How do I increase support for my fundraiser

How do I increase support and participation in my fundraising programs and events?

When setting your fundraising program for the year, it is important to keep it simple to fully maximise the participation of your families which will in turn make a bigger profit for your school, child care centre, sporting club or charity.

Some schools and child care centres run 4-5 fundraisers EACH TERM. Don’t overload your parents too much with fundraising otherwise you will soon see a drop in participation which will have a negative effect on your bank balance and will keep you from reaching your fundraising goals for the year.

We suggest you run a major fundraiser once a term or season half and that do not overlap with payment of fees, photos, Mother's Day stalls, Father's Day stalls or school camps. Find out what is happening to ensure your fundraiser is the only one operating.

Don’t run fundraisers over the school holidays.  Experience has proven that fundraisers run over the school holidays do not perform as well than if run during the school term. School holidays are a time for kids to be kids and for parents to take a breather after a busy school term.  Let your parents and kids enjoy their holidays so they are refreshed and ready to participate in your next fundraising idea during the next school term.

Offering incentive prizes is always a great way to increase participation and support. We include great prizes with all of our programs so you don’t have to pull your hair out working it all out. We keep it simple for you!

Keeping it simple will not only benefit the fundraising participation rate of your families but it will benefit your fundraising volunteers to avoid burnout.

We have a simple Fundraising Planning Calendar for each Australian state that is easy to use and better still, all the hard work is done for you. Click here to download your very own Fundraising Planning Calendar.

We also offer our free and informative EBook titled “The Ultimate Australian Fundraising Planning Guide for 2014”. Click here or onto the book to request your free book.

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