10 ways to recruit fundraising helpers - many hands make for light work

shutterstock_177123701. If you want people to volunteer and help with fundraising you need to ask them. Many people don't volunteer because no one has asked, or worse still, they offered and no one thought to take up the offer at the time!

2. Dispel the fears that come with volunteering for fundraising. People are often scared if they put their hand up they will be held accountable for hours of time they just don't have to give. Be clear that you will honour the time constraints and take what they can offer.

3. Just like with fundraising programs it is important to maintain a high level of communication with your volunteers. Use a mix of mediums - flyers, website notices, social media, newsletters, emails and scheduled meetings. (This is a great way to advise of your collective achievements too!)

4. Don't run a fundraiser just because it's been done before or what the school/group/club always does. Ask your group or school members for fresh ideas, this will involve more people and give you a heap of new ideas which keep it fresh every year.

5. Host an event and invite your group to attend with a no-pressure approach. Casual conversation will soon bring the volunteers out of the woodwork and it will give you a chance to discuss their interests, how they can be involved and how much time they can give. A gradual approach to joining a fundraising committee works best.

6. Showcase what goes on and share your goals. If you keep your meetings and plans top secret no one will care to know more about it when you announce the fundraising program or initiative you want to run. Open the door and let everyone see what goes on - it will be contagious!

8. Great leadership will attract others like a magnet. If your leader is strong, appreciates the help they get and seamlessly manages the load on their plate this will attract more volunteers and allow for a smooth operation. A great leader shares their vision short term and long term and excites others to join in.

9. The power of positive marketing - don't just promote your fundraising events but highlight the great work your volunteers are doing along the way. Tell everyone what the achievements to date will/have resulted in and encourage more involvement along the way. It's never too late to lend a hand.

10. If you make the involvement on a personal level, not a money making and fundraising one, you will see far better results. When there is an emotional investment the need to help and be involved will come as second nature

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