Fundraising Ideas for schools for 2015: Spell-a-thon

Fundraising ideas for schools in 2015: Our Spell-A-Thon is risk free and highly profitable, and a fun way for your students to be more proficient in spelling.


Australian School and Club Fundraising Specialists offer our School Spell-A-Thon as an ideal vehicle for fundraising with an educational outcome. No money up front, risk free and a very high profit up to 70%*! This is a unique and creative fundraiser.

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Why a Spell-A-Thon? Go back to basics!
Spelling is an important part of the school syllabus as it aids in reading, writing amd communications, adding so much to one's life. The benefits of a Spell-A-Thon is many and include:
- to revisit the importance of spelling
- the challenge of words
- increase competence and comprehension of basic language elements
- increase vocabulary

Fun and Excitement! Increase participation with your Spell-A-Thon.
The more the excitement, the better the educational outcomes for your Spell-A-Thon and the greater the funds raised for your fundraiser.

Our School Spell-A-Thon is very prize orientated, designed to support increased participation in the sponsorships raised by the students. They just need to raise $10 to receive a prize of their choice from a large list of exciting prizes.

We also supply a large selection of student participation certificates which teachers can give to their students over the four (4) week period of the Spell-A-Thon.

Easy to Setup and Run
Co-ordinators are time poor and they love to use our Spell-A-Thon. It has been designed as really easy program to be setup and run by co-ordinators. We supply the sponsorship brochures, student prizes, parent's letters and much, much more to make it a breeze for your co-ordinator.

We also supply word lists for year levels which will assist teachers.

The hardest part will be counting the money which is a good problem!

A Highly Profitable Fundraiser - make up to 70%*
There are two options, with varying inclusions. Premium Option 1 has a profit of 70%* to schools, and Premium Option 2 has a profit of 65%*. Premium 2 has more inclusions. Click here to view the complete list of inclusions for each option at our website.

Listed below are some of the extensive list of benefits you will receive:
1. Eight (8) page sponsorship brochures for all students.
2. Incentive prizes for students.
3. Promotional posters.
4. Student participation certificates.
5. Parent's letters.
6. Easy to use money and prizes fro tally systems.
7. Word lists.
8. Highest fundraising class trophy.

To receive a Fundraising Information Pack, please phone our office on 1300 133 022 or click here to request a Pack online. Our web site is here.

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