How to organise a Colour Fun Run

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How to organise a Colour Fun Run

Are you a fundraising committee member or physical education teacher that’s looking for fundraising ideas that are fun and exciting and can involve the whole school community. School Fun Runs always seem to come to mind, but what about a school fun run with a blast of vibrant, safe non-toxic colour?

Give your fundraiser a colourful boost by hosting an Australian Fundraising Colour Fun Run. It’s an experience your students will never forget! Our Colour Fun Runs have always been an exciting fundraising activity to raise funds for schools and other not-for-profit organisations. It’s an engaging and inexpensive event which builds community morale and gets everyone involved.

By offering an exciting event that will be eagerly accepted by students, you’ll achieve greater involvement and support from students and the community. The event will be the highlight of the year, students will have a fun and memorable experience and those returning will be looking forward to being involved again. So how do you get on your way to hosting a Colour Fun Run event?

Follow our helpful tips to get you started!

Planning a Holi Colour Fun Run Event

Organise a committee

Build a reliable and dedicated Fun Run committee to organise and run the event. Involve parents, teachers and the sports department. They will no doubt come up with some great ideas and suggestions about how to make the event more memorable.

Costs and income

Once you have determined the costs of the event, what your fundraising goals are and how much you are going to charge as an entry fee. As a guide, $5-$10 per participant is generally recommended. We suggest a minimum allocation of 200g of colour powder per participant and the cheapest powder option is to purchase in bulk.

Map out the course

The Colour Fun Run course can be basic or as exciting as you make it. The sports department will be most helpful and it’s important to get their assistance. Your course should include running cones, colour powder stations and a range of obstacles. It’s also great to add a water element as this makes the colour powder more colourful and vibrant.

Promote the event

Promote the event well in advance to create the excitement and increase your participation rate. Start promoting the event at least 3 months prior and make sure it is on all of your school calendars, website and social media accounts.

Permission note

You will need to obtain permission from families for participants to enter the Colour Fun Run. The earlier you distribute this the better, we recommend adding a return date of 10-14 days before the event. This will assist you with compiling numbers and the quantity of colour powder to order.

Event day

What to wear

We recommend to wear as much white as possible on the day to really make the vibrant and colourful colours stand out in photographs and videos. Wear a cheap plain white t-shirt, sports shorts and a pair of old joggers. It’s also a fun idea to have a dress up theme and give the option to wear a rainbow tutu, socks and headband. Eye protection is now an Education Department requirement for running a Colour Fun Run for all States and Territories.

Course setup

You have planned and planned and now the day is finally here. All you have to do now is setup the course on the oval and get the party started. Prepare the start and finish lines, mark out the track with running cones, setup the obstacles and colour powder stations.

The Colour Fun Run

Depending on the number of participants you have, you may want to consider breaking up the runners into staggered groups to allow for a better flow. You can wait approximately 5 minutes between each running group then release the next group and so forth. This will help with congestion at the colour powder stations and obstacles and ensure everyone has equal opportunities at each station.

At each of the colour powder stations volunteers are to toss the powder onto the participants as they run past. If you have included water stations, you will also need a handful of volunteers to spay participants with super soakers or toss buckets of water. By the time they have all reached the finish line, participants will be covered head to toe in vibrant colour powder.

After the Event

Clean up

When it comes to organising a Colour Fun Run, clean-up is the easy part. Simply pickup any waste materials on the course and any colour powder residue can easily be washed away with a hose. You may also want to recommend that participants bring towels to place in their cars.

In most circumstances, your clothes will return to their pre-colour state. After the event, dust and shake off as much colour powder as possible and rinse your clothes in cold water before washing them as you normally would.

Australian Fundraising offers a complete fundraiser with Australia’s safest colour powder, UV400 sunglasses, fundraising materials and an online fundraising platform that is raising record amounts of money for schools.

For more information, visit our school colour explosion run page or request a free information kit and samples

April 3, 2020

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