Fundraising Ideas: Strategies to Drive Success

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Fundraising Ideas: Strategies to Drive Success

Fundraising ideas come in all shapes and sizes. You can go digital or pursue a traditional approach. What matters most is having a good grasp on the concept and reasons why it may work exceptionally well for the particular initiative.

A tailored approach is highly important. School fundraising is one thing, yet coming up with fundraising ideas across various sporting clubs, community groups or early learning centres is something completely different. On top of that, you need to have some idea about the types of people who’ll be attending and the events that can result in the highest level of engagement.

So, what are some of the best strategies to drive success when examining fundraising ideas? Here are a few approaches bound to deliver successful outcomes.

Align Your Fundraising Experience with Your Primary Fundraising Mission

No matter what event you’re attempting to organise, aligning the experience with your primary goal will result in relevance that will improve  the outcome.

Fundraising isn’t just about getting people to believe in a cause. The event itself often contributes to the decision-making process. It’s up to you to sway attendees one way or the other.

If you are working on a community fundraising cause, for example, you can utilise lifestyle factors such as  the need for infrastructure or upgrades of community hubs to show attendees how gaining those resources will positively affect the local community. The raffle method is highly engaging and impressive. It can result in a highly emotive experience that will drive compassion and facilitate the decision to support the cause.

Launch a Fundraising Donor Recognition Program

Good community organisation fundraising ideas and strategies should focus on recognising the contributions of big or consistent donors.

Launching a donor recognition program can have a significant boost on your fundraising efforts.

To work well, a donor recognition program needs to be exclusive. Thus, you should work on determining the right criteria for inclusion that favour the most consistent donors. There should also be special perks and benefits for members of the program, making them feel special and furthering the relationship with the fundraiser.

While people and entities give money for many altruistic reasons, recognition also plays a role quite often. As a fundraiser, you should recognise this specific and make a good use of it.

So, what are some good opportunities for publicly recognising outstanding donors and providing them with access to a special treatment or some perks? Here are a few examples:

  • Planning exclusive events and galas to honour the biggest donors
  • Naming scholarships, rooms, etc. after a donor
  • Creating print materials and email newsletters that feature a special separate section about the most prominent donors
  • Naming an award after a donor

There are many other ways to show your appreciation for big contributions. Once again – the best fundraising ideas ensure relevance and they also keep perks in line with the level of financial support being received.

Personalise, Personalise, Personalise Your Fundraising Cause

The best fundraising ideas for every single sector focus on personal stories. There’s a simple reason why such anecdotes work so well.

Speaking of a general problem makes the concept too abstract and distant. When the problem has a face and an actual life experience, however, people become much more likely to relate and feel empathy. You can begin prepping for a fundraising event months in advance through the power of social media.

Sharing video stories about people in need or recipients who have already benefited from a previous fundraiser will boost the emotional appeal of the upcoming event.

It’s one thing to get donors acquainted with a young sports talent coming from a low-income, single-parent family. It’s completely different to speak abstractly of assisting underprivileged youth. People want to see the face and the talent of the young individual that they’ll be landing a hand to. Hence, personal stories can make all the difference when it comes to guaranteeing fundraising success.

Make Use of Online Fundraising Ideas, As Well

In-person giving during a special event or a gala is obviously essential. To make fundraising consistent, however, you should harness the spectacular power of the online realm.

Modern fundraising events and programs have two components – a real-world and a digital one. The digital component is the one that can continue driving engagement in the long run, potentially contributing to larger contributions over an extended period of time.

Online donations should always be enabled. There’s always a possibility of someone wanting to come to your event but not being able to make it. In such instances, having an online donation option will help you make sure that nobody is discouraged from becoming actively engaged with the cause.

A text-to-donate campaign may be another clever approach to consider. Small sums have the power to add up over time. This method of fundraising gives people convenience and it enables just about everyone to participate, not only large corporate sponsors.

After an event is over, always send a follow-up email or a note on your social media channels (or both). Provide easy access to the digital donation opportunities. The simpler you make it for people to contribute, the likelier they’ll be to give you a certain amount.

Getting to know your donors and getting to know new trends in the world of fundraising will both contribute to better events and more relevant concepts.

Good fundraising ideas are evergreen and consistent. Relevance and consistency boost engagement levels and people who are engaged will sooner or later make a contribution. 

Carrying out multiple advertising campaigns and executing innovative fundraising ideas does require more work than sticking to a standard model. The return and the audience response, however, will justify the effort. Don’t hesitate experimenting with innovative concepts, especially if you already have the data to back the effectiveness of the respective idea up.

March 30, 2020

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