We help you promote your fundraisers

We help you market and promote your fundraisers - Watch your profits soar!

Using simple marketing and promotion practices will create buzz and excitement within your school community, club, child care centre and community group to engage and promote your fundraisers.

When choosing a fundraising idea for your school, child care centre, sporting club or charity, it is important to ask yourself, how can I effectively market the fundraisers to fully maximise the profit for our group?

Some fundraising companies are a one stop shop when it comes to helping you promote your fundraiser. When choosing a fundraising idea that best suits your group, ask the fundraising company what support materials they supply to effectively market your fundraiser? And do they supply incentive prizes for your students and members?

Informing your parents of an upcoming fundraiser approximately 2 weeks prior to the commencement initiates your parents and their family and friends to start thinking about the fundraiser. It also gives them time to budget. If for example you commence a fundraiser without notice and give the parents 2 weeks to collect orders or sponsorships, participating may not tie in with their fortnightly pay period so it is important to promote the fundraiser in advance. You can do this by placing an announcement in your newsletter, on your website and posting a message on your Facebook page.

When commencing your fundraiser it is important to kick it off with a bang! Announce your fundraiser on assembly, send a letter or email home to the parents explaining the fundraiser and the reason for fundraising, insert an announcement in your newsletter, advertise the fundraiser on your website and post your fundraiser on Facebook.

Social media today is one of the most effective forms of marketing your fundraiser. Posting the details on your Facebook page not only informs your parents of the fundraiser but if you ask your parents to share your post, it can potentially be seen by another 200 people!

Issuing a media release is another effective form of marketing. Local newspapers are constantly looking for stories and what better than writing a story promoting your amazing fundraiser to your community.

Australian Fundraising provide all the marketing materials to make your fundraiser a success with their highly successful fundraising programs. We supply parent letters, newsletter inserts, assembly scripts, posters, prizes and excellent support wherever needed to make your fundraiser a huge success for your group. All the hard work is done for you. You just need to book and run it!


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