How to pick the right fundraising company to work with

It can be difficult knowing which company you should select when it comes to running a fundraiser. To help take out some of the guess work here are a few things to take into consideration.

1. How long have they been operating for?

A company that has stood the test of time immediately tells you they know what they are doing. If they didn't - they wouldn't still be running 10-20 years later. The longer they have been around for the more knowledge, tips and advice they have which can be incredibly useful especially to those who are new to running fundraisers. There is also a good chance they know which products will work best for your school, group or organisation increasing the success of the program you end up running.

2. Costs and profits

The products on offer from each company can also help narrow down the selection. Look at the amount of clear profit you will make AFTER you have purchased the fundraising product(s)/program. The ability to return left-over products is another element to take into consideration in the event you don't sell as much as you estimated. Some companies allow return of over-stock for some programs, others do not. If you pick a company or program that don't allow returns you may need to rely on their guidance and advice for ordering the correct amount for your group.

3. Friendly and approachable

Customer service is also important. It's nice to be able to phone up and ask a question without feeling like you're being a nuisance. You can usually gauge the level of service within moments of discussing your ideas and program preferences. It can be beneficial to select the company that can't do enough for you and will willingly discuss solutions and suggestions with minimal prompting. Don't be shy to ask as many questions as you can think of prior to committing to a program to ensure you make the right choice.

4. Goods supplied

Some fundraising programs come with all you need to run and support your fundraiser in a nice neat package whilst others come with very little support leaving you to create your own promotional materials to promote your fundraising event. Find out if your buyers will receive any information to support the program, if you have to pay extra for it, or whether you have to do it yourself. If there are costs involved you should weigh those up against the time and effort it will take to create your own, and how successful that will be in comparison. A fundraising program is only as successful as the promotion behind it.

5. Buyer incentives

Some companies offer bonus items to help increase the profits of your fundraiser. These bonus items can be used for seller incentives and to boost profits. This can aid the ultimate success and is worth consideration prior to making the final choice.

6. Go Local

Picking a company that is located locally (in the same state or region versus overseas) can also add peace of mind. They tend to be easier to get in touch with and there are no language and time barriers. It is also important to ensure safety standards and product quality assurances are in place and that all goods and services are guaranteed. Using a local company will also speed up the delivery of goods and materials.

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