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Fundraise in 2 easy steps                                                                    Where           are      the      trees
           Fundraise in 2 easy steps
                                                                                                        Where are the trees
                                                                                                       or or shrubs planted? planted?

                        STEP 1. Create Your Page
                        STEP 1. Create Your Page

          Did you know that you raise lots more money by setting up an online
          page? Plus, online reduces waste associated with offline processing!
          Getting started is easy, but make sure you grab an adult to help you.
          We always want you to be safe online!
          Visit and click
          ‘Register Your Child’. Follow the instructions
          and you’ll be ready to fundraise in no time.

                        STEP 2. Let the
                        STEP 2. Let the
                        Fundraising begin!
                        Fundraising begin!

          Reach for the stars! Now that you’re all set up, you can start collecting
          your donations. You can fundraise online or with cash at the back of
          this booklet.
          For every $15 you raise, you will contribute one tree or shrub in a
          biodiversity hotspot. You’ll make a difference in no time!

                     MAKE A DIFFERENCE
                     MAKE A DIFFERENCE

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