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5 Reasons Why You Should Pre-Register Your Fundraisers

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5 Reasons To Be The Early Bird

Not feeling confident in pre-registering your fundraisers for 2021? After an unpredictable year, it makes sense that planning in advance feels like a low priority!

However, we all know that the Early Bird gets the worm, especially at Australian Fundraising! Discover 5 reasons why you should be the early bird and register your 2021 fundraisers before December 18 2020.


1. More Fun, More Value, More Profit!

Maximise your profit by getting more bang for your buck. Our Early Booking Bonuses give you more value in every dollar, offering hundreds of dollars of free inclusions!


Pre-registering for 2021 gives you huge Early Booking Bonuses!

The Early Bird gets the Early Booking Bonus! Packed full of value, secure yours today!


Bumper Early Booking Bonus Prizes!

Secure your free bonus inclusions for your Colour Explosion School Fun Run and Billy G’s Cookie Dough. These massive savings won’t last long. Make sure you pre-register before December 18 to make the most of bumper Early Booking Bonuses!


Discover Your Early Booking Bonuses!



2. No Risk!

Life is unpredictable. Plans change! Especially when you are working with committees or children.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t feel confident in pre-registering your school or community group for a 2021 fundraiser!


No Risk Fundraising! Choose Australian Fundraising.

With free cancellation, Australian Fundraising is a no risk option for school and community fundraising!


100% Free Cancellation

With 100% free cancellation, no lock in dates, and no upfront costs, pre-registering for a 2021 fundraiser is entirely risk free. Plus, pre-registering means you will receive all the benefits of our Early Booking Bonuses if your fundraiser goes ahead in 2021!

There is also:

  • no upfront costs to you – not even a deposit!
  • no lock in dates (just choose a term!) and
  • plenty of flexibility and ongoing support from our team.

It really is entirely risk free – express your interest in a 2021 fundraiser by pre-registering today!


Pre-Register Your 2021 Fundraiser today!


3. Reduce stress and disorganisation

Did you know that disorganisation is a major indicator of exhaustion and burnout? It can rob your team of morale, energy and coorperation, stripping the fun from fundraising.

Avoid the disastrous impacts of stress and disorganisation! Pre-register your 2021 fundraisers in advance to make sure everything is planned for a smooth and exciting fundraising experience in 2021.


Download your free fundraising planner!

Our fundraising planner can help you get on track for 2021!


Hassle-free Fundraising

It’s never been easier to get ahead for 2021. Download our free PDF fundraising planner to help you choose the programs you want to run in 2021. Then, make the most of our Early Booking Bonuses by pre-registering before December 18 2020!


Pre-Register Your 2021 Fundraiser today!


4. Avoid disappointment

There is nothing worse than booking a reservation, only to find out the date you want isn’t available anymore. Avoid disappointment and receive priority date reservation!

Expressing your interest early for your 2021 fundraiser means you have first-choice of our 2021 event dates. Don’t miss out! Simply nominate a term when you pre-register, and reserve your event date closer to the time.

Your free Inflatable Start Finish Arch will be reserved quickly!

Secure priority reservation for your Inflatable Start Finish Arch!


FREE inflatable Start Finish Arch!

If you choose to pre-register for a Colour Explosion School Fun Run, you will be eligible for a free inflatable Start Finish Arch, valued at over $400! Dates for our inflatable arches run out fast. Making sure you secure priority reservation ensures you won’t be disappointed.


Secure your priority reservation today!


5. Time flies!

Time disappears before our eyes. Before you know it, Term 2 will be on your doorstop and you will be rushed to organise your mid-year fundraising programs.

Avoid the stress that comes with time creeping up on you. Pre-register your 2021 fundraisers now to always be one step ahead!


Ready to register?

Are you ready to maximise all the benefits that come from pre-registering your 2021 Fundraisers? It’s never been easier to get organised! 

Pre-Register Your 2021 Fundraiser today!

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November 20, 2020

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