How to run a successful fundraiser

It is one thing to run a Fundraising event, it is another to make sure you get the very most out of it for maximum profits. Here are five tips to help you achieve your goals.

1. Offer incentive prizes
At Australian Fundraising we have seen first-hand how effective offering incentive prizes can be. Regardless of whether the prizes are aimed at the parents or children, it gives someone something to aim for. Our children's toy incentive prize programs have been known to increase profit by as much as 40%. The more achievable you set the rewards and incentives, the better chance you have of your group trying to win them. As an example our Billy G's Cookie Dough fundraiser offers sellers a selection of a toy prize after they sell just one tub. Easy! Australian Fundraising even offer free incentive prizes that you can hand out with some programs.

2. Make sure you have a committee
By having a team of helpers it makes it easier to ensure everything is in order. It reduces stress and ensures the event runs smoothly. The more people involved, the more likely you are to get a higher level of commitment from your entire group. Excitement and interest is contagious.

3. Be organised
It might go without saying but you would be surprised how many groups fail to set a timeline or stick to it. A short fundraiser is a good one. A running time of 2-3 weeks should be more than sufficient which ensures everyone keeps their focus and gets it all over and done with quickly. When running an order form fundraiser speed will help ensure your funds come in quickly and the goods go out soon after. Ask for a copy of our Fundraising Planning Kit.

4. Show progress
Make sure you let your fundraisers know where you are tracking for profit. This creates excitement and sometimes even a dash of competition and can help further increase your profits. It also makes your group feel appreciated as you show off the great work they are doing. A progress thermometer is also a quick and easy idea which you can attach to your website for even more exposure.

5. Pick a fundraiser everyone WANTS and LOVES
If no one wants to participate in your fundraiser, you aren't going to do much more than waste your time. Pick three popular options and then let your group make a selection on which one they like best. This may cause some small arguments, especially if the group is divided, but a simple majority rules should get your fundraiser showing the best possible results. You can always compromise and run the second favourite later in the year and then play the profits off against each other for even better results!

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