Top 10 reasons why people support fundraising programs


Here are some of the top reasons why people support causes and not for profit groups...

  1. ... because I was asked to.
  2. ... because donating to a fundraising project makes me feel like I am helping a good cause.
  3. ... because I want to support someone who is trying to reach a goal.
  4. ... because I felt obliged.
  5. ... because I can relate to the fundraising goal and want to help achieve it.
  6. ... because I had spare change/funds handy.
  7. ... because I felt inspired.
  8. ... because I needed a tax deduction.
  9. ... because giving makes me feel like part of the group/organisation/school.
  10. ... because I wanted the item for sale (chocolates, bonus items, raffle prize.)

It is far easier to run a successful fundraising program once you understand the motivation behind why people support various fundraising projects and causes.

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