Fundraising Ideas for Childcares

Childcare programs and institutions are greatly significant in building a better future for many children. However, many of them operate on limited resources which make program management and implementation highly challenging. This is why many childcare facilities are resorting to fundraising activities to help them generate sufficient funds for sustainable program implementation and create more profound programs for the children in their care.

There are lots of fundraising activities that can be designed to be compatible with child cares. Some activities perfectly capture the immediate market and suit the nature of the childcare activities themselves for kids and kids at heart.

Here are some of the most popular fundraising ideas for child cares:

1. Cookie Dough Fundraiser

This fundraising activity has been adopted by many organisations and institutions. Today, the Billy G’s Cookie Dough is still a very popular fundraiser as it’s an order form drive so there’s no associated risk and it is a very lucrative source of funding. For each tub sold the organisation makes a $3.50 profit per tub. Plus, the cookie dough is very delicious and so simple to use.

2. Bag Gardens

Bag gardens are very popular. This is an environmentally- friendly fundraising event that a childcare facility can organise. The kids could help sell the garden bags in the neighbourhood and to other people. Additionally, the facility can organise a planting activity where sponsors pay for every garden bag that the kids will plant.

3. Dinner and Entertainment

Dinners for a Cause are widely known to many as they are held for various causes. Make your dinner for a cause even more fun, exciting, and endearing by having an entertainment program where the kids will be the performers. This will surely become a hit as many people love kids when they perform.

4. Seasonal Celebration Brunch

If dinners can be held too late for the kids to participate in, why not hold special fundraising brunches? Seasonal celebration brunches are perfect for occasions such as Valentine’s Day, Mothers’ Day, Fathers’ Day, or any other special family occasion. Kids can play a part in the program by performing, which families will truly enjoy and be proud of.

5. Calendar or Greeting Cards

Turn the kids’ artwork into calendars and greeting cards and they will be sure to sell like hotcakes. Have the students create some art and then gather and potentially refurbish them to turn them into greeting cards’ covers or calendars’ background. While this can seem like a lot of work, it can yield generous profits.

There are lots of ways to raise money for a child care centre, even if you do not have the capital to start off. There are many websites and products found online that you can get inspired by and check out for your next fundraising event.

When Organising Fundraising for Child Cares…

Always remember that the success of your fundraising activity lies in the interest and cooperation, not only of the families of the children, but of the whole community as well.

It is not hard to convince people to support this kind of program, especially if they see and feel the need to support and help. Make your announcements heartwarming and creative. Make your messaging appealing to the hearts of people. If they see and understand your needs, they will surely help you.

Moreover, you are not limited to the number of fundraising activities you can do in a year. If a project is really big, make it the cause of a series of monthly or quarterly fundraising activities and you will be able to gather the money in due time.

Robert Gaydon

Written by : Robert Gaydon

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