5 Sure-Fire Ways To Build Support For A Fundraiser

Raising money for a good cause is indeed a noble act. If you have already collected all creative inputs, the next step you need is to take your fundraising ideas to the next level. A fundraiser needs ample support or the creative ideas to raise money will be rendered useless. Fundraising is tantamount to marketing a business: you need to establish loyalty. However, before loyalty steps in, you have to build support.

sm handSocial Media

Using social media is a great way to raise awareness and to let your friends and family know about the fundraising drive. A plethora of social media channels can be used for promoting the event and be sure to include the link to the event and provide real-time updates. After the event, don’t forget to thank people who have supported and donated because without them, the event wouldn’t be possible.

Press Release

Aside from social media, radio stations and local papers are also a great medium you can use for sharing your story. When writing a press release, make sure your reasons for raising money are clearly stated. It should also be engaging to capture your readers’ attention. For sponsors, make sure they get all the things promised. Include your contact details so prospective sponsors can get in touch with you in case they are interested to sponsor the event.


If you are thinking of an annual fundraising event, you can also encourage potential sponsors or donors to sign up for membership. This way, you will be able to keep track of sponsors and remind them about their membership before it expires.


You can spread the word by telling everyone in the community about the event. Creating posters for the event and putting them up in town halls and business establishments will help you build support for your fundraiser because anyone who has read about it will sure share the information with their friends and family.

Acquire Sponsors

If you already have sponsors, make sure you get in touch with them so you can follow up on their commitment. Ask for their contact information and provide your contact details as well. You should also give links to your website so they can obtain additional information about the event. Encourage them to tell others about the fundraising drive. It is also necessary that you communicate with them regarding the event’s progress. If you have some prospective sponsors, you should also send a proposal letter or make a phone call. For sure, these prospective sponsors do not have enough time at their disposal so see to it that the information you provide is short but concise.

After the event, you should stay in touch with your sponsors and cultivate a good relationship. You will be able to build support when you keep your sponsors updated of your goals for raising money. Send sponsors a letter expressing your gratitude for supporting the event. When their generosity is reciprocated, they will sure not mind supporting the next event you have in mind. You should also thank non-sponsors especially the ones who volunteer for the fundraising drive.

Bill Gaydon

Written by : Bill Gaydon

Billy Gaydon is the founder and managing director of Australian Fundraising, and has decades of experience behind him with assisting schools, clubs and charities to raise funds. Since starting Australain Fundraising in 1999, Bill and his team have helped Aussie schools and groups raise in excess of $45 million.

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