Fundraising for a good cause

It is one thing to organise, choose and run a fundraiser - it is another thing to ensure you get the very most out o fit possible. One way to improve the profits you raise is to share the story behind why you are fundraising.

Make your audience aware of what you are fundraising for and how their donation or purchase can help. Making a tangible difference can be far more motivating than an elusive one.

Make sure you outline the happy outcome and benefits that will result from a successful fundraising program. A common goal can easily bring people together.

Make your group feel involved. The more invested they are in the fundraiser the harder they will work towards involving others. They will also share in the pride that comes as a result of the success.

Set a target - this can create a sense of working towards a set achievement and of course creates even more excitement once you surpass that goal. Ensure the goals are realistic - going over is a much better result than just missing the set goals. Gauge by previous fundraisers to give you an idea of what's possible for your specific group.

Remember to thank those who supported and assisted in the fundraiser - that gratitude will go a long way, especially if you raise funds frequently.

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