Encouraging New Volunteers To Participate In Fundraising Activities

Volunteers are the heart and soul of any organisation. The hard work they offer and the smiles they show when performing tasks make every good fundraising head or organisation leader keep on pursuing the goals that were set for the entire group. Their support and volunteerism transcend beyond the tasks and chores into creating additional motivation and inspiration within and outside of the organisation.

Volunteering is not only done by those who have a lot of idle time in their hands, but also those who want to make a difference within their communities and the lives of other people through sharing their skills, talents, and help.

While volunteering remains a big deal for millennials, there are some organisations that struggle to inspire their new volunteers to participate. This could be the result of various reasons, but their effects are common:

  • Low energy and enthusiasm in doing tasks.
  • Low morale of the volunteers resulting in a sombre atmosphere.
  • Some volunteers not returning after an event.
  • Low production of creative insights and ideas.
  • Lack of room for building good relationships among people inside the organisation.
  • Eventual lack of inspiration and motivation in pursuing volunteering.

Encourage Fundraising Participation with These Tips

To bring back the magic and excitement among your volunteers in your organisation, you need to infuse fun, passion, and enthusiasm into your new volunteer recruits. Here are some of the proven effective ways to do it.

1. Bank on Their Reason for Volunteering

If you want to inspire them more and make them more passionate about what they do, you need to have a clear understanding of why they volunteer. People have different reasons aside from really wanting to help. Some of them may also want to meet people and make friends with other people, some want to grow their professional network, some want to learn new skills, and some just want to feel a sense of purpose. By learning about their motivators, you can make use of them to improve their engagement and encourage their motivation.

2. Communicate

Communication is very important between organisers and volunteers. To encourage and motivate your new volunteers, make sure that you take the time to talk to them. Make it a habit to initiate a discussion with your volunteers every once in a while, just to catch up. When you talk to them, they will feel a sense of belongingness and eventually will feel the need to be more participative as they are a significant part of the organisation.

3. Say Thank You

A grateful heart can never go wrong. These volunteers can choose to spend their time doing something else or even volunteering somewhere else. Take the time to thank them not only on your volunteers’ orientation day but for every task they accomplish. It feels good when someone recognises and appreciates your efforts and it makes you feel more passionate to do a better job.

4. Show Respect

Volunteers feel valued when they get respect for the things that they do. Do not let small mistakes get in the way of respecting each other. Moreover, respect their time and never show up late. Respecting someone helps them build self-confidence that will later show in their performance.

5. Tell Them The Benefits of Volunteering

This is not only for those people who easily say, “what’s in it for me?” but also for those who have unselfishly volunteered for your organisation. Tell them what they can get by volunteering. This could spark motivation even for those who just wanted to help. They can learn new skills, meet new people, and get many benefits just by volunteering and they ought to know about it so they can maximise their time and be more enthusiastic about what they do.

6. Give Social Recognition

While there are those who do not really need any public or social recognition, going the extra mile and doing it anyway will inspire them even more. It will serve as a reminder that they are making the right choice of volunteering. This could also be a great way to encourage others to volunteer. An organisation that commends the work of their people often gets a stream of volunteers for every activity. It is like a badge of honour.

When trying to get new volunteers or inspiring new recruits, be sure to make them understand and feel the significance of what they and your organisation do. It is the single most powerful recruiting and motivating factor that draws people near and keeps them together.

Robert Gaydon

Written by : Robert Gaydon

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