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What About Raffles?
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What About Raffles? Where Are Raffle Fundraisers?

For over 10 years, Australian Fundraising was the go-to for school and group raffle fundraising! Unfortunately, raffle fundraising has gone out of style, with many schools and groups now choosing to host fun runs or Cookie Dough fundraisers instead. Learn more about our decision to cease our raffle programs, and the highly-profitable fundraising alternatives we can offer instead!

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What About A Raffle Fundraiser?

Lots of people choose raffle fundraising because they are easy to organise, well-known and a true delight for the winner! However, with cashless fundraising taking over, and the rise of more child-oriented fundraising programs (such as those where every participant receives a prize), raffles have seen a sharp decline in popularity. Learn more about Australian Fundraising’s decision to cease raffle fundraising programs and some more profitable alternatives for your school or group.


What is a raffle fundraiser?

A raffle fundraiser is a simple fundraising option, where participants sell tickets, which go into a draw to win a prize. Tickets can cost anywhere from $2 per entry to $50 per entry. Prizes are often large-value gift certificates, luxury holidays, or even a car!


Making a profit with a raffle fundraiser

Obviously, alluring raffle fundraisers need a big-ticket prize! These prizes are quite costly for a school or group with a small budget. As the prize must be advertised during the ticket-selling period, many schools and groups take a risk of making very little profit (or running at a loss!) if they struggle to sell the required number of tickets. As such, many schools and groups may opt to run a raffle fundraiser with a fundraising company – like Australian Fundraising! – to guarantee a profit.


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Sticking to the rules

Raffle fundraisers come with many rules and regulations. Depending on the value of your prize, your state or territory, and your prize draw process, your fundraiser will be subject to various permit requirements, authenticity processes and more. This can quickly become very complicated and expose your school or group to legal implications if not properly implemented.


Prize time

Delivering the prize to your lucky winner can be a lengthy process! Depending on your chosen prize, you may have to organise large amounts of paperwork and legal documents to ensure everything is transparent. Your contracts should be drawn up by a legal professional to ensure both your school or group and the prize recipient understand what is included in the prize, how it will be paid for/distributed, and any other terms and conditions.


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Raffle fundraisers often require legal advice to ensure you follow the relevant rules and regulations.


Why are raffle fundraisers discontinued?

Unfortunately, Australian Fundraising no longer offers raffle fundraising programs.

We are committed to helping schools and groups raise as much profit for their community as possible! This means that Australian Fundraising is keeping costs down so that you take home the biggest cheque possible.

Unfortunately, the unpredictability of today’s climate, a move towards online-only, cashless fundraising and a slow decline in popularity meant that a raffle fundraiser is no longer the best way for you to fundraise! We could not say, in good conscience, that you were going to raise the maximum profit possible for your school or group.

Instead, we have focused our energy on making our other fundraising programs (like the Colour Splatacular School Run 4 Fun) bigger and better, to maximize your bang for buck! We develop innovative and exciting ways to keep fundraising fresh and fabulous so that every school and group exceeds their expectations.


Alternatives to a Raffle Fundraiser


Chocolate chip cookie - Cookie

You make a guaranteed profit of $4 on every single tub of cookie dough sold!


Billy G’s Gourmet Cookie Dough

This dough-licious fundraiser is the perfect replacement for a raffle fundraiser! The best part: every donor is GUARANTEED to receive something in return, in the form of a dough-lightful tub of Billy G’s Gourmet Cookie Dough!

Every tub sold returns a massive $4 to your school or group, making it easier than ever to rack up some big profits. You only pay for what you sell: you won’t be left with dozens of unsold cartons or wasted money. You are guaranteed to be in the green.

With easy online fundraising, 10 scrumptious flavors to choose from and a suite of incentive prizes for participants, Billy G’s Gourmet Cookie Dough is the sweetest way to fundraise!

Billy G’s Gourmet Cookie Dough


School Run 4 Fun

The most popular fundraising program for schools and groups is by far the School Run 4 Fun by Australian Fundraising! Choose from the Colour Explosion, Slime Spectacular, Colour Splatacular or Classic School Run 4 Fun, and watch students aim for the stars!

We do the heavy lifting, providing everything you need to succeed. From Colour Powder, Slime, rainbow headbands and sunglasses to incentive prizes, a cybersafe online fundraising platform, posters and social media resources, we are just getting started on helping you raise huge profits.

Similar to Billy G’s Gourmet Cookie Dough, you are guaranteed to make a profit with our percentage based cost structure. To learn more about a School Run 4 Fun program at Australian Fundraising, visit our Fundraising Programs page.


School Run 4 Fun


Colour Explosion School Run 4 Fun is a great alternative to raffle fundraising.

Students of all ages are fans of the School Run 4 Fun!


More programs at Australian Fundraising

We innovate to motivate! At Australian Fundraising, we are always developing new ways to fundraise. Visit our Fundraising Programs page to see our full suite of profitable, fun and easy fundraising programs.


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June 29, 2022

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