How to Promote Your Fundraising Event?

A fundraising event’s success lies in the effectiveness of its promotion. If not enough peopleshow up, it would not hit the revenue target it. And while this fact is only a matter of commonsense, some fundraising event organisers still fail to allocate sufficient money and efforts on thepromotion side, which has led to many failed attempts at raising funds and the need to create asecond event to fill what the first one was not able to gain.

Events promotion is an art and a science in itself and people who know and understand this,use it to leverage the success of their events. With the right strategy and some hacks, anyevent can be promoted effectively. Here are some of the best ways:

1. Package Your Event to Make It Attractive

You can’t effectively sell what comes out as unattractive to your target market. This marketingprinciple is very much applicable to fundraising events promotion. The fundraising event is yourproduct and you need to package it well so it would be easier to sell. This means choosing agood venue, creating a theme, incorporating some gimmicks, and many other things. The moreattractive it is, the easier it is to promote. This means more people will join your event to helpyou hit your target.

2. Create a Promotions Plan

Before you start any promotional campaigns, plan it out. Identify your promotional goals andtargets and create a strategy on how you would hit those targets. Put as many details aspossibly can on your plan. Identify key people, promotional channels and some techniques youwould be using to put your event out there. Moreover, put a timeframe on how long thepromotions will run prior to the start of your fundraising event.

3. Leverage Word of Mouth and FOMO Marketing

More often than not, fundraising events and galas are very popular not because of whathappens during the event but the glamour that its promoters were able to create around it. Thiscan be replicated for your event, no matter how small or simple that event can be. Leverageword of mouth through your working committees, friends and family.One very effective way to build a sense of excitement for your fundraising event is using FOMOmarketing or the fear of missing out marketing. This creates a sense of inclusivity for yourevent that people would want to be a part of. Just writing “For Selected Invites Only” onpersonal invitations will surely create that feeling of excitement.

4. Use Traditional Marketing

Print, radio, TV, magazine, company newsletters and flyers may sound out of date but they arestill very effective for local event promotions. If you have the budget, go for these traditionalmedia options. If you don't, maybe you can make some deals with media entities to help you

promote your event. The way you package your exchange deals will be very helpful, so learnhow to do it right. Many local media institutions are willing to promote your events in exchangefor some promotions and sponsorship mentions for them during the event.You can also offer such deals to local businesses and institutions in your community.

5. Put Your Promotional Campaigns Online

Bring your promotions online and identify necessary steps to make it stand out amidst the socialonline noise. This means creating quality HD graphics, an events page on Facebook and alanding page. Sell tickets online for you to be easily accessible to your target participants.Leverage the World Wide Web and targeting local can go a long way, especially in this digitalage.

6. Use Social Media Channels

This needs a separate mention from an online campaign because it is an important step on itsown. Social media channels are where the people are. Using channels like Facebook, Twitter,Instagram, and others can greatly hype up your fundraising event.Run Facebook and Instagram Ads that will get more traffic to your event page. Use the righthashtags and engage people. Using basic social media marketing techniques will greatly helpyou in this endeavor.

There are different ways to effectively promote your fundraising events and allocating a budgetfor campaigns will amplify the efforts. Just make sure to create a strategy and plan that willensure their cost-effectiveness. A detailed, critical, thorough and well-executed plan can make agreat difference in your fundraising event’s outcome.

Robert Gaydon

Written by : Robert Gaydon

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