How do  I choose the right fundraising idea for my group?

Fundraising is an essential part of any school, child care centre, sporting group or charity that need to raise much needed funds.  Picking the right one for your group can be the difference between making a huge profit or a minuscule one. Picking the right one also involves how much work and effort you personally have to put into it. You need to make sure you pick a good one!

Choosing the right one starts with the demographics of your school or group, whether the school or group has a high participation rate when it comes to fundraising, whether you have an amazing, motivated and supportive committee or if you have a really motivated one person fundraising angel,  and if that’s you, we salute you! Your group would be lost without you.

As many of you no double are aware, or if you are new to fundraising you will soon learn, there are many programs and events available to you and it can be quite a daunting task to work out which one is right for your group.

Just because something comes in the mail and it personally appeals to you doesn't mean it is the right one. Can you organise it in-house or do you need to use a fundraising company? Do your research by following the simple FUNDRAISING principle and you will soon find out if it is right for your group.

Fun – Is the program, product or event fun and exciting? Will it engage your students, players, members and families to participate?

Use – Will the use of the fundraiser be easy to set up and run? What does the fundraising company supply to assist with the set up and running of the program or event?

Notable – Is the company a notable and well respected one? Have you heard of them by word of mouth or from online reviews? How long have they been around?

Dough – It’s all about the dough! How much money will you potentially pocket from your fundraiser? Just because it has a big brand name behind it doesn’t guarantee profits. They’re promoting their brand first and foremost. Some non-branded a-thon programs will give you a very high profit of 70% as against sporting branded programs of only 60%.

Rewarding – Do the students feel involved and rewarded for their achievements? Are prizes supplied by the fundraising company?

Advantages – What are the advantages to the fundraiser? Do your families and supporters receive something for their money, what support materials do you receive to make your life easy?

Income – “I” is for “(net) Income” and the most “Important” of the fundraising principle. Do you have to pay money up front? Can you return unsold stock? Unsold stock is dead money and profit! Is it an order form or sponsorship drive where you pay after receiving money and orders from your families? No risk!

Support– What support and services do you receive from the company supplying their product?  Is the company knowledgeable, responds quickly to queries, easy to contact by phone or email and friendly?

Interest – Will the program or event generate interest within your group to increase participation and support?

Negatives- Are there too many negatives to the program or event?

Good Understanding – Do you have a “Good Understanding” of the fundraiser before signing up?  Have you asked as many questions as possible, no matter how small or big, before making the decision that is right for your group?

Australian Fundraising has been operating since 1999 and in this time has assisted over 20,000 groups raise over $40 million. They offer programs that are proven, easy to set up and run, and highly profitable.


Australian Fundraising will help you:

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