Best ways to promote a fundraiser

Many Australian groups and organisations underestimate the power of promoting their fundraiser. With websites, blogs and social media your potential reach in this day and age is huge.

You should be promoting your fundraiser in the following mediums:

- Posters
- Flyers
- Newsletter articles/features
- Enewsletters
- Facebook
- Twitter
- Blog
- Website feature
- YouTube

You can also rely on your support network and ask them to on-promote through the same mediums they can control. Word of mouth is powerful and with so many great ways to reach your audience make sure you don't cut yourself short.

Using tools like social media and YouTube doesn't have to be all serious or a cry for help. Viral, amusing, unique and inspiring ideas are often far more effective and create a bigger wave of awareness (and support). Don't be affraid to have a little fun!

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