Re-Engagement: When Holidays Placed Donors On Hiatus

Re-Engagement: When Holidays Placed Donors On Hiatus

Organisations become much busier towards the end of the year as most of them are focused on achieving goals before bidding goodbye to 2016. With so little time and so many things to do, engaging donors may not be your priority. The distraction that holidays bring can steal your attention away from social media. This is why updates on your organisation no longer stays on your donors' radar. 

As another chapter unfolds, re-engaging donors should be the first task on your to-do list this 2017. Organisations should start the year strong to reap endless rewards. The memories of 2016 are still fresh, but this does not mean you should be complacent for what the future holds. Remember that the success of your organisation will depend on your efforts. 

1. Organise an event

After a series of events you have participated in last year, organising another event may not be an appealing idea to you. However, this is essential in re-engaging donors because it is also an opportunity for you to let your donors know you have not forgotten them despite the long inactivity. Spearheading a 'Thank You' event also allows you to provide updates of the results of raising money. 

2. Give them a sneak peek of what is in store for them in 2017

There should be something for donors to be excited about as you welcome them to another year full of high hopes and big dreams. Be sure they are involved in your activities and let them know the importance of their involvement in advancing to the next step. Aside from giving them an overview of future fundraising activities, it is also necessary to educate them. 

3. Provide an opportunity for potential donors to volunteer

Relationships with donors are built by providing volunteer opportunities. Organisations that do not make an effort to ask donors to volunteer are clearly missing out. A volunteer opportunity can also help you build your donor base. Donors like it when they stay involved. 

4. Stay connected via social media 

Do not forget the social media as it also has a great impact on keeping your donors in the loop. The social media helps you communicate your progress, plans, community issues and more. Donors who stay updated can also make a contribution on how to improve your fundraising approaches. The social networks can also be used as a way of targeting millennial donors who are also passionate about supporting organisations that promote a good cause.

Melissa Anderson

Written by : Melissa Anderson

Melissa first started fundraising when her daughters' pre-school needed some sun shades. Since then, she's gone on to become somewhat of  fundraising ideas expert, as well as a super-Mum. Melissa loves sharing ideas about how to raise funds, and welcomes your questions on this blog.

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