you’re wondering how a school walk-a-thon is different to a school fun run, well they're very similar. The main difference is as their names suggest. A walk-a-thon involves walking around the school oval or some other course. Fun runs on the other hand involve running e.g. the school cross country. Both are excellent fundraisers. If you'd like to know which one is better for your school or club, it will depend on how the event is planned and the ideas and thoughts of the planners. From an organization's point of view, it would be a lot easier to organise a fundraising event in line with the schools cross country than another completely separate event.

How School Walk-a-thons and School Fun Runs Work

Basically, a walk-a-thon or fun run work the same way at raising money. Both walk-a-thons and fun runs involve sponsorship. Each participant or supporter will give a certain monetary donation to support the student. It will be a lump sum donation for the participant to complete the entire course. Of course location will dictate timing. It’s very important to select a date when the weather is usually good.

Walk-a-thons and fun runs are great fundraisers and often very effective in getting many students to participate as they are perfect for all ages. It’s an interesting activity where students, teachers, club members, and parents can bond through a common goal. Many schools in Australia have started their own walk-a-thon and fun run fundraising events and it's an interesting event that you can organise for your school. Don't forget sports clubs (kick-a-thon) and child care centres (obstacle-a-thon) can organise the same events - it's a chance for everyone to help their club and get a little more fit at the same time.

Organising fundraising activities like walk-a-thons and fun runs may sound difficult but they're not. Once you've planned and run your first one (especially with the help of Australian School & Club Fundraising), like other schools, you'll run them year after year with AFR.

They also offer various other fundraising programs. They have been running a family owned and operated business since 1995. They are one of the most experienced fundraising businesses in Australia. They're a recognised, nationwide family owned and operated business. Contact them on FREE CALL 1800 657 489 (from a landline) or 07 3279 0140 (from a mobile) and they will answer all of your questions and send information on their fundraising programs. Give them a try - you'll be happy you did!

Free school walk-a-thon ebook

Getting More People to Join Your Walk-a-thon Fundraising Event

This is the second of our free school fundraising tips for running a School walk-a-thon and a School Fun Run. We hope it is informative for you.

Part of your fundraising plan is to find ways to effectively promote the walk-a-thon or fun run. This blog article shows some methods that could help.

School Fun Run Be a winner with a School Fun Run or Walk-a-thon

Getting More People to Join Your school Walk-a-thon Fundraising Event

A school walk-a-thon or school fun run fundraising event is only as successful as the number of participants. More participants means more profit, but promoting the event and offering the right incentive prizes and in turn obtaining a good number of participants can sometimes be quite a challenge for organisers. So how can you get more people to join your fundraising event?

Promoting Your School Walk-a-thon and School Fun Run

Part of your fundraising plan is to find ways to effectively promote the school walk-a-thon or school fun run. You can do so by creating posters and giving out flyers. You can also speak during the school’s assembly to encourage students and teachers to join. Then, they’ll relay your message to others who are willing to help and join the event too.

Since the best way to promote any type of activity, business, or service is to create an online presence, you can start posting ads on your school's web site. You can create a fan page or profile using social media such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to promote your school walk-a-thon or school fun run. Don’t forget to include all the important details such as the date, time, and your goals - the amount you'd like to raise and what it will be spent on.

You may also want to send out newsletters to parents and inform them of the upcoming event. Also highlight your goals and the benefit of the walk-a-thon to the school such as where the money raised will be spent. Also invite friends, colleagues, teachers, and family members through e-mail. Encourage them to support the school’s cause and ask them to spread your message to their friends and family.

Present Your Goals

Another important thing when promoting your fundraising event is to give the participants a reason to support the fundraising event. Talk about what your goals are and what you intend to do with the money raised. For instance, the money will be raised to purchase new sporting equipment, refit a new library, purchase a new playground, expand a classroom, or to buy new air-conditioner's for the children. In this way, people will clearly see what your intentions are and why it is important for them to support this event and other fundraising events to come.


When promoting the fundraising event, make sure to offer great incentives and prizes. A school walk-a-thon or school fun run can be a rewarding experience and giving the participants great incentives or prizes will encourage them to join the event in the first place and maximize the sponsorships they get. Who knows, they might support every single fundraising activity you have over the next few years?

Offer individual prizes to everyone who obtain sponsorships for your event and also a major prize to your highest fundraiser. The more incentives and prizes you present, the more people will join in supporting your fundraising event.

The best place to hold the prize-giving ceremony is during the school’s assembly. It should be done a few days after the successful walk-a-thon or fun run activity. The kids will really be excited and enthusiastic.

Now here’s another tip. You can ask local businesses to donate a prize as the major prizes. The prize can be for the highest fundraiser or the highest fundraising class. You can include their business name and the prize they've donated in the school newsletter as a "Thank You". It will be good publicity for them and because they are donating the prize, it won’t cost your school anything. How cool is that?

Collecting and organising effective individual rewards can be a major task though. If you’re stuck with available time to organise the individual prizes or you think you have too many tasks to complete and too little help, you can find help from a reliable fundraising business. Australian School and Club Fundraising Specialists offer a wide selection of prizes for individuals and also support materials.

They also offer various other fundraising programs. They have been running a family owned and operated business since 1995. They are one of the most experienced fundraising businesses in Australia. They're a recognised, nationwide family owned and operated business. Contact them on FREE CALL 1800 657 489 (from a landline) or 07 3279 0140 (from a mobile) and they will answer all of your questions and send information on their fundraising programs. Give them a try - you'll be happy you did!

Free school walk-a-thon ebook

How to Develop a School Walk-a-thon and School Fun Run Master Plan


This is the first of our free school fundraising tips for running a School Walk-a-thon and a School Fun Run. We hope it is informative for you.

How to Develop a School Walk-a-thon and School Fun Run Master Plan

A School Walk-a-thon and a School Fun Run are two of the most profitable fundraising ideas available for schools. It is also a healthy fundraiser.

Organising and running a school fun run or school walk-a-thon is not as difficult as you might think. Developing a master plan is the key to a successful fundraising event. You may have organised a not-so-successful walk-a-thon or fun run fundraising event before and you've asked yourself, “Where did it go wrong?” Or you may never have organised a school walk-a-thon or school fun run and you’re wondering where to start. Alternatively, you may have organised a successful walk-a-thon or fun run previously and you want to make it even better. Simply, in order for a school walk-a-thon or school fun run to be successful, you need to plan ahead of time.

There are many profitable fundraisers that you can choose from. A walk-a-thon and fun run work well; they’re highly-profitable and easy to organise. They're one of the most effective and interesting fundraising events for your school, and work well for all school aged students. Make sure you put a school walk-a-thon or school fun run on your fundraising ideas list!

To prepare for the much-awaited fundraising event, think about what kind of event you’d like to run. You should also consider the best possible date for the event and the amount of money that you’d like to raise. You should also plan what to do with the funds that are going to be raised. Will it be used for new sports equipment and for the sport travel budget? Will it be used in outfitting a new library? Or is the money going to be used to buy new air conditioners for the students?

Now just like any fundraising event or fundraiser, a school walk-a-thon or school fun run can't be planned in one day. To make it easier to plan have an estimate of the amount of money that you would like to get from the event. From this, you can start working towards your goals.

To help you get started, you need to have volunteers. You will need the help of colleagues or the P&C/P&F committee in planning to ensure your event is a success. Remember that one person shouldn’t be doing all the work; it’s not a one-person show. You need to assign people different tasks. Everybody on the committee should agree on the master plan before it’s implemented. This will also ensure that there won’t be major issues on the day of the event itself.

Choosing the Date

Part of the plan is choosing the best possible date that the school walk-a-thon or school fun run should be held. They should be organised for the time that's best suited for your climate; so naturally your location will dictate the timing. Also make sure that the fundraising event won’t clash with other school activities six weeks before the event. In order to maximize your profit, you need the full commitment of participants, organisers and teachers for this fundraiser.

Recruiting Volunteers and Delegating Tasks

This type of event can’t be organised by a single person. You need to create a committee to assist you in handling the planning and implementing. To do this, you need to find volunteers who are committed to make the fundraising event and fundraiser successful. You can ask parents and teachers to volunteer. To recruit volunteers, promote the event and discuss the benefits of organising a walk-a-thon and fun run for the school and where the money that’s going to be raised should be used. Also discuss the benefits of the walk-a-thon or fun run; it doesn’t only promote fitness but is also a great way to build school spirit. Advising possible volunteers that you only need them for this event will also ensure more support as volunteers understand that they're only commitment is to the walk-a-thon or fun run and not a full time commitment throughout the remainder of the year.

Paperwork and Prizes

Organising prize incentives for the winners may be time consuming as well. If you and your team don’t have the precious time required to do this job well, you can choose to use a service provider to help organise paperwork and prize incentives for the event.

Australian School and Club Fundraising Specialists (AFR) are one of Australia’s most experienced fundraising businesses. They offer various programs for all types of groups to raise funds. They’ve been in the business of helping schools and groups fundraise since 1995 and their My School Walk or Run For Fun school walk-a-thon or school fun run fundraiser has been assisting schools raise much needed funds since 1999. Let AFR organise the perfect walk-a-thon or  fun run for your school with an extremely high percentage of profit guaranteed. They're a recognised, nationwide family owned and operated business. Contact them on FREE CALL 1800 657 489 (from a landline) or 07 3279 0140 (from a mobile) and they will answer all of your questions and send information on their fundraising programs. If you've planned a date, you can start the process by booking online by clicking here.


How to pick a profitable fundraising program for your school or group


Our fundraising experts are often being asked which program would best suit large groups or small groups, various seasonal school activities, dual fundraising initiatives and small sporting groups versus larger networks with more members. Of course each of our fundraising programs will result in different levels of profit based on the support you attract. Here is a quick guide that may help you select a program.

School Group Fundraising
(Primary School / High School)

  • Billy G's Gourmet Cookie and Biscuit Dough (in high demand throughout Australia)
  • My School Walk or Run for Fun Fundraiser (70% profit and up to 30% bonus materials to run)
  • Raffle Fundraisers (Gold Coast Holiday, Hamilton Island Holiday, Fiji 5 Star Resort Holiday, Rydges Resort Holiday, Sydney Holiday)
  • Crest Chocolate Fundraiser
  • Scratch and Support Fundraiser

Child Care Centre, Kindergarten, Playgroup Fundraising

  • Billy G's Gourmet Cookie and Biscuit Dough (Nut-free order forms available)
  • Crest Chocolate Fundraiser

Sporting Group Fundraising
(Rugby and Soccer Clubs, Tennis and Cricket Teams, Netball and Cheerleading Groups, etc)

  • Billy G's Gourmet Cookie and Biscuit Dough (in high demand throughout Australia)
  • Raffle Fundraisers (Gold Coast Holiday, Hamilton Island Holiday, Fiji 5 Star Resort Holiday, Rydges Resort Holiday, Sydney Holiday)
  • Crest Chocolate Fundraiser
  • Scratch and Support Fundraiser (very easy to run for small groups with high level profits)

Dance and Music Club Fundraising

  • Billy G's Gourmet Cookie and Biscuit Dough (in high demand throughout Australia)
  • Crest Chocolate Fundraiser
  • Scratch and Support Fundraiser (very easy to run for small groups with high level profits)

Charity and Not For Profit Groups

  • Billy G's Gourmet Cookie and Biscuit Dough (in high demand throughout Australia)
  • Raffle Fundraisers (Gold Coast Holiday, Hamilton Island Holiday, Fiji 5 Star Resort Holiday, Rydges Resort Holiday, Sydney Holiday)
  • Crest Chocolate Fundraiser
  • Scratch and Support Fundraiser (very easy to run for small groups with high level profits)

Remember we are just a phone call away (07 3279 0140) if you need more advice and are happy to discuss your options. We insist you keep the "fun" in fundraising each step of the way!

My School Walk or Run for Fun Customer Feedback


“Extremely professional and very easy to run. Great fundraiser for very little effort. Easy to do with minimal volunteers.” C. Jacobsen

“Well that was certainly an easy fundraiser! I'm extremely pleased with the support and speed of service we have received from Australian Fundraising. I was amazed that I could put the prize request in on a Friday and have the prizes by Tuesday! Thank you for making my job easier”. C. Walbutton

"What a great fundraiser! Our school currently has 240 children and we managed to raise $7500 from our recent walk-a-thon. That was $1800 more than our previous year’s fun run.  The prizes were fantastic and definitely gave the children incentive.  Not only was it a fun and healthy activity on the day it also greatly benefited our school.  We received great support from the team at Australian Fundraising Specialists.  We would definitely recommend this fundraiser".  A. Water State School P&C

“Our program was awesome once the rain eased up and all fun run options - wrist bands, water, sorted prizes also delivered quickly were successful. Parents responded well and the students enjoyed contributing to school resources.” M. Felton

"Fundraising was made very easy with the help of Australian School and Club Fundraising Specialists. Our school managed to raise approximately $12,000 net. The prizes were of excellent quality and the children had plenty to choose from.  From the P&C’s perspective, the computer program made the collation of monies and prizes very simple. When the prizes arrived (on time) the order was exactly as ordered". M. Westerman

"On behalf of the Southern Cross Catholic School Parents & Friends Association I would like to thank you for your generous support of our  inaugural Riverway Walk.  The event was a great success with almost $33,000 having being raised, exceeding our wildest expectations. We have been amazed by the level of support for this event and the positive feedback. While the children did a tremendous job in seeking sponsorship from friends, relatives and neighbours, your contribution toward incentive prizes for the event certainly helped to keep them focused".   K. Clarke

“Extremely professional and very easy to run. Great fundraiser for very little effort. Easy to do with minimal volunteers.” C. Jacobsen

“Fantastic opportunity to encourage students to be active and healthy while raising a lot of money to purchase resources to help their education.” K. Eakin

“The whole process allowed for an easy and exciting way to raise funds for our club.” C. Deviny

“Ran very smoothly, no problems at all. Prizes delivered promptly. Will be doing this again in 2013 for sure!” T. Parker

“Our program was awesome once the rain eased up and all fun run options - water, sorted prizes also delivered quickly were successful. Parents responded well and the students enjoyed contributing to school resources.” M. Felton

Billy G Cookie Dough Feedback


What does everyone think about our Billy G's Gourmet Cookie and Biscuit Dough?

"Hello, I was wondering if anyone in my area was fundraising with your amazing cookie dough? I'm in Victoria 3134 (I am willing to drive a far way if necessary lol)!"

"G’day Billy G. Saw a great idea on Facebook showing your cookie dough being used on the outside of a cupcake tin. The end result being a cookie dough shell that could then be filled with ice cream, or whatever else people want to put in it. I mentioned it at work and the Cookie Dough is now in high demand again! Could you please email me a flyer that shows varieties available & how much tubs are? It could be another good way to raise some cancer research funds."

"Put it this way - if I knew someone locally doing a Billy G cookie dough fundraiser I would throw out all the meat I had bought and frozen and replace it with cookie dough. My DP would go mental, but it would be well worth it. Mmmm...cookies... "

"Drool! We had Billy G Cookie Dough at Kindy last year and I sold about 40 million tubs at work, they are that popular. White Choc and Macadamia is our fav but love all of them! Great straight out of the tub... yummo!"

"From start to finish Australian Fundraising was most helpful and diligent at all times. So far this year the Cookie Dough fundraiser has been our most successful (and might I say most delicious).  I had the pleasure of speaking with some of the children this morning who had cookies last night for dessert - they all had the most wonderful reports of the cookies being "soooo yummy". I spoke with a couple of parents also who baked cookies (pretty much as soon as they got home on most accounts) and raved at how easy it was & how some wished they had ordered more tubs (I learnt the hard way the first time too!). Your accounting software is easy to use and makes collating/ordering/packing very easy - thanks! I look forward to "doing it all again" soon." Murarrie State School P&C

"The Billy G’s fundraiser was considered a huge success which exceeded our expectations, not only due to the money we raised but how well supported it was by the school community. Not only did we raise much needed funds for our school, but it was made very easy by being supported by the software package, which took all the hassle out of collating everyone’s order form. Even our few left-overs were in high demand!" Briony Burt

"We are very pleased with the outcome. Firstly with the number of orders and the overall amount raised. Secondly it was so easy to run. It's been terrific. You can pencil us in again for next year." Lindy M, Mt Cotton State School

"We are a school of only 115 students but we sold over 500 tubs of cookie dough; it was so easy to run, your tally software was a delight to use and it was a pleasure to work with your company". Casey B, Bouldercombe Primary School

"It really does sell itself. Plus the incentive prizes are great. Parent's are becoming tired of always having their hand in their pockets for the school, so it's fantastic that we can offer a fundraiser where parent's can purchase cool products and still support the school – talk about win-win. The software made ordering a breeze. We have had all good feedback from our customers and it's nice to see kids with Billy G's cookies in their lunchbox. I would heartily recommend this fundraiser to anyone – it's easy, different and rewarding and supportive. Good onya Billy G!" Alligator Creek State School

"I thought if the school could get 100 tubs ordered I would be happy. You said we would easily get to 400. I am still collecting orders this afternoon and we are over 700 tubs. So easily run and this is one of our most profitable fundraisers in years." Deborah G, Oxley State School

"We were surprised at how much we sold. Basically the cookies sold themselves with very little effort from us which will make it easier when we do it again as people should remember how good they were." Suzanne D, Kurwongbah State School

"Thanks for such a good fundraiser. Everyone loves their cookies and the gifts have all the children happy and excited. Looking forward to next year's fundraiser". Timboon Kindergarten. Sold 256 tubs from 70 forms.