How to use Social Media to increase Fundraising profits


The power of social media is essentially the power of word of mouth, regardless of whether it is on purpose or accidental. Getting your supporters to spread the word makes a HUGE difference. People can't support something they just don't know about.

The first step to creating a social media presence is to set a plan. Be clear about your goals - what you are fundraising for and what you are offering in order to achieve this. Target the people who will most likely support you and get the message of who, what, when, where, how out there. The easier you make it for them to support you, the more likely they are to do just that!

Build your support base with Facebook

6 degrees of separation will soon spread it far and wide through friends, family, associates and colleagues. Fundraising is all about telling a story - explain who your group is, what they are fundraising for and the more you reach out and involve others the more likely they are to support you. Share your goals, let them know how they can support you and make it easy to action the decision.

The best ways to gain attention on Facebook includes:

  • Status updates about progress/news/info as the fundraiser progresses
  • Request the post be shared/on-posted
  • "Like" if you support prompts
  • Create a group to maintain even more focus and attention
  • Link to websites that support online donations/purchases/support methods
  • Load images of others supporting the cause (inspire others)
  • Tap into YouTube videos and other media to engage on a visual level
  • Share on other pages and groups with like-minded demographics/followers

Create a following with Twitter

Once your group builds a Twitter following you can easily push awareness even further. Getting re-tweets and interactions from other people drastically increases exposure. Mixing with other groups will give them the chance to promote you to their followers as well. Remember the focus of sharing is to create a community, stir up some excitement and motivate others into wanting to help your cause and donate or support your fundraiser. You can even link your Facebook page with your Twitter account which will save a lot of work and remove the duplication.

Remember to share your successes with your social media followers. There is nothing better than seeing the final achievement.

If your fundraising goal was to purchase a new playground for Junior school, or to build a football club canteen take photos, share stories about the unveiling, let followers know the final amount of funds raised. It becomes a community success and not just a group/school one. This also makes it far easier to gain their support again down the track as they have a more emotional connection.

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