How to encourage parents to volunteer at school

shutterstock_58122331Be flexible - Don't get hung up on how frequently each parent volunteers. Everyone has different amounts of time they can contribute and by being flexible you can benefit from what they can give instead of scaring them off altogether with required commitments.

Be grateful - Parents who are sincerely welcomed and thanked for their contributions and hard work are more likely to volunteer regularly because they feel appreciated.

Be creative - Think up a variety of ways for parents to get involved at your school. Allow parents to make suggestions on what they could, and would like to, bring to the group. Everyone has different strengths and it can be beneficial to tap into those resources.

Be positive - Have fun, show your volunteers a great time. Mix it up and move away from the dull and boring aspects at every meeting or function. If you are having a blast as a group, others will be itching to join you and be part of something bigger.

Be connected. The stronger the connections in your group, the better the results. It pays to pair like minded people into sub-committees and delegate tasks they are keen to work on. This not only offers a great opportunity for strong friendships but the school benefits from a happy, productive and united group of volunteers.

Be vocal - Encourage your current parent leaders to be advocates for the group so they recruit new members over time. For some it is second nature to discuss what they do inside their school volunteer group while others could do with a reminder!

Be generous - If it's always take, take, take it will soon tire your hard working volunteer group. Add in a little giving back - a meal together, coffee and snacks, a special outting, the little things can say thank you the loudest and help to make it all worthwhile.

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