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Which is Best? Fundraise Flexibly with Pre-Registration!

Some fundraising companies will give you the option to pre-register, while others want you to book. Which is best? Discover the pros & cons of each, and how you can maintain the most flexibility when fundraising for your school or group.

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Pre-Reg vs Book Now? What’s the Difference?

Organising your fundraisers a year in advance may seem like a big commitment! It is, if you are booked into a non-flexible arrangement like some fundraising providers do. However at Australian Fundraising, we offer pre-registration instead – a flexible, low-commitment option to express your interest in a 2022 fundraiser, without the risk.

In the world of school and group fundraising, few things are set in stone! Plans may change, participant numbers may change, your group’s preferences may change. But one thing is for sure – and that is that you require the most flexible programs possible to make your fundraisers are soaring success.

Ensure you choose most flexible option for your school and group, by pre-registering with a provider that gives you all the benefits if you go ahead – but doesn’t lock you in if there is a spanner in the works!


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On this page:
  • What is a pre-registration?
  • How is a booking different from a pre-registration?
  • What are the benefits of pre-registration?
  • How do I pre-register?


What is a Pre-Registration?

A pre-registration with Australian Fundraising is all the best parts of an expression of interest and a booking! Think of it as a tentative booking, with all benefits of booking in advance, without the pressure of a lock-in contract. A pre-registration is:

  • A quick online form, expressing your interest in a 2022 fundraiser;
  • Secures your preferred event date for 2022;
  • Makes you eligible for Early Bonus Bonanza Prizes if your event goes ahead in 2022;
  • Very flexible, meaning you can change your preferences at any time;
  • Completely in your hands!


A pre-registration means that you secure extra bonuses, like 50% More Slime per student!

A pre-registration means that you secure extra bonuses, like 50% More Slime per student!


A pre-registration allows you to secure a huge prize from our Early Bonus Bonanza if your event goes ahead in 2022. By pre-registering, you are eligible to receive 50% MORE Colour Powder or Slime per student for a Colour Explosion or Slime Spectacular School Run 4 Fun, a free carton of Cookie Dough with Billy G’s Gourmet Cookie Dough fundraiser, a Climate Change STEM Kit or so much more!


Learn More About Your Early Bonus Bonanza Prizes!


The best part of a pre-registration is that you can secure your preferred event date, ensuring you don’t miss out on all the added event day extras we may have to offer! But, you still confirm the exact details of your event closer to the time, meaning that if you decide a Slime Spectacular School Run 4 Fun is better suited than a Colour Explosion School Run 4 Fun, it’s as easy as making a phone call! No storing materials for months or returning stock – simply give us a call, and we can switch you over!


Flexibility is the key to fundraising success! Don't limit your options with a booking.

Pre-registering for your 2022 fundraiser keeps your options open, while securing your free extra inclusions!


How is a booking different?

Depending on the fundraising provider, a booking may be far more complicated than a pre-registration. A booking requires much more information about your school, including bank details, student numbers, dates, and more. This can be challenging if your P&C group or school is not confirmed for 2022!

Lots of fundraising companies release new fundraising programs and events at the start of the new year – meaning that if you are booked in already, you may not have the flexibility to change to a provider with a better, bigger offer! Pre-registrations are simply an expression of interest – securing your preferred dates and free extra inclusions IF you choose to go ahead in 2022!


Australian Fundraising is partnering with the Great Barrier Reef Foundation in 2022.

Australian Fundraising is proud to announce a new fundraiser with the Great Barrier Reef Foundation in 2022.


A booking indicates that you are definitely going ahead. This means that the fundraising company may provide you with your materials at the beginning of the year – even if your event is not for many weeks or months later.

Unfortunately, all of these materials can be difficult for you to store or manage for months on end, and can lead you to feel obliged to go ahead with your event even if you no longer want to. Making a booking can limit your flexibility and prevent your school or group from making the best choice for fundraising!


A Better Choice for Fundraising – Pre-Register Today!


What are the benefits of pre-registration?

Pre-registering is the most flexible, no-risk option of preparing for your 2022 fundraisers. Discover four reasons why you should pre-register for a 2022 fundraiser with Australian Fundraising.


Full of Bonus Prizes!

Our Early Bonus Bonanza is the biggest and best reason to pre-register for your 2022 fundraisers! If you pre-register for a fundraiser and go ahead with your event in 2022, you will receive the bonus bonanza prize for that fundraiser!

We’re giving your 50% more Colour Powder or Slime, 8 FREE tubs of Billy G’s Gourmet Cookie Dough, Climate Change STEM Kits, Sports Ball Packs and MORE! Discover all the fun that comes with our Early Bonus Bonanza today.


Pre-registration bonuses are available until December 17 2021!


Secure Your Dates

There is nothing worse than making a decision to host an event, only to find out the date you want isn’t available anymore. Avoid disappointment and receive priority date reservation!

Expressing your interest early for your 2022 fundraiser means you have first-choice of our 2022 event dates, which are already filling up fast!

Don’t miss out! Simply nominate a term when you pre-register, and take the prime pick of all of our available 2022 event dates.  Get in quick, secure your event date by pre-registering today!


Secure Your Dates – Pre-Register Today!


Reduce stress and disorganisation

A pre-registration is simply an expression of interest in a 2022 fundraiser – NOT a booking! Meaning that if you change your mind, there is nothing to cancel, nothing to return, and no added stress.

But if you do wish to go ahead, you’ve given yourself a kick start! Not only will Australian Fundraising have all the basics to get your fundraiser started, but we will also remind you when the time is coming to get things moving. Your dates will be set aside, and you will have given yourself all the benefits of making the better choice for fundraising!


Hear it first!

You’ll also be the first to hear about new upgrades to programs, including new inclusions and special promotions for your 2022 fundraisers. This includes our BRAND NEW fundraiser with the Great Barrier Reef Foundation, and our new super special Fun Run events.


Pre-registering for a Billy G's Cookie Dough Fundraiser secures you 8 EXTRA tubs of Cookie Dough, for free!

Pre-registering for a Billy G’s Cookie Dough Fundraiser secures you 8 EXTRA tubs of Cookie Dough, for free!


How do I pre-register?

Pre-registering is easy – it’s a simple online form that only takes a few minutes to complete. In fact, you can pre-register right now using the form below!

Alternatively, you can choose your pre-Registration bonus prize from our Early Bonus Bonanza, and decide which fundraisers will be perfect for your school or group.


Choose Your Pre-Registration Bonus Prize!


If you have any questions or changes to your pre-registration, simply call the friendly team of Australian Fundraising Specialists on 1300 133 022, and they will help you every step of the way. Fundraising is meant to be fun after all! Happy fundraising!


Pre-Register For 2022!

November 24, 2021

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