8 Key Steps to Successful Fundraising: Step 2 of 8


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Step 2. Set Your Goals

I. The goals and dynamics of the organization should be clear to all members. Without clear and deeper understanding of the mission and vision statement of the campaign, the efforts will be useless as no one knows the reasons for organizing a fundraising event. There are some exercises you can try to test if your group really knows the goal that the organization is trying to achieve.

1. Ask each group members to identify the difference between mission and vision statement. This needs to be clear because if they cannot tell the difference between the two, they will be confused of their purpose in joining the campaign.

2. The group should already know the organization’s mission. 

3. The group should already have an idea of the organization’s vision.

4. Ensure answers have been presented clearly.

5. Check if the mission and vision statement reflects the ones that your group is trying to advocate.

II. Once all of the group members provide their answers, try to compare if they match your organization’s mission and vision statement. With their answers, you will be able to determine if they truly know the purpose of such an organization. When checking their answers you need to find out if these following criteria are met:

1. Their answers must coincide with the message of your organization.
2. All members must be in agreement with the organization’s mission and vision.

III. If most of the answers don’t seem to reflect your organization’s goals, it is imperative that you arrange a meeting so you can discuss gray areas. This is an important step because by arranging a meeting, you will be able to update all group members with the goals of the organization. During the meeting you should discuss:

1. The reason for putting up a fundraising organization.

2. The role of the group.

3. The challenges that each group member may encounter and the steps to resolve issues.

IV. Getting all group members to agree on the same goal can be a bit of a challenge especially when they are not updated with the organization’s goals yet. However, this activity will help them become accustomed to what the organization wishes to achieve. It may take time before your group members will be in agreement with the foundation’s goal but this does not mean that you won’t share the same purpose. All it usually takes is to make them involved in every endeavor that the organization wants to make.

V. Make your own assessment for you to determine if they have clearly understood the main objective of the activity. You need to evaluate them on various areas such as their personal understanding on how the organization works. You can connect with the rest of the group members if you share the same goal and concept.

With this step, you will increase your group’s involvement and participation in any fundraising activity you plan to organize. This is due to the fact that they share the same purpose and they know the role they play to make the fundraising event a huge success.

Melissa Anderson

Written by : Melissa Anderson

Melissa first started fundraising when her daughters' pre-school needed some sun shades. Since then, she's gone on to become somewhat of  fundraising ideas expert, as well as a super-Mum. Melissa loves sharing ideas about how to raise funds, and welcomes your questions on this blog.

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